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Season 6

6 Oct. 1955
A Quiet Sunday Morning
Cisco and Pancho pursue three robbers, one of whom is a teenager who killed a sheriff during their getaway.
13 Oct. 1955
Arroyo Millionaire's Castle
Cisco and Poncho stumble on a gold theft, before they can do anything the local sheriff also arrives. He decides Cisco is the real thief and intends to put before the courts.
20 Oct. 1955
Pancho is shot after interrupting a holdup, but he finds time is on his side.
27 Oct. 1955
Choctaw Justice
Cisco must clear a Native American of a murder charge.
3 Nov. 1955
New York's Finest
A member of the NY Mounted Police arrives in town to the dismay of the outlaws who are running it. Cisco and Pancho interfere when henchmen try to beat him up.
3 Nov. 1955
Cisco and the Tappers
Cisco and Pancho help a pair of lawmen capture a band of outlaws who tap into telegraph wires to learn of upcoming gold shipments.
10 Nov. 1955
Young Blood
Cisco tries to keep a youth from joining a gang of outlaws.
17 Nov. 1955
School Marm
A new school marm is kidnapped and held for ransom.
24 Nov. 1955
Bounty Men
Cisco and Pancho trail a wanted killer to an army-recruiting station and encounter a military doctor who enlists wanted men into the service under aliases.
1 Dec. 1955
Quick on the Trigger
Cisco and Pancho contend with a sheriff who shoots first and asks questions later.
8 Dec. 1955
Gold, Death and Dynamite
A gold shipment is replaced with a chest of dynamite in the hopes that stage coach robbers will blow themselves up when they attempt to shoot open the lock. Pancho discovers that there will be an unexpected passenger aboard the coach.
15 Dec. 1955
Jumping Beans
Cisco and Pancho deal with escaped prisoners. Cisco convinces one of the outlaws that jumping beans can determine if he is telling the truth.
22 Dec. 1955
Three men Cisco put in jail want to kill him. Pancho, who is visiting relatives, is forced to send a letter to Cisco to invite him to an ambush.
29 Dec. 1955
Six Gun Cupids
Cisco and Pancho help a young couple elope.
5 Jan. 1956
After Diablo and Loco are stolen, Cisco and Pancho deal with a man who is protecting his killer son.
12 Jan. 1956
The Joker
Cisco and Pancho help a young woman who has been swindled by a man with a mean sense of humor. Pancho adopts a pet raven which he names Señor Cortez.
19 Jan. 1956
Man with the Reputation
Cisco is accused of helping an escaped convict. A gang has taken over a town, evicting residents who can't repay loans.
26 Jan. 1956
The Epidemic
A town sick with smallpox awaits its vaccine, but bandits rob the mail rider and hold it for ransom.
2 Feb. 1956
Mr. X
When a miner is trapped by a cave in, it's up to his pet monkey, Mr. X, to save the day.
9 Feb. 1956
A woman who has inherited her father's ranch hires Cisco and Pancho for a roundup after they rescue her from a cowhand who was manhandling her. The cowhand wants revenge for being fired.
16 Feb. 1956
He Couldn't Quit
Cisco and Pancho are destined to cross paths with a pretty palm reader.
23 Feb. 1956
Kilts and Sombreros
Cisco and Pancho rescue a kilt-clad Scotsman from bandits. Later he brags to his nephew that he once rode with the Cisco Kid.
1 Mar. 1956
West of the Law
A young man is run out of town when he sticks up for an opera singer. Cisco and Pancho step in when outlaws are after the singer's jewels.
8 Mar. 1956
Dangerous Shoemaker
Pancho takes his boots to a shoemaker to be stretched and overhears the cobbler plotting illegal activity with a man who steals the boots.
15 Mar. 1956
Magician of Jamesville
A magician teaches Pancho some magic tricks. Cisco and his pal have to discover who killed the sheriff.
22 Mar. 1956
Tangled Trails
Cisco and Pancho try to find a girl's missing uncle.

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