The Third Man (1949) Poster


Alida Valli: Anna Schmidt



  • Anna Schmidt : A person doesn't change just because you find out more.

  • Martins : Oh, Anna, why do we always... have to quarrel?

    Anna Schmidt : If you want to sell your services, I'm not willing to be the price. I loved him. You loved him. What good have we done him? Love. Look at yourself.They have a name for faces like that.

  • British MP : I'm sorry, Miss, it's orders. We can't go against the protocol.

    Anna Schmidt : I don't even know what protocol means.

    British MP : Neither do I, Miss.

  • Martins : When he was 14, he taught me the three-card trick. That's growing up fast.

    Anna Schmidt : He never grew up. The world grew up around him, that's all.

  • Anna Schmidt : We're both in it, Harry.

    Holly Martins : Holly!

    Anna Schmidt : l'm so sorry.

    Holly Martins : lt's all right. You might get my name right.

    Anna Schmidt : You know, you ought to find yourself a girl.

  • Anna Schmidt : Poor Harry, I wish he was dead. He'd be safe from all of you then.

  • Anna Schmidt : l don't know anything anymore, except l want to be dead too. Some more tea?

  • Holly Martins : ls it comedy or tragedy?

    Anna Schmidt : Comedy. l don't play tragedy.

  • Anna Schmidt : Oh, please. For heaven's sake, stop making him in your image. Harry was real. He wasn't just your friend and my lover. He was Harry.

  • Holly Martins : l knew him for 20 years - at least, l thought l knew him. Suppose he was laughing at fools like us all the time?

    Anna Schmidt : He liked to laugh.

  • Anna Schmidt : Honest, sensible, sober, harmless Holly Martins. Holly. What a silly name.

  • Holly Martins : l'm just a hack writer who drinks too much and - falls in love with girls. You.

    Anna Schmidt : Me?

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