Easter Parade (1948) Poster


Fred Astaire: Don Hewes



  • Don Hewes : Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?

  • Don Hewes : Miss Brown, what idiot ever told you you were a dancer?

    Hannah Brown : You did.

  • Don Hewes : A girl dancer has to be exotic; she has to be - a peach.

    Hannah Brown : I suppose I'm a lemon!

  • Hannah Brown : [her eyes are closed]  What color are my eyes?

    Don Hewes : [kissing her, causing her to open her eyes in surprise]  Brown.

  • Hannah Brown : Was I too terrible?

    Don Hewes : No. No.

    Hannah Brown : I've never really danced before.

    Don Hewes : You're going to be fine.

    Hannah Brown : Mr. Hewes, Mr. Hewes... You know you don't have to go on with this.

    Don Hewes : Now look...

    Hannah Brown : No, I mean it. You're the most wonderful dancer I've ever seen. You could get anyone to dance with you. You could get the very best.

    Don Hewes : I don't want the very best. I want you.

  • [the bartender hands Don his drink] 

    Don Hewes : Can you drown a brunette in this?

    Mike the Bartender : How tall is she?

    Don Hewes : Five foot six.

    Mike the Bartender : [filling the glass a little more]  Try this.

  • Sam - Don's Valet : How did the act go, Mr. Hewes?

    Don Hewes : One bow.

    Sam - Don's Valet : Too bad.

    Don Hewes : Tomorrow we'd better get some dogs in the act.

  • [first lines] 

    Don Hewes : [as he enters the apartment]  Hat please.

    Essie, Nadine's Maid : Oh, Mr. Hewes.

    Don Hewes : [to Nadine]  Hello darling! Where are you?

    Nadine Hale : Oh Don, I've been trying to call you.

    Don Hewes : Uh, Essie, will you help me with these things please?

    [laughs while struggling with several stacked boxes] 

    Don Hewes : Thank you. Well, I got all tied up with an Easter rabbit. Hello sweetheart.

    [kisses Nadine] 

    Don Hewes : Here.

    [hands her the hat he bought] 

    Don Hewes : .

    Nadine Hale : Oh I wish you hadn't.

    Don Hewes : Oh. Say, haven't those men come for your trunks yet? I told them to pick them up this morning.

    Nadine Hale : Well they weren't ready Don.

    Don Hewes : Well, we'll send them by pidgeon. Here, try on your hat. We'll just have time to walk in the Easter parade tomorrow before our train leaves.

    [obviously bothered, Nadine then breaks the news that she's been offered an entertainment performance contract of sorts and that she doesn't want to continue on to Chicago with Don as a dance duo] 

  • Don Hewes : [Astaire: singing while merrily strolling down the sidewalk and looking for gifts in nearby shops]  Happy Easter.


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter.


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter.


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter. /


    Don Hewes : Me oh my, there's a lot to buy. There is shopping I must do. /


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter to you. /

    [Salesgirl #1:] 

    Don Hewes : Here's a hat that you must take home. Happy Easter.


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter. /

    [Salesgirl #2:] 

    Don Hewes : Here's a lid for milady's dome. Happy Easter.


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter. /

    [Salesgirl #3:] 

    Don Hewes : This one's made for the hat parade on the well-known avenue. /

    [Salesgirl #4:] 

    Don Hewes : This one's nice and it's worth the price. Happy Easter to you. /

    [Salesgirl #5:] 

    Don Hewes : Here's a hat for a pretty face. Happy Easter.


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter. /

    [Salesgirl #6:] 

    Don Hewes : Here is one that is trimmed with lace. Happy Easter.


    Don Hewes : Happy Easter. /

    [Salesgirl #7:] 

    Don Hewes : Here's a touch of the quaint old Dutch. It's so old it's always new.

    [Salesgirl #8:] 

    Don Hewes : This in white is exactly right. Happy Easter to you. /

    [millinery shop owner #9:] 

    Don Hewes : I think that is a lovely hat. Maybe you think so too?


    Don Hewes : I do. /


    Don Hewes : Wrap it up for the chap with a very happy Easter to you. /


    Don Hewes : Never saw such a lovely day. Happy Easter. / Everything seems to come your way. Happy Easter. / My oh me, what a kick to be on the well-known avenue. / Me oh my, you're a lucky guy. Happy Easter to you. / Happy Easter. Happy Easter. Happy Easter to you.

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