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Season 2

5 Sep. 1952
Seeing-Eye Surgeon
Faced with performing a very difficult brain operation on an important scientist, a neurosurgeon is given a pair of glasses with special powers.
12 Sep. 1952
The Cocoon
Scientists exploring a crater in a remote jungle discover a perfectly-preserved cocoon, which releases an invisible and very dangerous creature.
26 Sep. 1952
Youth on Tap
A man named Jeff definitely has his share of problems: his truck has been stolen, his girlfriend Kitty is impatiently waiting to be married, and he only has one week to come up with a thousand dollars to buy a gas station with so he can earn money. When a mysterious Dr. Platan shows up offering the thousand dollars for a pint of Jeff's common blood type (type A), Jeff accepts at first, but then has doubts...
3 Oct. 1952
Substance 'X'
A young woman goes to her hometown at the behest of a food conglomerate. Her assignment is to discover what the people of the community are using for food after their only food outlet closes. She discovers a scientist who has developed a food substitute called 'Substance X'. Anyone who diets on Substance X is unable to eat normal food from that time on.
10 Oct. 1952
The Horn
An inventor labors on a horn to directly communicate emotions in an all-powerful way, while he's building violins in a factory. A scientist begged the company owner to let the inventor use his factory. The shop foreman, a failed pianist, is jealous of the respect the owner feels for the inventor's dedication and idealism. The foreman connives to sabotage the inventor's masterwork.
24 Oct. 1952
Many Happy Returns
An alien on the Moon persuades an Earth boy to build a gadget, accidentally electrocuting the boy's father, who disbelieves the machine can work with no visible power-source. The alien telepathically communicates instructions to the thrilled boy, who's reluctant to be candid with his family, referring to the hideous creature merely as Mr. White, a handyman helping him with a basement science project.
31 Oct. 1952
The Tomb of King Tarus
When an archaeology team open an Egyptian tomb, they find an ancient king who's been alive for 4,000 years.
7 Nov. 1952
The Window
A live telecast of Tales of Tomorrow (1951) keeps being broken into by a phantom broadcast of a cheating couple preparing to launch her soused husband out a window. The Tales of Tomorrow (1951) crew scramble to investigate if the caper's real and if so, how can they interrupt the murder already in progress?
12 Dec. 1952
The Fatal Flower
A botanist breeding a monstrous carnivorous plant spars with his assistant, in the isolation and oppressive heat of their research compound in a remote sector of the Amazon. Dr. Alden's gleeful obsession with his hybrid plant buoys him along, until his aide Merriman's boredom inspires a means to play on the older man's weak heart and narrow mind.
26 Dec. 1952
The Bitter Storm
An embittered scientist secretly invents a receiver which picks up sounds from anytime in the past. As a savage hurricane closes in on the island where he lives, his family press him to demonstrate the instrument, and overcome the hatred which paralyzes him into staying in isolation on the otherwise-abandoned island.
16 Jan. 1953
Discovered Heart
A scout for a hostile invasion force from outer space comes to a lighthouse hoping to use it as a signalling station. A precocious little girl wins the alien's heart and moves the extraterrestrial to surrender his life to prevent invasion.
23 Jan. 1953
The Picture of Dorian Gray
A corrupt young man somehow keeps his youthful beauty, but a special painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all.
13 Feb. 1953
Another Chance
The mysterious Dr. Borrow transports cornered petty thief Harold back in time to avoid both capture and his wife leaving him. Borrow's price is right for the shattered Harold: a stolen brooch that he couldn't cut down or fence anyway. Supplied with the new identity of handsome, unmarried John Marshall, the young man gains the 7 futile years back.
20 Feb. 1953
The Great Silence
A mysterious phenomenon that causes people to lose the use of their vocal cords appears in a remote corner of the northwestern United States and begins spreading. The government blames the event on freak fallout effects from H-Bomb testing, but an illiterate mountain man (Burgess Meredith) discovers the real source of the affliction.
20 Mar. 1953
Read to Me, Herr Doktor
Patricia Kinworth is surprised to discover that her father has built a robot and named it after an old teacher nicknamed "Herr Doktor". Professor Kinworth built the robot to read his books to him, but has underestimated both the amount of intelligence he gave his creation and its desire to live out the stories that the robot has read.
27 Mar. 1953
Ghost Writer
An out of work writer accepts a well-paying offer from a mysterious man to help ease the burden on his wife. Soon, however, he becomes increasingly disturbed as the incidents he writes about begin to occur in real life.
3 Apr. 1953
Past Tense
A physician invents a time machine to go back in time and make a fortune by selling penicillin to a pharmaceutical firm. His wife is more concerned about paying bills because he's neglecting his practice, so she threatens to destroy the device. If she does, could he be trapped in the past?
10 Apr. 1953
An Air Force pilot who was long thought to be lost returns to his wife and hometown after being stranded in the arctic for five years. During that time, he's become a changed man and can only exist in extreme cold.
6 Mar. 1953
The Fury of the Cocoon
After a scientific expedition to a meteorite impact site in the jungle disappears, a three-man relief team sets off for the expedition's camp. The lone survivor tells them that the expedition was attacked by invisible insect-like creatures that came out of the meteorite. The scientists must find a way to defeat the insects before they are overwhelmed.
17 Apr. 1953
The Rival
After finding love again at a late age, an old man introduces his new bride to what will become her competition: a cat.
24 Apr. 1953
Please Omit Flowers
Looking for a way to boost his business clientele, a ruthless mortician comes across a potion that causes a very deep sleep to come on people, making others think that they are dead.
1 May 1953
The Evil Within
Scientist perfects a chemical unleashing the beast within, but before he can create an antidote, his neglected wife accidentally is dosed when he has to rush a batch home to keep it refrigerated. Her mild resentment of his endless hours at the lab accelerates into a torrent, after she gobbles pie on which the potion dripped.
8 May 1953
The Vault
When a scientific test goes array, it traps four people in a vault deep in the Earth. They wonder if they are the last humans alive.
15 May 1953
When a man decides to move out of the house he shares with his older sister to get married, she plots against him with a chemist's ink that forces compliance to what is written and read.
22 May 1953
The Spider's Web
The inhabitants of a remote island find that they are beginning to change after receiving radiation.
29 May 1953
Lazarus Walks
After being resuscitated following his death, a man discovers that he is a walking lie detector.
12 Jun. 1953
What Dreams May Come
Telepathic thoughts alert a woman to her future murder.

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