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Sex & Nudity

  • There are low cut dresses, and moral dilemmas. The implication of adultery (you don't see more than kissing and hugs fully clothed, but it's perfectly obvious that IT has happened), perfectly obvious bribery and blackmail. The major question of whether an animal's soul is worth less than the soul of a parson's mother...

Violence & Gore

  • Fisticuffs only, but for a sensitive child, the foxhunting may cause distress, as may the scene towards the beginning where she leans over a mineshaft.
  • MAJOR SPOILER HERE - there's another scene with the mineshaft towards the end. You should watch that before you let a child see it.


  • Only 'period' profanity, which most people find less troubling than contemporary cussing.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink ale for breakfast - it's taken that preferring tea is a little weird.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most children will forgive anything but an unhappy ending. Sorry to put in a big spoiler - but the good guy does not get the girl, and the fox cub does not end up curled happily in her lap. Perfectly satisfying ending if you're into drama, but if you're Phoebe's Mum, you'll end the film with Hazel calling her best beloved 'My Soul' in the parlor.
  • There's at least an implication that charms and spells are effective, and that gypsies can see and to some extent influence the future. Some of the characters believe that if you have faith in God, or pray to God this will lead to a happy outcome - some of the characters believe otherwise, and indeed the events in the film tend to indicate otherwise.
  • Morally and ethically, a satisfying film - but not a 'just-so' story, by any means.

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