Prince of Foxes (1949) Poster

Orson Welles: Cesare Borgia



  • Cesare Borgia : It is my belief that everything, even death, can be turned into profit.

  • Cesare Borgia : [to Orsini]  But the great know only one law: the outcome justifies the act. Have you the stomach for greatness?

    Andrea Orsini : The stomach and the appetite.

  • Don Esteban : [after getting a shove from behind from Borgia]  My Lord!

    Cesare Borgia : My garden is filled with beautiful women and you stand here like a brooding nemisis!

    Don Esteban : I was thinking.

    Cesare Borgia : Good. Practice makes perfect.

    [Walking away] 

    Cesare Borgia : You should listen though. You may learn something.

  • Cesare Borgia : [Describing a man who would fit his requirements as an agent]  ... be as quick at deceit as a fox. He must have the grace of a dancer; the wrist of an assassin. He must have little regard for good faith, yet by his astuteness, be able to confuse men's minds. He must have confidence in himself, yet not let that confidence render him incautious. He must charm as a snake charms a bird, yet he must make no friends, except those who can be of use to him and, for the same reason, although he may make use of love, he must not love."

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