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John Archer: Philip Evans



  • [last lines] 

    Philip Evans : Cody Jarrett...

    Hank Fallon : He finally got to the top of the world... and it blew right up in his face.

  • Ma Jarrett : I told you, Cody hasn't been in California for months.

    Philip Evans : I suppose he shot me all the way from another state.

    Ma Jarrett : What makes you think *he* shot you? Lots of people have guns.

    Philip Evans : I was as close to him as I am to you.

    Ma Jarrett : Anybody else see him?

    Philip Evans : Just you. And his wife.

    Ma Jarrett : Of course, being an old woman, I wouldn't know much about the law, but I hear you got to have *witnesses* to make anything stand up in court.

  • Hank Fallon : I've been promised a vacation. You remember?

    Philip Evans : Sorry, Hank, that's out.

    Hank Fallon : Phil, look at me. College degree, lovable personality, and I spend most of my time in prison. An undercover specialist. Eight sentences in five years. Dannemora, Sing Sing, Leavenworth. I joined the department to put criminals behind bars, and here I am stir crazy.

  • Philip Evans : This time we'll get you a girl in the Bureau who's a memory expert.

    Hank Fallon : I'm partial to blondes.

    Philip Evans : Well, who isn't?

  • Philip Evans : Cody's not an easy guy to get close to in a hurry. The only person he's ever cared about or trusted is his mother. No one else has ever made a dent - not even his wife. His mother's been the prop that's held him up. He's got a fierce, psychopathic devotion for her. All his life, whenever he got into a spot he just put out his hand and - there was Ma Jarrett. Without her, maybe Cody'd - just like his old man.

    Hank Fallon : You mean I'm supposed to take mama's place?

    Philip Evans : You never can tell. He might need someone.

    Hank Fallon : I'll practice up on my lullabies.

  • Philip Evans : You might as well come down, Jarrett. There's no one left but you.

    Cody Jarrett : [laughs]  Come and get me!

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