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1 Oct. 1955
TV or Not TV
Trixie tells Alice that she and Ed are getting a new TV set to replace their old one. Alice is envious and Trixie tells her to give Ralph the 'pipe and slipper' routine to butter him up. Alice's behavior is so unusual for her that Ralph is immediately suspicious. When Ralph finds out the reason behind this he refuses to buy a TV set. It soon becomes apparent that Alice will not let the issue drop and Ralph is forced to deal with it. Ralph and Norton concoct a scheme to pool their money together and buy one set and share it.
8 Oct. 1955
Funny Money
Counterfeiters have lost a suitcase of 'funny money' and have to wait 30 days to retrieve it. Once 30 days have elapsed it becomes the property of the person who found it...Ralph Kramden. When he discovers the contents of the case he goes on a wild spending spree despite Alice's warnings that this doesn't seem right. It isn't long before the gangsters come calling for their loot.
15 Oct. 1955
The Golfer
Ralph wants to be named the new Assistant Traffic Manager at the bus terminal. This is a promotion he feels he has worked hard for and he deserves. In order to ensure it he needs to get in good with Mr. Harper, the man in charge. Harper and Ralph strike up a conversation and with Noton's help he finds himself with a date to play golf...of course Ralph knows nothing about the game of golf.
22 Oct. 1955
A Woman's Work Is Never Done
Alice is so tired of Ralph's complaining about the housework not getting done that she decides to hire themselves a maid while she goes off to get a job herself.
29 Oct. 1955
A Matter of Life and Death
Ralph worries that he has only six months to live.
5 Nov. 1955
The Sleepwalker
When Norton's sleepwalking through Ralph's apartment disturbs Ralph one time too many, Ralph decides to get to the root of Norton's trouble.
12 Nov. 1955
Better Living Through TV
Ralph's newest get-rich-quick scheme is to sell an all-purpose kitchen gadget. With Norton's assistance, Ralph plans to demonstrate it during a live TV commercial, in order to reach more potential buyers. But Ralph's last-minute stage fright may ruin the commercial.
19 Nov. 1955
Pal O' Mine
A ring that was intended for Norton's new supervisor in the sewer, but that instead gets stuck on Ralph's finger accidentally, is all it takes to jeopardize Ralph's friendship with Norton - until an explosion in the sewer brings Ralph to his senses.
26 Nov. 1955
Brother Ralph
Because of a suggestion he made, Ralph gets laid off. While they're trying to figure out how to cope with the bills, Alice decides to go back to work over Ralph's objections. The real trouble starts when Ralph finds out who has to do the house work, and when Alice's boss comes to the apartment to pick her up.
3 Dec. 1955
Hello Mom
The Kramden's get a telegram from Alice's mother, telling them she was coming for a visit. Ralph is less then pleased and asks to stay with the Norton's. When Trixie pushes Ed to get Ralph to go back to his wife Ed says some things that makes her mad and she goes and stays with Alice. Later Ralph and Alice find out they made a mistake when the read the telegram, and Ralph finds he's put his foot in his mouth.
10 Dec. 1955
The Deciding Vote
There is a Raccoon election going on for convention manager, and it's up to Norton to be the deciding vote.
17 Dec. 1955
Something Fishy
The Raccoons are planning for an annual Raccoon Fishing Trip, and this time, the Raccoons vote not to take their wives. But Alice and Trixie will not stand for being left behind.
24 Dec. 1955
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Ralph sells his bowling ball to get a last-minute Christmas present for Alice.
31 Dec. 1955
The Man from Space
Ralph is determined to win a prize of $50 at the Raccoon Lodge costume. When he competes with Norton in the contest and Alice will have nothing to do with loaning her husband any money to rent a costume, Ralph is forced to make a homemade costume.

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