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Portuguese Movies
Guida Da Silva4 March 2006
I've seen this movie around 20 times, i know it by heart, and every single time i watch it i can't stop laughing.

I am a great fan of the old Portuguese movies, i own around 27 of them, and i am never tired of watching them.

I like the comedies, like "O Grande Elias", "O Costa do Castelo", "O Pátio das Cantigas", "Cançao de Lisboa", etc, the historic ones as well like, "Camoes", "Inês de Castro", and the ones based on some Portuguese authors like "Amor de Perdiçao", "As Pupilas do Sr.Reitor", etc.

They are great movies, the humour it's the greatest part, because they were produced in an era that there was no freedom in Portugal, but even though we can still catch the meaning of some situations.

The actors were the best, i like all of them, but my favorites are, António Silva, Vasco Santana, Ribeirinho, Curado Ribeiro, Beatriz Costa, Milú, Elvira Velez, Eugénio Salvador, Eunice Munoz, Virgilio Teixeira, Maria Matos.

In my humble opinion there no movies like those, and even nowadays we keep using most catchphrases from those movies, the themes used in them are up to date.
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Golden era of Portuguese cinema
Filipa Silva17 January 2006
It's a shame nowadays these kind of movies are not given their real importance. We're talking about comedy, real good ones that cannot be repeated.

António Silva became one of my favorite actors, and I wish his legacy goes on throughout the years.

Everything in this movie is just brilliant, from the acting to the script.

Ribeirinho is extremely funny.

It's basically about a family that receives money from a Brazilian aunt, and keep telling her lies. One day she comes to Portugal to visit them, and they must make her think their rich, and pretend that all their lies are true.

It's a great story and if you have the chance to watch it, you won't be be sorry.

Give it try.
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An excellent comedy.
Filipe Neto17 September 2015
In this film we see a modest family who invented a lie for a relative who lives far away: they said they're rich. But, when he arrives, all their lives will change, trying not to get caught. Directed by Arthur Duarte, the film has the participation of António Silva (as Elias), Milú (as Ana) and Ribeirinho.

The classic Portuguese cinema is rich in comedies where abound funny plots, absurd situations and word games. This is another of those comedies and is absolutely delightful to see. The cast already has the experience of other movies, Arthur Duarte is a skilled director (unfortunately directors today aren't so good) and the story develops in a very positive way and without dead times. Not being a masterpiece, this film is one of the best of Portuguese cinema, having managed to please all and become a classic that, even today, conquers the audience and delights generations.
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