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Season 4

28 Dec. 1958
The Wild Man
Sky and Penny try to clear a gentle, animal-loving "wildman" who has been blamed for the robbery of a logging company payroll.
28 Dec. 1958
Sky Robbers
Sky and Penny enter an air race, and it's soon discovered that the main office has been robbed and all of the receipts have been stolen. Sky suspects that one of the contestants in the race is the culprit and is using the race to make his getaway.
28 Dec. 1958
A Dog Named Barney
Sky follows the seeing-eye dog of a blind newsboy, who he believes will lead him to a holdup man living with a party of wolf hunters.
28 Dec. 1958
Bullet Bait
Sky is holding a wedding at the Flying Crown Ranch. The ceremony is interrupted, however, when two gangsters kidnap the groom and threaten his fiancé.
4 Jan. 1959
Money Has Wings
Four pilots for Wellman Air Freight Lines are injured in the first month of a contract for the company to carry s large payroll. In order to find out what's going on, Sky goes undercover as a security guard.
4 Jan. 1959
Frog Man
Young Jimmy Ness has recently come into, and started spending, lots of money. He won't tell his aunt where he is getting the money from, and his dad is away working at the Flying Crown Ranch. Hoodlums find out about Jimmy's money.
1 Feb. 1959
Terror Cruise
While Sky is training with his naval reserve unit, Penny visits friends who cruise Central America on their large sailboat. When three escaped prisoners commandeer their vessel, it's up to Sky and the U.S. Navy to rescue his niece and her friends.
1 Feb. 1959
Bounty Hunters
When marauding coyotes begin to kill his calves, Sky hires two flying bounty hunters to kill the animals. When more dead calves are found, Sky discovers that the men he has hired are using his ranch to smuggle jewels, not kill vermin.
22 Feb. 1959
A Mickey for Sky
Young Mickey, a distant relative of Sky's, is traveling to visit the Flying Crown Ranch while his guardian is out of the country. En route, he overhears two men discuss shooting a foreign visitor and is determined to warn the man of his peril.
1 Mar. 1959
Ring of Fire
Sky tries to help an old Indian chief who is very sick, but he won't go to the hospital for treatment because he would rather die on his own tribe's land.
8 Mar. 1959
Mickey's Birthday
While visiting an amusement park on his birthday, Mickey wins a model airplane at a shooting gallery. Unfortunately, two smugglers have hidden a valuable pearl in the airplane and will stop at nothing to get it back.

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