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Season 8

30 Sep. 1957
The General
Identity confusion abounds when Gracie meddles in the lives of a stoic general and his son, who's about to be enlisted in the military. Meanwhile George and Harry shamelessly jump aboard the TV western bandwagon.
7 Oct. 1957
Too Much Pot Roast
Gracie intervenes when she learns Ronnie's been gawking at pretty classmates and ignoring his teachers. Meanwhile, Harry von Zell pleads with George to let him do a western skit; and the Mortons quarrel over their redundant meals.
14 Oct. 1957
The Texan Italian
Ronnie's girlfriend, Bonnie Sue, fears her Texan drawl will hinder her from landing a movie role, so Gracie reshapes her image into that of an Italian starlet named Tina Cacciatore.
21 Oct. 1957
An English Tea
Gracie passes off Harry Morton as her husband to impress the mother of an English girl whom Ronnie is dating. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell makes another attempt to sell George on the idea of doing a western skit.
28 Oct. 1957
September and May
After June Jantzen seeks advice about her father, whom she mistakenly thinks is dating a woman half his age, Gracie concludes that Ronnie's newest girlfriend is cavorting with all of the older men in the neighborhood.
4 Nov. 1957
The Star Maker
Gracie attempts to raise Bonnie Sue's brother's grades by getting the smartest boy in class to take his name.
11 Nov. 1957
The African Hunter
When a swooning Gracie invites a game hunter to spend the week at the house, George concocts a bizarre scheme to scare him away.
18 Nov. 1957
One Little Fight
Ronnie and Ralph have a brief falling out over a girl, so Gracie, oblivious to the fact that the boys have already made up, stages a huge fight with Blanche to show him how silly it is to quarrel with one's best friend.
25 Nov. 1957
With or Without Glasses
Gracie convinced Alfred that his glasses were ruining his movie-star looks, but his refusal to wear them has disrupted his studies, so she attempts to set things right. Meanwhile, Ronnie thinks he's flunking out of school.
2 Dec. 1957
A Box of Cigars
To win votes for Ralph's homecoming queen girlfriend, Gracie decides to give away George's cigars, so she enlists a hapless Harry Von Zell as an accomplice. Meanwhile, a befuddled repairman works to fix George's broken TV.
9 Dec. 1957
Misery Loves Company
Gracie manages to complicate matters when she meddles in Ralph's and Ronnie's love lives.
16 Dec. 1957
A Hole in the Carpet
After Gracie suffers a fall in public, the department store is eager to make restitution, but she thinks that she has to pay for their damaged carpet.
23 Dec. 1957
The Old Mink Coat
Gracie and Blanche are upset when they find out what their husbands are getting them for Christmas, so they scheme to get mink coats. But George gets wind of their plan and makes sure that an old raccoon coat is part of the plot.
30 Dec. 1957
Invitation to the Party
Gracie uses her talent for deception to finagle an invitation to a swank New Year's Eve party for the Mortons. Meanwhile, Ronnie decides to attend a costume ball; and Harry Von Zell becomes convinced that George is trying to dupe him.
6 Jan. 1958
The Stolen Car
When Ronnie needs a good story for the college newspaper, Gracie lands a scoop by helping Brian McAfee steal his own car. Meanwhile, Blanche and Gracie concoct a plan to get their husbands to fund full home redecorations.
13 Jan. 1958
Ronnie Finds a Friend an Apartment
Gracie unknowingly kidnaps a baby, which she mistakenly believes to be Ronnie's son.
20 Jan. 1958
McAfee and the Manicurist
Bonnie Sue is worried because her 65-year-old father wants to marry a 25-year old hotel manicurist whom he met just met.
27 Jan. 1958
Too Many Fathers
To impress his girlfriend's parents, Gracie pretends to be Jerry's mother, but she has difficulty finding someone to commit to masquerading as his father.
10 Feb. 1958
The Accident
Harry Morton is furious that he's tainted his perfect driver safety record with a traffic accident, so he counts on passenger Gracie to prove he was not at fault.
17 Feb. 1958
The Japanese Texan
Gracie tries to help Bonnie Sue land the leading role in a movie by inviting the director to a fictional-anniversary dinner. George discovers the scheme and creates confusion by declaring it really is the 10th anniversary of some event.
24 Feb. 1958
Hypnotizing Gracie
After falling under the spell of a hypnotist, Harry Morton falls in love with his wife, Harry von Zell becomes a barking dog and Gracie is transformed into a genius.
3 Mar. 1958
Gracie Is Brilliant
Now that Gracie has been hypnotized into becoming the smartest woman in the world, she starts winning quiz shows, while George is demoted to taking care of the household chores. Meanwhile, Blanche is hypnotized into having a mind like the old Gracie.
10 Mar. 1958
Ronnie's Fan Club
Young Edie Westrope writes Ronnie a letter saying that she wants to start a fan club for him, but identity confusion escalates when her older sister arrives on the doorstep and Ronnie decides to ask her for a date.
17 Mar. 1958
Frozen Passion
'Frozen Passion' is the title of a script that George has rejected. Unaware of this, Gracie attempts to cast her friends and family in various roles of the film.
24 Mar. 1958
High Blood Pressure
Gracie decides to help Mr. Jantzen pass a life insurance medical exam. Meanwhile, George attempts to get out of the house to play a round of golf with his buddies.
7 Apr. 1958
Softening the Professor
Spring is in the air, which means Ronnie and Ralph cut class, and Blanche tries to get Harry in a romantic mood.
14 Apr. 1958
The Publicity Marriage
When a 13-year-old girl becomes enamored with Ronnie, Gracie plants a fake story in the newspaper announcing his marriage to Bonnie Sue.
21 Apr. 1958
Blanche Gets a Jury Notice
Harry's scheme to get Blanche on a jury backfires. Gracie volunteers for jury duty. Ronnie tries to use reverse-psychology to juggle his relationships with two girls who want to enter show business.
28 Apr. 1958
Gracie and the Jury
Gracie inadvertently passes evidence - a counterfeit $20 bill - to Blanche so she can buy the hat Gracie wants before the store closes. Ronnie's plan to thwart Vera's show business aspirations backfires when George hires her.
5 May 1958
Ronnie Makes a Record
When George helps Ronnie land a deal with Verve Records, Gracie thinks the youth-oriented label has spurned George in favor of their son.
12 May 1958
Ronnie's Royalty Check
When a young singer accompanies Ronnie to the store to buy his mother a gift, Gracie assumes she's after his money.
19 May 1958
A Visit from Charles Vidor
Charles Vidor asks George to coerce Jack Benny to emcee a dinner gala. Meanwhile, Gracie stirs up publicity for Bonnie Sue in hopes that it will lead to a role for the young ingénue in Vidor's next film.
26 May 1958
Ronnie Goes Into the Army
Ronnie receives his draft notice into the Army, so Gracie establishes a military regimen in the Burns household. Meanwhile, Harry von Zell is sure he can talk George into letting him have Ronnie's old room, rent-free.
2 Jun. 1958
Locked Out
In an attempt to help her family, Gracie upsets George's dealings with a television executive and almost breaks up Ronnie's romance with a hat-check girl. George feels it's the last straw when Gracie also loses the house key.
9 Jun. 1958
The Week in New York
All are affected when Gracie spontaneously makes travel reservations, so George systematically destroys everyone's plans.
16 Jun. 1958
The June Wedding
Everyone is having various romantic problems and it doesn't help matters that Gracie has invited a young couple to spend their honeymoon with the family.
23 Jun. 1958
Summer School
Ronnie's plans to spend the summer with his actor's stock company at the Big Bear Lodge are disrupted when his father learns that Ronnie is flunking Ancient History. George demands that Ronnie attend summer school, but Gracie has another idea or two of her own.
8 Sep. 1958
The Grammar School Dance
Ronnie's plans are disrupted by a fan whom he once promised to escort to a school dance. Meanwhile Harry Von Zell tries to weasel out of his wedding engagement; and Harry Morton thinks his wife has taken a young lover.
15 Sep. 1958
The Exchange Student
An exchange student from France moves into the Burns household and upsets the harmony within. Harry von Zell comes up with a plan to get rid of him.

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