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Season 6

1 Oct. 1956
Lucy and Bob Hope
Lucy tries to convince Bob Hope that she's not a jinx.
8 Oct. 1956
Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums
When Little Ricky shows a natural talent for the drums, Lucy and Ricky clash over whether he should be a professional drummer when he grows up.
15 Oct. 1956
Lucy Meets Orson Welles
Orson Welles asks Lucy to assist in his magic act.
22 Oct. 1956
Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright
Little Ricky develops a case of stage fright.
29 Oct. 1956
Visitor from Italy
A gondolier from Vienna shows up at Lucy & Ricky's home. They had met him when they were on their European vacation and casually invited him to visit. The gondolier decided to visit and mishaps occur.
12 Nov. 1956
Off to Florida
Lucy loses her and Ethel's train tickets to Florida (Ricky and Fred went ahead of them), so they take a ride with a woman whom they think might be an escaped hatchet murderer.
19 Nov. 1956
Deep Sea Fishing
In Miami Beach, Lucy and Ethel make a bet with Ricky and Fred as to who can catch the biggest fish. To ensure winning, the day before the contest, each pair buys a 100 lb. tuna and stores it in ice in the hotel bathtub. Laughter ensues when the guys and the girls switch fish and bathtubs to hide them from one another. They all get caught when they decide to drop the charade and get rid of the fish. The next day they go out on the boat and Lucy's and Ricky's lines get tangled and Ricky goes overboard. Lucy hauls him in with her line.
26 Nov. 1956
Desert Island
While filming a movie, actor Claude Akins, dressed in wild native costume, meets with Ricky and agrees to scare Lucy and Ethel for playing a trick that got them stranded on the island earlier.
3 Dec. 1956
The Ricardos Visit Cuba
The Ricardo's and Mertz's visit Cuba to visit Ricky's family. Lucy is told to impress Uncle Alberto because he is the one that wanted Ricky to marry a Cuban woman. Lucy cannot seem to do anything right.
17 Dec. 1956
Little Ricky's School Pageant
The Ricardos and Mertzes get involved in Little Ricky's school pageant.
24 Dec. 1956
The I Love Lucy Christmas Show
On Christmas Eve, the Ricardos and the Mertzes recall past events in their lives, as seen in clips from past episodes.
7 Jan. 1957
Lucy and the Loving Cup
After Ricky makes fun of Lucy's new hat, she puts on a trophy that Ricky is supposed to present at a ceremony. She finds out it goes on a lot easier than it comes off.
14 Jan. 1957
Lucy and Superman
Lucy competes with her friend Carolyn Appleby over invitations and scheduling for Little Ricky's birthday party. When her husband Ricky mentions that Superman star George Reeves is in town, Lucy tries to get Reeves to come to Little Ricky's party, sure that this will make it a much bigger draw than the one Carolyn is hosting. Ricky tries, but Reeves can't make the party. So Lucy disguises herself as Superman, but gets herself into great peril. Fortunately the "real" Superman does show up to save the day.
21 Jan. 1957
Little Ricky Gets a Dog
When Little Ricky brings home a puppy, his parents try to tell him to take it back, but they can't bring themselves to do it when they see how cute it is.
28 Jan. 1957
Lucy Wants to Move to the Country
After spending an idyllic weekend in Connecticut with friends, Lucy decides she wants to change her surroundings entirely.
4 Feb. 1957
Lucy Hates to Leave
Habitual tenants, Lucy and Ricky have second thoughts about the purchase of their new Connecticut home.
11 Feb. 1957
Lucy Misses the Mertzes
After years of living side by side, the Ricardos leave the Mertzes, after a bittersweet departure, and begin their new life in the suburbs.
18 Feb. 1957
Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors
Life is anything but serene in cupcake Connecticut, when Lucy becomes fast friends with her new neighbor, Betty Ramsey.
4 Mar. 1957
Lucy Raises Chickens
Life in the country is very costly, but the Ricardos devise a plan to offset expenses.
11 Mar. 1957
Lucy Does the Tango
Lucy finds herself with egg on her face and elsewhere, when she and Ethel try to forestall Ricky's pulling out of the heretofore money losing egg business.
18 Mar. 1957
Ragtime Band
Lucy puts together her own band for a fund-raiser, consisting of herself, Little Ricky, Fred and Ethel.
25 Mar. 1957
Lucy's Night in Town
Murphy's Law is in full force when the Ricardos and the Mertzes leave their new Connecticut home for an evening of dinner and theater in New York City.
1 Apr. 1957
When Lucy tries to warm Ethel to an aloof Betty Ramsey, Lucy is left out in the cold.
8 Apr. 1957
Building a Bar-B-Q
Ricky is on vacation from work and is always in Lucy's way. Lucy & Ethel decide to start building a BBQ in order to trick Ricky & Fred into taking over a man's job. Unfortunately, Lucy loses her wedding ring during the process.
22 Apr. 1957
Country Club Dance
Where's the fire in pastoral Connecticut? Look no further than the country club and the sexy siren, whose presence sets off all manner of alarms.
29 Apr. 1957
Lucy Raises Tulips
Lucy vies to beat Betty Ramsey when the two compete in a local gardening contest.
6 May 1957
The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue
Lucy organizes a Revolutionary Day Celebration, including a statue dedication. Ricky is going to give the dedication speech. Lucy accidentally breaks the statue and decides to step in with stone makeup to take its place for the ceremony.

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