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Alternate Versions

The 1954 TV screening on the Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (1954) series was edited down to a one hour running time, and contained an introduction from Walt Disney at the start. This introduction appears on the Region 1 Masterpiece Edition of the film.
A 1987 airing on NBC made the following cuts:
  • 1) Alice's song "In a World of My Own".
  • 2) After Alice left the Caucus race, there was a commercial break. Following the break, the film picked up at the garden of live flowers scene. This means that the scene with Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the Walrus and the Carpenter and the scene in the White Rabbit's house were cut.
  • 3) The Cheshire Cat's first scene is cut, meaning that his first appearance is not until after the Tulgey Woods scene.
  • 4) Several of the creatures in the Tulgey Woods scene are removed, as is the song "Very Good Advice".
  • 5) The entire trial sequence is cut, going from the croquet game straight to the final chase.
Home video releases from 1988 and 1991 replace the opening RKO logo with a black screen.
In the French version, when she first drinks from the bottle, the label has been re-lettered as "Bouvez moi", but when it falls to the ground the original "Drink me" is visible.
A newly discovered song "I'm Odd" sung by the Cheshire Cat appears on the Special Edition DVD.

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