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NBCU’s Sprout Grows Up: Universal Kids to Debut in September

Chica, the anthropomorphic chicken who has delighted children on NBCUniversal’s kiddie-cable network Sprout for the past few years, is getting a refurbished coop.

The Comcast-owned media conglomerate said Monday it would in September rechristen the network as Universal Kids, and work to make the network home to a range of content from Dreamworks Animation, which it acquired last August for approximately $3.8 billion. The company said the network would continue to utilize the Sprout name and work toward reaching a preschool audience, even as it broadened its programming to lure kids between 2 and 11 as well as their parents.

“We see enormous potential to grow our audience in this space and create the Universal Kids platform for families to experience together,” said Frances Berwick, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Lifestyle Networks President, in a prepared statement. “NBCUniversal is invested in the kids and family business, and the company believes in working together – we will benefit from promotion across our portfolio
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Guillermo del Toro: How Netflix’s ‘Trollhunters’ Reconnected Him With the Joy of Childhood (And ‘Fraiser’)

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Guillermo del Toro: How Netflix’s ‘Trollhunters’ Reconnected Him With the Joy of Childhood (And ‘Fraiser’)
Here is an image to cherish: Guillermo del Toro, as a young boy, “watching a TV series on the floor, on my belly, with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies.” It represents more than just a pleasant memory for the director when it comes to “Trollhunters,” the new animated series he co-created for Dreamworks and Netflix. In crafting the story of Jim (played by Anton Yelchin, who tragically passed away earlier this year), a young man who gets chosen by a mystical amulet to serve as protector of a hidden troll kingdom, del Toro hopes to capture the spirit of the shows he grew up watching, including classic adventure series like “Jonny Quest.”

Read More: ‘Trollhunters’ Featurette: Guillermo Del Toro and the Cast Reveal the Mythology Behind the Animated Series

While the visual master is best known for dark tales of childhood like “The Devil’s Backbone” and “Pan’s Labrynth,
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Clarke Peters’s favourite TV: 'I made so much dollhouse furniture on The Wire'

The Wire and Treme star on Gerald McBoing-Boing, Benny Hill and Downton Abbey

Looking at a little six-inch-square screen through a piece of tinted, coloured plastic. If you put it across your TV, the idea was that it would turn it into a colour TV. You had to send off vouchers from a cereal box to get your piece of plastic. It had yellow at the top, blue in the middle and green at the bottom. The show I remember watching was called Gerald McBoing-Boing, which was a really badly animated old black-and-white thing. But it seemed state of the art at the time!

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Review: ‘‘Inside Out’’

Review: ‘‘Inside Out’’
On paper, “Inside Out” sounded like another lunatic gamble: an adventure that takes place entirely within the head of an 11-year-old girl, featuring her Emotions as characters — although if anyone could pull off a logline like that, it would be the team that made us care about rats who cook, toys that bond, and robots who fall in love. Sure enough, in execution, Pixar’s 15th feature proves to be the greatest idea the toon studio has ever had: a stunningly original concept that will not only delight and entertain the company’s massive worldwide audience, but also promises to forever change the way people think about the way people think, delivering creative fireworks grounded by a wonderfully relatable family story.

Could “Inside Out” be Pixar’s best movie? Frankly, that question is almost beside the point. Objectively speaking, several of the studio’s previous films work better in terms
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DreamWorks Animation Now Owns Everyone's Childhood

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Dreamworks Animation (Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon) just bought out Classic Media for $155 million and have now called the company Dreamworks Classic. So what did Classic Media do or have that calls for such a grand number? Well glad you asked, Classic Media was a animation/production/distribution company that had collected the rights to a lot of old kid properties. Now that Dreamworks bought them out they now have the rights (not all of them complete) to the following...(takes deep breath)

Postman Pat

Where's Waldo?

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 

Frosty the Snowman

The entire Filmation catalog (Huge In The 80's) He-Man, Fat Albert, etc.

The Lone Ranger


Casper the Friendly Ghost

Richie Rich

Rocky and Bullwinkle 

Dudley Do-Right


Tennessee Tuxedo

Gumby (that takes me back)

Felix the Cat

Mr. Magoo

Gerald McBoing-Boing

Little Golden Books (Pokey the Puppy Anyone?)


Little Lulu

Noddy (huge
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Bill Melendez: 1916-2008

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AP reports that Bill Melendez, the animator behind the great Peanuts cartoons and the voice of Snoopy and Woodstock, died of natural causes Tuesday in Santa Monica at the age of 91.

Besides Peanuts, Melendez also worked on Mickey Mouse cartoons and classic animated features such as Pinocchio and Fantasia for Disney, Bugs Bunny,Porky Pig and Daffy Duck shorts for Warner Bros., and "Gerald McBoing-Boing" for Upa, which won the 1951 Academy Award for best cartoon short.

Melendez was the only person Charles Schulz authorized to animate his characters.

And if you have to ask what it's all about... well, here:

Mark Evanier, to no one's surprise, has more about Bill Melendez.
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