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Season 2

15 Sep. 1952
Job Switching
After Ricky and Fred get upset about the girls' spending, Lucy and Ethel go to work in a candy factory while the boys do the housework.
22 Sep. 1952
The Saxophone
Lucy doesn't want to be left home when Ricky goes on tour, so she tries to convince him that she is a talented saxophone player. When that doesn't work, she tries to make him so jealous that he won't leave her by herself.
29 Sep. 1952
The Anniversary Present
For their anniversary, Ricky secretly tries to buy some pearls for Lucy through a neighbor lady who works at a jewelry store. Lucy finds out just enough to think there's something going on between them.
6 Oct. 1952
The Handcuffs
Lucy attaches herself to Ricky using old handcuffs from Fred. She doesn't know he never had a key for them.
13 Oct. 1952
The Operetta
The Ricardos and Mertzes perform in an operetta for a club benefit.
27 Oct. 1952
Vacation from Marriage
Lucy convinces Ethel that both of their marriages are in a rut. They decide to take some time away from their spouses. Lucy moves in with Ethel and Fred moves in with Ricky. By Saturday night they all get bored and both attempt to check the activity of the other pair at the same time. Lucy and Ethel almost get caught spying and end up getting locked on the roof in their night clothes.
10 Nov. 1952
The Courtroom
The Ricardos buy the Mertzes a television set for their 25th wedding anniversary. When Ricky accidentally breaks it, Fred breaks the Ricardo's TV and both couples end up suing each other.
24 Nov. 1952
Lucy and Ethel are both sick of their furniture, so they enter a contest where the grand prize is five rooms of new furniture.
1 Dec. 1952
Ricky Loses His Voice
Ricky gets a sore throat just before a show for the new owner of the Tropicana.
8 Dec. 1952
Lucy Is Enceinte
When Lucy learns that she's going to have a baby, she tries to find the right way to tell this to Ricky.
15 Dec. 1952
Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable
Ricky does his best to deal with pregnant Lucy's emotional needs.
22 Dec. 1952
Lucy's Show-Biz Swan Song
Pregnant Lucy insists on being in a barbershop quartet skit at the club with Ricky and the Mertzes.
29 Dec. 1952
Lucy Hires an English Tutor
Lucy is worried that their unborn child will someday ask a lot of difficult questions, so she hires a tutor to teach her, Ricky, and the Mertzes.
5 Jan. 1953
Ricky has Labor Pains
Ricky develops psychosomatic labor pains.
12 Jan. 1953
Lucy Becomes a Sculptress
Lucy decides to explore her artistic side and takes up sculpting.
26 Jan. 1953
Sales Resistance
Lucy seems to be unable to resist buying junk from fast-talking salesmen.
2 Feb. 1953
The Inferiority Complex
Ricky and the Mertzes try to pull Lucy out of an emotional slump.
16 Feb. 1953
The Club Election
Lucy and Ethel run against each other for President of their women's club.
9 Mar. 1953
The Black Eye
Ricky and the Mertzes recall when Ricky accidentally gave Lucy a black eye.
30 Mar. 1953
Lucy Changes Her Mind
When Ricky gets upset about Lucy constantly changing her mind and never finishing anything, he tells her she has to finished everything she starts. When she finds an old, incomplete love letter to a former boyfriend, she decides to finish it.
20 Apr. 1953
No Children Allowed
Lucy has a difficult night with Little Ricky crying constantly. A neighbor, Mrs Trumbull complains and says the lease does not allow children. Ethel says the lease does not matter because the Ricardos can stay.
27 Apr. 1953
Lucy Hires a Maid
When Lucy needs to help with the baby and housekeeping, but she hires a maid who turns out to be more than a little domineering.
4 May 1953
The Indian Show
Ricky plans a Native American show at the club and needs to find a few Native Americans. Lucy, Fred and Ethel want to be part of it. Ricky hires Fred and Ethel but not Lucy, so Lucy has to resort to trickery to be its inclusion.
11 May 1953
Lucy's Last Birthday
Lucy is depressed when she thinks everyone forgot her birthday and wanders off while her surprise party waits at the club.
18 May 1953
The Ricardos Change Apartments
Lucy tries everything to convince Ricky to let them move to a bigger apartment.
25 May 1953
Lucy Is a Matchmaker
Lucy and Ethel play matchmaker for one of Fred's friends who is visiting from out of town, but things get complicated.
1 Jun. 1953
Lucy Wants New Furniture
Ricky insists that Lucy use her allowance to pay for new furniture she bought without his approval.
8 Jun. 1953
The Camping Trip
Lucy and Ethel want to go with Ricky and Fred on their camping trip.
22 Jun. 1953
Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans
The girls get fed up with the boys watching the fights on television. They try to do something to distract them and end up getting arrested.
29 Jun. 1953
Never Do Business with Friends
The Ricardos sell their old washing machine to the Mertzes after they buy a new one. It's the Ricardos vs. the Mertzes when it breaks down before the Mertzes pay for it.

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