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3 Jan. 1955
Lucy Learns to Drive
Lucy insists in learning to drive the new car so she can help with the driving on the way to California. After one bad lesson, she tries teaching Ethel how to drive. Ethel ends up wrecking the car before it has insurance.
10 Jan. 1955
California, Here We Come!
The Ricardos and Mertzes begin their cross-country drive to California.
17 Jan. 1955
First Stop
The when the gang is traveling through Ohio, the stop at a diner and motel run by a man who takes advantage of them.
24 Jan. 1955
Tennessee Bound
After getting lost and ending up south in Tennessee, the Ricardos and Mertzes get arrested for speeding and Tennessee Ernie Ford helped them escape, to continue their trip west, to California.
31 Jan. 1955
Ethel's Hometown
The gang arrives in Ethel's hometown of Albequerque, New Mexico, where the locals are under the impression that she, and not Ricky, has been hired to star in a Hollywood movie.
7 Feb. 1955
Hollywood at Last
When the Ricardos and the Mertzes arrive in Hollywood, Lucy goes to the Brown Derby restaurant where her sighting of William Holden turns catastrophic.
14 Feb. 1955
Don Juan and the Starlets
The studio makes Ricky do movie publicity with four starlets, leaving Lucy alone.
21 Feb. 1955
Lucy Gets Into Pictures
Lucy gets a bit part in a movie, but has a problem with the costume.
28 Feb. 1955
The Fashion Show
Lucy models fashions with other celebrities' wives.
14 Mar. 1955
The Hedda Hopper Story
Lucy appears in Hedda Hopper's gossip column.
21 Mar. 1955
Don Juan Is Shelved
When Variety reports that M-G-M has shelved its "Don Juan" movie, Lucy is afraid that she and the gang might have to leave Hollywood. She schemes to find a man to pretend to be a producer interested in Ricky, thinking this will convince studio head Dore Schary to put him in another film.
28 Mar. 1955
Bullfight Dance
Lucy blackmails Ricky to get a role on a national TV show, but the part isn't exactly what she expected.
4 Apr. 1955
Hollywood Anniversary
Ricky can't remember the date of their anniversary. He calls Western Union at 3am, sending a wire to the head of the license bureau in Greenwich, CT for the date.
18 Apr. 1955
The Star Upstairs
When Lucy learns that Cornel Wilde is staying in the penthouse upstairs, she poses as the bellboy to try and get in to meet him.
25 Apr. 1955
In Palm Springs
After having a fight with Ricky and Fred, Lucy and Ethel go to Palm Springs. They meet Rock Hudson there, who helps get everyone back together.
2 May 1955
The Dancing Star
Lucy gets to dance with Van Johnson.
9 May 1955
Lucy and Harpo Marx
The gang meets Harpo Marx and Lucy does the famous 'mirror' routine with him.
16 May 1955
Ricky Needs an Agent
Lucy is frustrated that Ricky is waiting in Hollywood while MGM tries to find a movie for him to star in. She pretends to be his new agent and confronts the MGM brass, saying he has an offer to do a big Broadway musical. Instead of putting him in a movie right away, MGM releases Ricky from his contract.
30 May 1955
The Tour
Lucy gets stranded in Richard Widmark's house after trying to steal a grapefruit from a tree in his backyard.
3 Oct. 1955
Lucy Visits Grauman's
Lucy complains that she doesn't have nearly enough Hollywood souvenirs, a statement with which Ricky takes issue. When she and Ethel go to the Grauman's Chinese Theater, they notice that John Wayne's footprints are loose, so they pry the cement block out of the ground and take it back to the hotel.
10 Oct. 1955
Lucy and John Wayne
To avoid bad publicity for the upcoming opening of his Don Juan movie Ricky calls Grauman's Chinese Theater to explain how John Wayne's footprints went missing. The manager of Grauman's promised not to call the police if the footprints were returned by that evening's opening of John Wayne's film Blood Alley (1955). Having broken them, that is obviously impossible, so Ricky convinces John Wayne to provide a new set of footprints.
17 Oct. 1955
Lucy and the Dummy
Lucy receives a phone call from M-G-M asking Ricky if he wants to perform in a show for the executives. Lucy says that he'll do it if she can perform with him. Ricky won't perform in the show at all, so Lucy uses a dummy that the studio made of Ricky in the act.
24 Oct. 1955
Ricky Sells the Car
While the gang is in Hollywood, Ricky sells the car. The Mertzes are afraid they are going to be stuck in California.
31 Oct. 1955
The Great Train Robbery
On the trip back to New York, Lucy learns a jewel thief is on the train.
7 Nov. 1955
The Homecoming
The Ricardos arrive home in New York where Ricky enjoys fame and adulation.
14 Nov. 1955
The Ricardos Are Interviewed
An interview on national TV brings up the subject of the Ricardos moving into a fancier apartment.
28 Nov. 1955
Lucy Goes to the Rodeo
Lucy works on a rodeo act to fill in for Ricky at the talent show for Fred's lodge.
5 Dec. 1955
Nursery School
Little Ricky is sent to nursery school and gets tonsillitis.
12 Dec. 1955
Ricky's European Booking
Ricky can't take Lucy on his European tour, so Lucy and Ethel hold a raffle to earn money so they can go.
19 Dec. 1955
The Passports
Lucy won't be able to go to Europe if she can't find her birth certificate.

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