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Insightful socio-political documentary which sheds interesting historical perspective upon some of Germany's most glorious as well as most tumultuous times
gnovak-214 May 2005
Herrliche Zeiten is a very important historical documentary that takes an insightful look into both the most trivial and most profound dimensions of German history and German culture. Its focus on military history must be viewed today through the lens of hindsight and with an appreciation for the scriptwriter's bitter nostalgia about some of the most poignant and tragic of Europe's many costly and futile struggles. We are reminded that the world was warned more than once of dangers lurking on the horizon by the narrator's recurring, haunting, and cautionary warning: "Denken Sie an meine Worte!" (Think about my words). This film has a wonderful theme song which recurs throughout the story and reinforces the key leitmotifs. Highly recommended viewing if you are fortunate enough to locate a copy or find a local screening in your neighborhood. But I doubt that you will. Prints of this film seem to have virtually disappeared from the planet. What a shame.
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