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Season 1

15 Sep. 1949
Enter the Lone Ranger
John Reid, the sole surviving Texas Ranger of a murderous ambush, becomes the great masked hero with his companion, Tonto.
22 Sep. 1949
The Lone Ranger Fights On
The origin of the Lone Ranger's horse Silver and his use of silver bullets is explained.
29 Sep. 1949
The Lone Ranger's Triumph
The Lone Ranger still on the trail of Butch Cavendish and his gang sends Tonto to the town of Colby to organize a posse with the deputy sheriff. Tonto receives no help and the suspicion is a number of people in town are working for Cavandish. The Lone Ranger must launch a daring plan to foil the Cavendish gang's plan to take over the town of Colby.
6 Oct. 1949
The Legion of Old Timers
Bob Kittredge is being forced by Red Devers to sell the ranch he inherited from his father. The Lone Ranger and Tonto, aided by Banty Bishop and the old ranch hands rescue Kittredge, and the ranch (and jobs of the ranch hands) are restored.
13 Oct. 1949
Rustler's Hideout
The Vance family settles right in the middle of a war between the Madden gang and local ranches. Despite the hostility to Fred Vance over his past, he decides he will not be run off this parcel of land. The Lone Ranger believes in Fred's innocence, and asks him to help stop the ranchers riding into an ambush and then set a counter trap for the gang after rescuing the son of one of the ranchers being held hostage.
20 Oct. 1949
War Horse
A promoter wants to purchase the famous war horse 'Black Cloud' owned by the Chief Lame Bear. Instead of purchasing the horse the people he employs steal the animal instead, taking Lame Bear's son as hostage in the process. After the capture of Tonto, the Lone Ranger needs to use all his diplomacy and cunning as a law enforcer to stop out right war between Lame Bear's tribe and the US cavalry.
27 Oct. 1949
Pete and Pedro
Pete and Pedro don't like working, until the Lone Ranger persuades them to help an attractive young woman save her ranch.
3 Nov. 1949
The Renegades
While on the trail, Tonto gets an urgent message to meet Chief Swift Eagle. The Lone Ranger continues on to a local mission to discover there are reports of Indian raids on supply trains, and any Indians found off the reservation are to be arrested and sent to Florida. Slowly the truth about the raids becomes apparent and the Lone Ranger must do all he can to save his friend Tonto and avoid an Indian War.
10 Nov. 1949
The Tenderfeet
A murder is pinned on two cowboys who strike it rich, until the Lone Ranger traps the real killer.
17 Nov. 1949
High Heels
The Lone Ranger and Tonto aid a short rancher who is so embarrassed by his lack of height he resorts to specially made platform shoes to add inches to his stature.
24 Nov. 1949
Six Gun's Legacy
A tenderfoot stage coach driver is killed then one of his murderers takes his place driving the coach. The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across the scene and realize the boy is still alive and arrange for medical care while covering up the boy is still alive. The Lone Ranger then goes on a quest to find out who the boy is and what was so important that someone would want him dead.
1 Dec. 1949
Return of the Convict
The Lone Ranger becomes concerned when he hears a recently released prisoner, John Ames is returning to his home town threatening to take revenge on those who wrongly accused him of robbing a stage. At the town news breaks that Ames' intended victims are dead. The Lone Ranger becomes embroiled in the mystery when he's accused of aiding Ames in the murders.
8 Dec. 1949
Finders Keepers
Nat Parker has just gotten out of prison after serving 4 years for bank robbery, and is determined to kill his two outlaw partners whom he took the rap for, and recover the $75,000 in stolen money for himself. His loving girlfriend Beata, and Father Paul, ask the Lone Ranger to help before Nat makes a grave mistake and ends up back in prison.
5 Dec. 1949
The Masked Rider
The Lone Ranger, pretends to be a notorious outlaw known as "The Mask Rider" so he can join a gang that is holding the sheriff's fiancée hostage and save her.
22 Dec. 1949
Old Joe's Sister
Joe Peter's sister visits her brother for the first time in 30 years. Only now he's being impersonated by escaped jailbird Biff Baker.
29 Dec. 1949
Cannonball McKay
The Ranger investigates why a series of Wells Fargo robberies throughout the territory seem to have spared Boone County.
5 Jan. 1950
The Man Who Came Back
The Lone Ranger & Tonto visit old friend Joe Crawford at the Bar C Ranch. Instead they find two men who say Joe's sold his ranch, but won't answer any more questions. The Lone Ranger examines the bill of sale but the dates don't add up. The Ranger and Tonto suspect foul play and begin a search for answers.
12 Jan. 1950
Outlaw Town
Jim Andrews holds up the Wells Fargo office and steals a specific amount of money (5,000.00). He needs the money to enter "Outlaw Town" a safe haven for outlaws who can pay the equivalent of the price on their head. The Lone Ranger decides to infiltrate the town and find out who is behind the operation. Along the way the Lone Ranger discovers Jim Andrews's real motives for his actions.
19 Jan. 1950
Greed for Gold
The Lone Ranger stumbles on the murder the sheriff Gilbert at the Lady Luck gold mine. Investigating the Lone Ranger finds the owner of the mine has also been killed. The Lone Ranger discovers an important clue, and uses the mine foreman, Dusty Duncan as bait to draw out the killers
26 Jan. 1950
Man of the House
While on the trail of cattle rustlers, the Lone Ranger and Tonto encounter hen pecked and stay at home husband Casper Dingle. The Lone Ranger convinces Casper to come with him because the latest rustling activity involved Dingle's cattle. Along the way the Ranger gives Casper a few tips and pointers, the result of which far surpass anything ever expected of Casper.
2 Feb. 1950
Barnaby Boggs, Esquire
The Lone Ranger use a traveling salesman Barnaby Boggs to first identify and if possible trap cattle rustler Red Kruger. Kruger recognizes the threat Boogs presents and does everything in his power to stop Boggs from seeing him. Although basically a coward Boggs goes ahead with the scheme on the promise of the reward money made by the Lone Ranger
9 Feb. 1950
Sheep Thieves
Two young men switch clothes while on a stage coach so as to play a practical joke on the owner of one of the local sheep stations. Unbeknown to both of them they set in action a chain of events that could have dire consequences for everyone
16 Feb. 1950
Jim Tyler's Past
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are constantly frustrated at Blackie Kane's ability to evade them. They suspect he is getting help but are not sure who might be responsible. They realize Jim Tyler might be the man they are looking for, however as they delve deeper into the case they discover things that surprises everyone involved
23 Feb. 1950
The Man with Two Faces
A strange bearded one eyed thief has been involved in a number of bank robberies. The Lone Ranger thinks he has discovered the man's pattern and waits near what he thinks will be the next town robbed. The Lone Ranger's hunch is partially correct, but the truth when it comes out is far from what anyone expects
2 Mar. 1950
Buried Treasure
Flint Foster breaks from jail and heads for his brothers homestead. A cat mouse game develops when it is realized a large sum of money is hidden somewhere in the house and Flint cant find it.
9 Mar. 1950
Troubled Waters
The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive at a ranch looking for water and discover the owner is being attacked by unknown people, they have run his cattle off and poisoned his water supplies. The Lone Ranger goes on a quest to find who is behind the trouble and help the rancher get back on his feet.
16 Mar. 1950
Gold Train
After a shoot out during a stage coach robbery the Lone Ranger finds himself being blamed for the deaths. He begins a desperate attempt to avoid capture while trying to capture those responsible for the robbery.
23 Mar. 1950
Pay Dirt
Two gamblers way-lay a miner who has just struck gold in a mine he is working. Tonto and the Lone Ranger hear gunfire and go to investigate. The Ranger realizes he needs to get to town register the claim for a surviving miner as well as attempt to identify the murderers
30 Mar. 1950
Billie the Great
A group of bank robbers arrive in Clarkesville and tangle with a local barber 'Billie' who is a gunslinging fast drawing woman. They discover she has a large sum of money, and decide to try and rob her.
6 Apr. 1950
Never Say Die
Butch Cavendish breaks out of prison abducting the wardens son in the process. The Lone Ranger begins the task of trying to track Cavendish down in the knowledge that if he fails, the warden's son will be killed.
13 Apr. 1950
Gold Fever
Ox Martin and his gang attract the attention of the Lone Ranger, when Martin's gang intercept a mail coach carrying a claim for a gold mine owned by Sam Dingle.
20 Apr. 1950
Death Trap
The Lone Ranger comes across an abandoned stagecoach that was carrying the outlaw Knife Norton. Tonto follows some tracks to a cabin owned by Uncle Taffy, but finds no evidence of the outlaw.
27 Apr. 1950
Matter of Courage
The Lone Ranger is hot on the heels of two outlaws Dimple Henshaw and Toby Farrell who are trying to cross the border into Mexico.
4 May 1950
Rifles and Renegades
The Lone Ranger comes across a skirmish between an army patrol and a renegade group of Indians. The Lone Ranger helps fight the Indians off but is concerned they were using weapons that only could have come from the nearby Army fort. He decides he needs to know how they got the weapons.
11 May 1950
Bullets for Ballots
The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive at a town in the midst of an election. They become concerned when threatened by two men about making sure they vote the correct way. The Lone Ranger decides to check out the two candidates and make sure the democratic process is followed for the good of the people.
18 May 1950
The Black Hat
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are concerned that they can't find any sign of a gang of outlaws who recently stole a large amount of gold. Tonto is contacted by an Indian friend who might have information about the robbery, but others what to stop that meeting ever occurring.
25 May 1950
Devil's Pass
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are heading for the town of Horseshoe when they come across two men shot dead. They realize a large sum of money has been stolen, but can't understand the relationship between the two victims.
1 Jun. 1950
Spanish Gold
The Lone Ranger encounters a paroled prisoner on the trail. As he hears the man's story he becomes concerned an innocent man may have been found guilty of a crime he'd never committed. The Lone Ranger decides to find out if an injustice has occurred.
8 Jun. 1950
Damsels in Distress
The Lone Ranger is on the trail of a foreign secret agent, Baron Von Baden when he discovers a gun designer knifed and on the verge of death. The Lone Ranger realizes the threat Von Baden represents and rushes to foil his plan.
15 Jun. 1950
Man Without a Gun
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across a stage coach that seems to have been attacked by Indians. Discovering a surviver the Lone Range becomes concerned about irregularities in the attack and becomes convinced someone is trying to spark an Indian war.
22 Jun. 1950
A Pardon for Curley
The Lone Ranger captures Curley Bates only to discover the man has been pardoned and no longer a wanted criminal. Suspicion is raised though when Curley tells the Lone Ranger he has accepted the position of sheriff in a cattle town. The Lone Ranger decides to find out what the real plan is.
29 Jun. 1950
Eye for an Eye
Clay Durfee gets word his appeal has been turned down, and he will be hanged Monday. Elsewhere the remains of his gang, including his brother work on a prison break, by using members of the Governor's family as hostages. When the gang attack a coach, The Ranger and Tonto intercept the group and rescue the women related to the Governor. The Lone Range organizes disguises for his party and they continue their journey to the state capital disguised as Mexicans. The gang doesn't fall for the ruse and attacks disguised group. The Lone Ranger and Tonto follow the gang to ...
6 Jul. 1950
Outlaw of the Plains
The Ranger and Tonto ride through drought stricken country and encounter two recently robbed men, Clem and Sam, who has been shot. The men tell a story of being robbed of their herd. The Ranger and Tonto set out to intercept the cattle rustlers. Because of the dry conditions they can't follow tracks, and Tonto is sent to the local town for extra help. At Sam's shack the Ranger explains the situation to the other cattleman. The sheriff arrives with Tonto and talks the men out of forming a posse till the next day, however he recommends he Tonto and the Ranger should ...
13 Jul. 1950
White Man's Magic
Tonto finds the body of an Indian belonging to a local tribe. The Ranger and Tonto decide foul play is involved and follow a set tracks leading back to the reservation. Independently we discover the local Indian police Sergeant Pala working with the owner of the Empire Land Company to convince the Indians to rebel and lose their land. Tonto and the Ranger discover a weapons cache left by Pala, and disable the weapons. The Chief of the tribe White Eagle is poisoned causing the expected uprising. Pala realizes Tonto knows too much and tries to kill him. The Ranger ...
20 Jul. 1950
Trouble for Tonto
To get evidence on the Buck Fargo gang's plan to rob the Baxter bank Tonto pretends after Baxter has killed Black Eagle to be Black Eagle who has helped kidnap Terry Baxter but Tonto is revealed by a ring from Black Eagle's squaw.
27 Jul. 1950
Sheriff at Gunstock
A group of outlaws attack and destroy a barber shop in Gunstock. The Lone Ranger hears of the trouble and heads for the town to see if he can help Sheriff Bennett. At the town we discover Rocky Hanford is behind a protection racket and is extorting the businesses in the town. The Ranger arrives to discover the Sheriff claiming there are no problems. The Ranger is concerned about the sheriff, and goes undercover in the town. He discovers the town believes the sheriff was bought off by Hanford. The Lone Ranger confronts the sheriff about the allegations. The sheriff ...
3 Aug. 1950
The Wrong Man
Sherriff Barnes arrives at a cabin looking for Meredith who he arrests for the murder of Judge Scoville. The Lone Ranger hears Meredith may be lynched. Later the Ranger with Tonto, head for town to keep an eye on the jail and interview Meredith. The Ranger speaks to the sheriff who brushes off his concerns. As night falls the town's folk begin organizing the lynching. Again the Ranger steps in and talks them out of it. Meanwhile Ted Latham confronts his father, without the lynching, there's a chance Ted's involvement will be revealed. His father sends him out of town ...
10 Aug. 1950
The Beeler Gang
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are breaking camp when they see a man leave a package by a rock. Investigating they find a ransom note for the son of the local sheriff. The Ranger arrives at the sheriff's home to offer what help he could. Tonto and the Lone Ranger stake out the town to watch for any strangers who might ride into town. At the outlaws hideout the child falls ill and needs medical attention. Tonto sees a stranger purchase candy and other items, he alerts the Lone Ranger, who poses as a doctor to get the strangers attention. The outlaw brings the Ranger back to...
17 Aug. 1950
The Star Witness
No one believes twelve-year-old Johnnie Williams, the only witness to a cold-blooded murder, until the Lone Ranger validates his story by exposing the killers.
24 Aug. 1950
The Black Widow
The Lone Ranger gets word Silky Carter has been released from Jail. The Ranger suspects he will head for Thunder Mountain to retrieve money from previous robberies. At the Mountain a stage coach is attacked and one of the passengers is dragged off. At the outlaw hide out it is discovered the man snatched is not the right person. They kill and buy him. The Ranger encounters Doc Hagen, a supposed spider expert who quickly reveals his lack of knowledge about spiders. The Ranger thinks he is looking for Silky Carter's stash. He decides to interview the other passenger on ...
31 Aug. 1950
The Whimsical Bandit
Dan, the Lone Ranger's nephew comes across a dead man. The Lone Ranger quickly identifies him as 'click' Philiips, the fastest Morse code operator in the area and known member of Juan Branco's gang. They believe 'click' was sending a message when he fell and died. The Ranger believes the gang is going to attack an expected stage coach full of gold. Branco is successful and steals the gold; he becomes enamored with the female passenger and gives her a distinctive ring. The Ranger intercepts the escaping coach. The passenger gives the Ranger the ring, he sees it as a ...
7 Sep. 1950
Double Jeopardy
Clyde Hinshaw who is in jail for murder seems peculiarly nonchalant about his upcoming trial. When the Lone Ranger sees Ma Hinshaw and her son talking to Judge Brady who has seen the murder, he talks to the judge and learns that the Hinshaws hold the judge's daughter Molly under threat of murder if the judge does not present his testimony so that Clyde is acquitted. In the meantime, Ma Hinshaw and Rufe split up so Tonto can not follow the trail. However the Lone Ranger devises a plan to make Clyde believe that the hideout has been found and that Tonto and he will ...

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