I Was an American Spy (1951) Poster

Leon Lontoc: Pacio


  • Pacio : High Pockets is alive, Compadre. I know. They torture her.

    Thompson : I don't believe it. They'd have killed her first thing.

    Cpl. John Boone : Shut up. How'd you find out?

    Pacio : Fely. She take food in prison. Find out High Pockets alive.

    Cpl. John Boone : All right, get your gear. Mac, hustle 'em up.

    Thompson : Now, don't jump the gun. This boy could be wrong.

    Cpl. John Boone : So what? There's still a chance.

    Thompson : Look, our troops are on their way back. A full invasion. If she's alive, let the army rescue her. We can't go down there with a handful of maniacs tryin' to take a prison.

    Cpl. John Boone : [ignores him]  Like I said, Mac, get the men.

    Cpl. John Boone : [grabs Thompson by the shirt]  Listen, fella'. Your belly's full. High Pockets fed ya'! She sang for your supper. She kept your stinkin' frame together when the worms were standin' in line, just waitin' to crawl. Now *you're* gonna' do some singin'... with this!

    Cpl. John Boone : [thrusts a heavy machine gun into Thompson's arms]  Either that or I'll blow your whining brains out!

    Cpl. John Boone : [to all the men]  All right, let's go! Everybody, come on! Move it! Dig it out of the grass! Come on!

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