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Season 1

30 Jan. 1950
The Letter
On a rubber plantation in Singapore, a woman convinces her husband and lawyer that the murder she committed was in self-defense. Her story begins to unravel when an incriminating letter surfaces.
13 Feb. 1950
Kitty Foyle
A young girl is determined to improve her social status and marry a young man who's a part of society. His family has great objections.
27 Feb. 1950
The Male Animal
A college professor faces being labeled a Communist for including "subversive" literature in his classes.
13 Mar. 1950
The Egg and I
A husband surprises his new bride by purchasing a run-down chicken farm and moving them to the country. She has a hard time adjusting to a bucolic life and their pesky rustic neighbors Ma and Pa Kettle.
27 Mar. 1950
Ride the Pink Horse
Lucky Gagin is an enigmatic stranger who arrives in the New Mexico border town of San Pablo to blackmail a gangster. Also involved is an FBI agent and a teen-aged Mexican girl who has visions of death.
17 Apr. 1950
Our Town
Life is simple in the small town of Grover's Corners, New Hampshire. The story examines the circle of life of the town's residents who are born there, live their lives, and then pass away.
24 Apr. 1950
The Phantom Lady
A man who's suffering an unhappy marriage spends the evening with a woman at a bar. Upon returning home, he finds his wife murdered. He's the lead suspect and no one remembers seeing the barfly who could provide his alibi.
8 May 1950
The life of John Forbes, an insurance company executive, becomes more exciting when he encounters Mona Stevens. Her jailed boyfriend robbed a business insured by the Forbes' company. When he goes to see Mona to collect the stolen loot, he falls hard for the femme fatale.
22 May 1950
The timid second wife of Maxim de Winter must compete with the sinister presence of his late first wife. At his manor, Manderley, Rebecca continues to dominate the lives of those who live in the large home.
5 Jun. 1950
The Champion
Midge Kelly goes West and falls into a professional boxing career. Seduced by the fame and money, he becomes a star in the ring but a monster in real life.
19 Jun. 1950
The Citadel
A young, idealistic doctor fails in his attempt to establish a useful practice. He learns he can make a lucrative living simply catering to the would-be ailments of the rich.

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