White Heat (1949) Poster


Virginia Mayo: Verna Jarrett



  • Verna Jarrett : I'd look good in a mink coat, honey.

    Cody Jarrett : You'd look good in a shower curtain.

  • Verna Jarrett : It's always "somebody tipped them." Never "the cops are smart."

  • Cody Jarrett : We got enough food for a week, what'd she have to go to the market for?

    Verna Jarrett : You like strawberries, don't you? She just *had* to get some for her boy.

    [Cody kicks over the chair she is standing on, while gazing in a mirror wearing a negligee and mink coat] 

  • Verna Jarrett : What about me? What do I do for the next two years?

    Ma Jarrett : Same as you did before he married you.

    Cody Jarrett : You better not, baby. I'll be back.

    Verna Jarrett : I'll be waitin' for you honey. You can trust me.

  • Ma Jarrett : Well, if it ain't the Sleeping Beauty.

    Verna Jarrett : What does a girl do around this bear trap?

    Ma Jarrett : There's plenty you can do without wearing out the mattress.

    Verna Jarrett : It's the only place that I don't freeze. I've been cold for a week, Cody. Not even a fire. Who's gonna see a little bit of smoke a hundred miles from nowhere.

    Cody Jarrett : Help Ma with the grub.

  • Cody Jarrett : They've got Zuckie in a morgue upstate! The T have tied him with us and the tunnel job.

    Verna Jarrett : What?

    Cody Jarrett : Yeah. All is hot as pistols!

  • Big Ed Somers : What's eatin' you Sugar?

    Verna Jarrett : You and your big ideas. That's all they are - ideas! "You and me belong together, Sugar. Just leave it to Big Ed." Well, I'm sick of waitin' for you to make your move. You're as scared of Cody as any of 'em. He's still Mr. Big - in prison or out.

  • Big Ed Somers : Take it easy, baby. We're ready for him when he comes.

    Verna Jarrett : I can't stand another night, Ed. Listening. Going crazy. It ain't just like waitin' for some human being who wants to kill ya. Cody ain't human! Fill him full of lead and he'll still come at ya.

    Big Ed Somers : Plug him and he drops. Same as anybody else.

  • Verna Jarrett : All right, throw your life away. Stay here and shoot it out! Me? I'm going. I wanna live.

    Big Ed Somers : Cody might have some ideas about that.

    Verna Jarrett : I'll go someplace he'll never find me.

    Big Ed Somers : Your world ain't big enough, Sugar. Not when he finds out what you did to his Ma.

    Verna Jarrett : You'd tell him?

    Big Ed Somers : If you run out on me. Why not?

    Verna Jarrett : But I only did it for you, Ed. She had you covered.

    Big Ed Somers : Cody still ain't gonna like to hear that she got it in the back. Feel more like stayin' now?

  • Verna Jarrett : You mean it, honey? We could have fun! Live big! Money's just paper if you don't spend it.

    Cody Jarrett : That's an idea.

    Verna Jarrett : It's a good idea! Europe, maybe. Paris! Rubbin' shoulders with the best of 'em. "How'd you do, Countess." Sable coats. Jewels just dripping from my fingers. Oh, I'd knock their eyes out, Cody. You'd be real proud of me.

    Cody Jarrett : Don't go flippin' your lid.

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