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  • A swimsuit fashion designer is determined to protect her scatterbrained sister from a South American heart-breaker, but a case of mistaken identity complicates matters.

  • Scatterbrained Betty Barrett mistakes masseur Jack Spratt for Jose O'Rourke, the captain of the South American polo team. Spratt goes along with the charade, but the situation becomes more complicated when they fall in love. Meanwhile, Betty's sensible older sister Eve fears Betty's heart will be broken when Jose returns to South America. She arranges to meet with the real O'Rourke and love soon blossoms between them as well.

  • Joe Backett and Eve Barrett, the latter acting as chief designer and swimmer model, operate the Neptune Swimwear Company. Eve's scatterbrained and man-hungry sister Betty Barrett also works with them. Joe, who is in love with Eve, suggests they put on an underwater spectacle in honor of a visiting South American polo team captained by José O'Rourke. When the inexperienced Betty goes to the polo field looking for a visiting polo player with whom to fall in love, she meets who she believes is José. Who she actually has met is Jack Spratt, the equally as inexperienced local masseur for the polo teams. Jack does not correct Betty's misconception as he believes she would never date a regular fella like him. Wanting to protect her inexperienced sister from an experienced South American athlete, Eve forbids the actual José from dating Betty. José, having never met Betty, agrees only on the condition that Eve go out with him instead. For José, it's love at first sight with Eve. Things get complicated when Betty and Jack (pretending to be José) get serious, and Eve and José get serious, with Joe wanting to get José out of the way, and Eve not wanting to feel anything for José if only to protect Eve from getting hurt. A local mobster who thinks he can make some easy money if José doesn't show up for the scheduled polo match adds further complications to the proceedings.



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  • Successful swimmer and bathing suit designer Eve Barrett tries to avoid the marriage of her younger sister Betty to the south American polo player Jose O'Rourke. Usually cold as ice, she suddenly fells in love with Mr. O'Rourke. How to explain her sister? Or does Betty's lover has a double identity?

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