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Golden Rain
Spondonman7 October 2007
This was from the early days of Bollywood, when the film industry was just beginning to be just that – and one of the first golden age classics. Barsaat was so popular that skinny Raj Kapoor established RK Studios on the back of its success, so without this film it might have been a different movie story in the 1950's.

How to sum up a 3 hour film … the famous love triangle – 2 brothers, Kapoor serious and Prem Nath out for a good time fall in love with the same woman, the beautiful 20 year old Nargis. The relationships have their ups and downs but ultimately alas! Cut into this are some iconic images of Nargis and many mesmerising songs from Shankar-Jaikashan in their debut, apparently all of them sung by Lata – although they let Mukesh in for a few minutes with Chhod Gaye Balaam (with some especially lovely moody photography here starting with Kapoor brooding at the piano). Favourite bit: Ab Mera Kaun Sahara with Nargis in a wistful and sorrowful vein and Lata displaying a marvellously steady vocal control.

If you have tears prepare to shed them at this unless you have a heart of stone or have seen too many modern movies! I've not seen either Barsaat 1995 or 2005 but I don't think they're re-makes, in any case I shouldn't have thought they'd be anywhere near as good as this was.
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Maestros join hands to create a musical aura
jmathur_swayamprabha25 August 2014
Bollywood's greatest showman and legendary filmmaker Raj Kapoor started his own production house and his journey as a film director with Aag (1948). However he wanted to make a complete team of himself which could continue for years like a strong and well-coordinated unit and moreover like a family. He wanted it especially in terms of music because he put a heavy premium on the musical score of his movies. This team he could make with his second production as well as directorial venture - Barsaat (1949). With Barsaat, an aura of melodious music started in Bollywood whose nucleus was Raj Kapoor and his production house - R.K. Banner. Raj Kapoor's musical team included lyricists - Hasrat Jaipuri and Shailendra, music composers - Shankar Jaikishan and singers - Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh. Starting from Barsaat, this music making team presented many great albums to the music lovers containing several immortal songs.

Barsaat (rain) tells the story of two friends - Pran (Raj Kapoor) who believes in true love and Gopal (Premnaath) who believes in 'enjoy and forget' philosophy. These two friends are roaming about countryside when they happen to meet two different girls. Pran falls for the charms of Reshma (Nargis) whereas Gopal comes across Neela (Nimmi). Pran decides to unite with Reshma against all odds but Gopal ignores Neela after returning to the city these two friends belong to. Neela keeps the flame of Gopal's love as burning in her heart while waiting for him in her small, old house situated on a hill. After a lot of sentimental drama, Pran is able to make Reshma his life partner whereas Gopal realizes the importance of true love in a man's life but he is able to come back to Neela only when it's too late.

The movie is very touching and a beautifully made one. Director Raj Kapoor had started demonstrating his skill in making heart-conquering love stories right from his debut venture - Aag. In this second venture of himself, he has gone a few steps farther and presented a mesmerizing love-soaked narrative which contains two different love stories - one with a happy ending and the other one being a tragedy. Different people have different perceptions of male-female love. The thinking patterns of different ones are bound to be different according to their upbringing and life-experiences. It was as true in that era of the forties as it is true today. Gopal of Barsaat does not believe in true love and feels that philandering with different females is the correct way of life until the eye-opening moment comes for him. It may happen with anybody. My knowledge about romantic love was also academic only until I got someone's true love for real.

This very well made movie written by Ramanand Saagar (who later on became a very famous movie and TV serial director in his own right) is very interesting and the narrative flows very well. The songs are too many but they do not irritate or bore. Instead they enhance the enjoyment of the viewer like anything just like the icing on a cake. The story meanders through many turns and reaches its heart-piercing climax impressively, leaving a throbbing in the heart of the viewer with the ending scene. I feel, Raj Kapoor could have avoided the tragic ending of the movie and substituted it with a happy ending. However it's to be admitted that despite appearing somewhat out of place, the tragic ending has made a greater impact than what would have been made by a happy ending for the love story of Gopal and Neela.

As said earlier, the biggest plus point of Barsaat is its music only. Music maestros joined hands for the first time under the stewardship of Raj Kapoor and created an aura which is everlasting. The movie opens with a beautiful song - Hawa Mein Udta Jaaye Mera Laal Dupatta Malmal Ka which has been picturized on a long forgotten actress - Vimla. Thereafter the whole movie is a treat for the music lovers from the side of the composers, the lyricists, the singers and above all, the legendary filmmaker Raj Kapoor. Jiya Beqaraar Hai Chhai Bahaar Hai, Barsaat Mein Humse Mile Tum Sajan Tumse Mile Hum, Mujhe Kisi Se Pyar Ho Gaya, Mera Aankhon Mein Bas Gaya Koi Re, Chhod Gaye Baalam Mujhe Haay Akela Chhod Gaye etc. etc. etc., there's a long musical river for the listeners to float on the waves of melodies. Barsaat's music is immortal and will continue to enchant the melody lovers for ages. The movie contains a foot-tapper also - Patli Kamar Hai Tirchhi Nazar Hai on which famous dancer Cuckoo has delivered a mesmerizing performance.

This black and white movie is technically superior. Almost everything is perfect or near perfect. The picturization of certain songs in the rain (being true to the title of the movie) is simply wonderful. Raj Kapoor believed in presenting the songs of his movies on the screen in the most beautiful manner possible, thus making the audience love to watch them again and again. Barsaat is a standing example of this belief and ability of himself.

Performances are also brilliant. Raj Kapoor himself was a great actor. And under his own direction, he was truly extra-ordinary. Alongwith himself he has extracted admirable performances from Nargis, Premnaath and debutante Nimmi (who went ahead to play a long and successful innings in Bollywood after this movie). Supporting cast has also done well.

In the presently running rainy season, it won't be in appropriate to watch this classic from the black and white era of Hindi cinema whose rain is an inseparable part of. I recommend this blockbuster movie to all the cine-lovers in general and melody lovers in particular. Allow yourself to be drenched in this rain of music, love and emotion.
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What a film!
beebopboy343 October 2006
i've been in a Raj Kapoor mood lately.first of all i consider the man my mentor because everything that he's done,i want to do.i eventually want to be and actor/director for my films.i want great music for my films.i want people to appreciate my work.

on with Barsaat.this film has been done so well.forget the Barsaat of 1995 and 2005.if you want to see a film called Barsaat,than you must go all the way back to 1949.when the credits show at the beginning of the movie it says Starring Nargis before it says Raj Kapoor and i have to say that it is true.this is Nargis's film.she's acted brilliantly.she's the life and soul of this movie.Nargis is can see it in her eyes,her expression,and everything she says.this is probably her best performance to date.i hope eventually someone will put this film into color.

Raj Kapoor did a fabulous job acting,directing,and producing this film.this is amongst his best can tell in the scene when him and Nargis go on their first boat ride.Shankar Jaikishan's music is up to par.

the only fault in this film is the fact that there's a song every 15 to 20 minutes.too many songs.otherwise a brilliantly made film.

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