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15 Jan. 1952
The Spider
Scientists Bob and Muriel Torres honeymoon in rural Florida. Despite being warned that a professor and his son had gotten lost in the nearby swamp and were never seen again, Muriel goes exploring alone. With night approaching, she stumbles upon a shack inhabited by a blind former explorer. Muriel's fear escalates when the doctor shows off the two shrunken heads he made himself; he learned the skill directly from jungle natives.
22 Jan. 1952
The Red Signal
A supposedly fake medium is hired to a conduct a séance so Sir Alington, a psychiatrist, can observe a patient under stress. She warns the doctor, Clair and her husband Jack to avoid their homes because they are in danger. Her premonition turns out to be true because of insanity, murder, and secret loves.
29 Jan. 1952
Death Drum
The mayor of a French town reveals the identities of underground members, he says, to save the country from destruction by the invading Nazis. Having been moved to a neutral country, he's quickly kidnapped by allies and carried to the home of an English gentlemen to be executed as a traitor.
12 Feb. 1952
North of Shanghai
American medical missionaries Dr. Paul Morgan and his wife are told to leave China as the Communists advance on the city. When he refuses, a Communist general kills his own wife who's under the doctor's care, then charges Morgan with murder and sentences him to death. The surgeon's execution is unexpectedly postponed when he's ordered to perform an emergency operation.
26 Feb. 1952
Night Drive
Mrs. Haley takes her horse to blacksmith Bob to have its shoes checked since she'll be traveling alone by buggy to meet her husband at the train station. She's delighted when Dr. Tabor, whose wife was one of two women murdered in the woods along the way, asks if his sister can ride along. As they approach the spot of the two unsolved crimes, the behavior of Mrs. Haley's passenger becomes unsettling.
11 Mar. 1952
Four Days to Kill
Johnny, a professional assassin with a hair-trigger temper, is sent by his boss to Havana to do a job. His target is his former mentor, Barney Moyer, the man who taught him everything he knows about killing. That's why the intended victim knows Johnny will spend three days watching him and move in for the kill on the fourth; Barney anticipates Johnny's every move.
8 Apr. 1952
Black Panther
A criminal uses a rare doll store as the front for his diamond smuggling racket. A detective stars snooping around after a man carrying a doll is shot in the subway and the murderer steals the doll's arm. The mobster gets wise to the cop, and to an inside job being pulled by people he trusts.
22 Apr. 1952
Alibi Me
Ex-con Georgie Lennox has been tormented his entire life by Leo Whaley who's now out and moving in on his punch-board racket. Finally pushed too far, he shoots Leo to death. Knowing he'll be the prime suspect when Leo doesn't check in with his parole officer, Georgie goes in search of an airtight alibi. Desperate, he turns to the wife he'd walked out on earlier. Despite her cooperation, Georgie is undone by a delivery boy bringing a giant sucker from Leo.
29 Apr. 1952
The Purloined Letter
In 1880 France, wealthy Danielle is determined that her husband, Victor, becomes a success in politics. She pays 2 million francs to the elderly Premiere Marcord to name Victor the minister of justice and, in exchange, he writes her a note guaranteeing the job. The unscrupulous Marin, who presently holds that title, steals the letter and threatens to make it public and destroy Marcord. It is up to Danielle to find the letter and save the government.
27 May 1952
The Debt
A young drifter is robbed by two other hobos after hopping off a train. Making his way to a country store, he's offered refuge from the rain by the young woman and her father who run the business. During the night the store is robbed and the old man is murdered. The drifter's first instinct is to run, but he quickly figures out who the real murderers are.
10 Jun. 1952
House of Masks
Anna, a delicate and unstable young woman, despises having her life controlled by her older, practical sister. The sister is ready sign the papers to have Anna committed after she hires a mysterious young poet to be the gardener and plies him with cash. Billy has a history of being involved with young women who suddenly die.
15 Jul. 1952
For the Love of Randi
Dr. Ted Larson's engagement to head nurse Randi Sloan is getting under the skin of Dr. David Bonnell, her ex-lover and current roommate of Ted. When a box of candy arrives one morning, supposedly from Randi, David and a neighbor kid try a piece and both become extremely sick from arsenic poisoning. Accusations of attempted murder fly between the members of the love triangle as each accuses the other of poisoning the candy.
29 Jul. 1952
The Crooked Frame
Kelly Davis, the unscrupulous creator of "Sally Forth" comic books, announces she's retiring the character. This move puts her resentful staff of cartoonists out of work. She offers Webb the chance to write the stories for her "new idea"--an idea she's stealing from him. Kelly is found dead the next morning, and Webb is the obvious suspect.
12 Aug. 1952
Remember Me?
A former high-school basketball star, now broke and reduced to committing small-time hold-ups, kills an old man. With the police after him, he hides out in the apartment of a lonely woman who once had a crush on him in his high-school days.
19 Aug. 1952
Her Last Adventure
Eva, a wealthy middle-aged woman, marries a man she barely knows and moves into his family estate, a dark, run-down mansion on the Massachusetts coast. She learns James was recently engaged to a young woman, but he dismisses it as an unimportant mistake. Investigating noises in the cellar, she finds the corpse of a young woman, half-buried in the coal pile.
26 Aug. 1952
Woman in Love
A female secret agent operating in 1952 Budapest is preoccupied with her upcoming marriage. In her thoughtlessness, she loses a valuable document resulting in her life being in jeopardy.
2 Sep. 1952
The Old Lady of Bayeux
Cécile Ledru, the companion of a rich widow, Joséphine Crozier, calls the police when she finds her dead body at the estate of her nephew, where they were staying. Mrs. Crozier has apparently died of a heart attack but Maigret, the investigating police inspector is not convinced...
23 Sep. 1952
Set-Up for Death
Mobster Kip Caley is released from prison after serving ten years and proclaims he's "going straight." His old criminal cronies, however, intend to involve him in a hold-up after breaking his resolve to stay honest. Boss McLean gets him a greeters job at a hotel restaurant where he falls for a woman who works there. Her intention to help Kip by warning the police about the impending robbery put Kip's life on the line.
30 Sep. 1952
The Beach of Falesa
Wiltshire is the third man sent by a trading company to work on a small Polynesian island; the previous two had strangely died. Upon arriving he encounters his competitor, Case, a man determined to keep the island to himself. Months later after Wiltshire marries a native woman, the natives refuse to trade with him because Case has convinced the superstitious people that the woman is "taboo" and cursed. Wiltshire refuses to leave the island as Case wants and takes him on in the jungle.
14 Oct. 1952
Blue Panther
Detective Ben Shaley has been hired to guard The Blue Panther, a valuable painting on loan to a gallery. During the invitation-only preview, both the painting and the necklace of a society art patron are stolen. The gallery's owner, Drexel Courtney, is willing to pay $15,000 for the painting's safe return. Shaley's attempts to negotiate with the thieves becomes an ordeal beach each is trying to double-cross the other.
28 Oct. 1952
All Hallow's Eve
In 1880s London, Mr. Markheim stabs to death a pawnbroker whose wealth he has long envied. Markheim says he intends take some of the businessman's riches, marry, and become a saintly man. An otherworldly visitor who knows Markheim intimately informs him that he will never change his evil ways and therefore should kill again.
11 Nov. 1952
The Moving Target
Based on the true story of a Hungarian sharpshooter at the 1952 Olympic Games, this episode focused on an athlete whose father is held as collateral so that the athlete will not try to defect to the west. At the end of the program, a public service announcement for Radio Free Europe is heard.
18 Nov. 1952
Monsieur Vidocq
A series of thefts at France's national museum threatens to become an international issue. Scotland Yard sends Williams to Paris to request help from the city's renowned, retired police commissioner, Monsieur Vidocq. Vidocq sets up a meeting with a highly-placed criminal who can lead them to the guilty, while also arranging for Williams to be killed when they all meet at a dangerous, seedy bar.
2 Dec. 1952
A Time of Innocence
Middle-aged Henry wants to divorce his London wife, Carol, and return home to America, but she intends to keep all of their savings. After striking up a romance with his young secretary, Henry sends out announcements saying Carol has unexpectedly died on an American trip. A friend of Carol's finds this suspicious and goes to Scotland Yard, forcing Henry and his secretary to hop a boat incognito and head across the Atlantic.
30 Dec. 1952
The Invisible Killer
Pilot Dan Crowley is grounded by his doctor for his intense behavior. A delusional man who's constantly trying to prove himself, he believes the doctor's daughter should be his, even though she is happily engaged to his boss. When the couple and the doctor go for a hunting trip in the woods, Dan follows and, at night, begins firing on their cabin using a rifle with an infrared scope.

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