La Ronde (1950) Poster


Simone Signoret: Léocadie



  • Léocadie : Don't just run off!

    Franz : [Bugle blowing in the distant]  Can't you hear? I'll get four days for this.

    Léocadie : At least tell me your name.

    Franz : What's it matter?

    Léocadie : I'm Léocadie.

    Franz : Strange name!

    Léocadie : You at least got a farewell cigarette?

    Franz : I'm all out. Gotta run. Good night.

    Léocadie : Good night. That beats all! Some time I'd have if everyone was a bum like you! Beat it, cheap stake! Look at the bastard running off! The filthy swine! Not even a cigarette! That's men for you!

  • Léocadie : How about it, handsome?

    Raconteur : No, no. There must be some mistake, madame.

    Léocadie : Madame? You making fun of me?

    Raconteur : I make fun of no one.

    Léocadie : Are you coming or not?

  • Léocadie : How about it, handsome? Want to come with me?

    Franz : You calling me handsome?

    Léocadie : Who else? I live nearby. Come and warm up. The Spring air is cool.

    Franz : I have to get back to the barracks.

    Léocadie : It's still early. My place is cozier.

    Franz : I'm sure it is.

    Léocadie : Not so loud. There are cops around.

  • Léocadie : Come on.

    Franz : I have no money.

    Léocadie : I don't need money.

    Franz : Your daddy's a Rothschild?

    Léocadie : No, I charge civilians, but its free for boys like you.

    Franz : Free?

  • Franz : Michel told me about you.

    Léocadie : I don't know any Michel.

    Franz : The bar on the Schiffgasse. You took him home.

    Léocadie : I've taken home quite a few from that bar.

  • Franz : Alright, but let's hurry.

    Léocadie : You're in a rush now that it's free! At least kiss me. It's nicer when there's a little feeling.

    Franz : Come on.

  • Léocadie : Since my place is too far, let's go down there.

    Franz : Down there? You've got a few tricks up your sleeve!

  • Franz : Where are we?

    Léocadie : Don't worry. There's never anyone here.

    Franz : I don't like it here.

    Léocadie : I like it everywhere. Come on.

  • Léocadie : We'll find a bench over there.

    Franz : No bench needed. We're not out in high society.

    Léocadie : Well, well!

    Franz : Am I right?

    Léocadie : I've always wanted a guy like you.

    Franz : Don't be so sure. I'm the jealous type.

    [Kisses her and leans up up against the wall] 

  • Le comte : Do you really not care whether a man's young or old or...

    Léocadie : I'm sleepy

    Le comte : That's it. Now I know who you remind me of.

    Léocadie : Ah. So I remind you of someone.

    Le comte : It's amazing. The same eyes. It's incredible. Allow me to kiss your eyes before I go.

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