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14 Jan. 1952
Episode dated 14 January 1952
Captain Video is asked to investigate the disappearance of a large quantity of the extremely-rare mineral bollarium.
28 Jan. 1952
Episode dated 28 January 1952
Science has discovered a medical breakthrough. A number of human illnesses are able to be treated through the use of byproducts from nuclear power, and Captain Video meets with a research scientist on the possibilities therewith.
4 Feb. 1952
Episode dated 4 February 1952
Professor Locke, an enemy of Captain Video, has vowed revenge against him and thereby jeopardizes the lives of non-related individuals.
18 Feb. 1952
In the Clutches of the Klaw
The Klaw uses creative new technology to abscond with the Captain's friends and allies, and abandon them on Mercury.
3 Mar. 1952
The Captain's longtime craft the X-9 crashes on an asteroid while on a passenger-transport mission to the colony for rehabilitated prisoners on Ganymede, and the damages are determined to be beyond repair.
24 Mar. 1952
Birth of the 'Galaxy'
A newly-discovered, erratic comet appears to be on a collision course with Pluto. The crew aboard the Captain's new ship the 'Galaxy' mutinies en route, and the efforts to destroy the errant comet are thereby disrupted.
21 Apr. 1952
Operation Micromail
Members of an organized gang work to destroy a fledgeling interplanetary micromail system between Earth and the distant outer planets of the Solar System.
12 May 1952
Episode dated 12 May 1952
While on a mission to rescue a scientist lost among the asteroids, Captain Video encounters the infamous space pirate Gunther on the bleak asteroid Plutonia.
16 May 1952
Operation Venus
Venus is the next destination of the 'Galaxy', as the Captain and Video Ranger are assigned to calm a worsening rebellion among native inhabitants, one that the Solar Council fears could spread and ignite a space war.
7 Jul. 1952
Space Race
Twenty-five spaceships compete in a race to determine which ship and crew will represent the North American Federation in the upcoming Interplanetary Olympics.
25 Jul. 1952
The Threat of the Rogue World
A wandering planet with a powerful magnetic field becomes a threat when it crosses the space lanes.
22 Sep. 1952
The Green King
Captain Video discovers a race of mutant plantlike humanoids on Jupiter's moon Iona.

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