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  • He usually goes by the name of Spike - even though another MGM bulldog (from the "Droopy" series) also went by that name. He has also had the name Butch - even though the black cat who occasionally appears in the "Tom and Jerry" series also goes by that name. In this film, his name is not used.

  • Yes. The normally silent Tom briefly speaks to Spike, talking to him as if he were his master while encouraging him to balance a bone on his nose. Spike, by training, immediately forgets to attack Tom and goes into his "faithful pet" routine. Tom played nearly the same trick on Spike in Solid Serenade (1946) (1947), a film in which he both spoke and sang.

  • Yes, although she never goes by that name, or any other, in the "Tom and Jerry" series.

  • No one. Jerry's last prank on Tom is to put a screw into Spike's bone and then trick Tom into swallowing a magnet, which causes the bone to follow Tom wherever he goes. An angry Spike believes Tom is trying to steal it. It seems Jerry has won, but he makes the mistake of hiding in a tin can. The can is attracted by the magnet. In the last shot, Tom is running down the street, followed by the bone, which is followed by Spike, who is followed by a helpless Jerry.


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