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Passing Parade (1938) (Short)
New Roadways (1939) (Short)
The Story of Alfred Nobel (1939) (Short)
The Story of Dr. Jenner (1939) (Short)
Angel of Mercy (1939) (Short)
The Giant of Norway (1939) (Short)
One Against the World (1939) (Short)
Unseen Guardians (1939) (Short)
Forgotten Victory (1939) (Short)
XXX Medico (1940) (Short)
The Hidden Master (1940) (Short)
A Way in the Wilderness (1940) (Short)
Trifles of Importance (1940) (Short)
The Baron and the Rose (1940) (Short)
Utopia of Death (1940) (Short)
Dreams (1940) (Short)
American Spoken Here (1940) (Short)
Whispers (1941) (Short)
Out of Darkness (1941) (Short)
Willie and the Mouse (1941) (Short)
This Is the Bowery (1941) (Short)
Your Last Act (1941) (Short)
Of Pups and Puzzles (1941) (Short)
Hobbies (1941) (Short)
Strange Testament (1941) (Short)
We Do It Because- (1942) (Short)
Flag of Mercy (1942) (Short)
The Woman in the House (1942) (Short)
The Incredible Stranger (1942) (Short)
Vendetta (1942) (Short)
The Magic Alphabet (1942) (Short)
Famous Boners (1942) (Short)
The Film That Was Lost (1942) (Short)
Madero of Mexico (1942) (Short)
Who's Superstitious? (1943) (Short)
That's Why I Left You (1943) (Short)
Don't You Believe It (1943) (Short)
Nursery Rhyme Mysteries (1943) (Short)
Trifles That Win Wars (1943) (Short)
Forgotten Treasure (1943) (Short)
Storm (1943) (Short)
To My Unborn Son (1943) (Short)
This Is Tomorrow (1943) (Short)
The Immortal Blacksmith (1944) (Short)
Grandpa Called It Art (1944) (Short)
Return from Nowhere (1944) (Short)
A Lady Fights Back (1944) (Short)
It Looks Like Rain (1945) (Short)
The Seesaw and the Shoes (1945) (Short)
The Great American Mug (1945) (Short)
Stairway to Light (1945) (Short)
People on Paper (1945) (Short)
Golden Hunch (1945) (Short)
Magic on a Stick (1946) (Short)
Our Old Car (1946) (Short)
A Really Important Person (1947) (Short)
Tennis in Rhythm (1947) (Short)
The Amazing Mr. Nordill (1947) (Short)
Miracle in a Cornfield (1947) (Short)
It Can't Be Done (1948) (Short)
Goodbye, Miss Turlock (1948) (Short)
My Old Town (1948) (Short)
Souvenirs of Death (1948) (Short)
The Fabulous Fraud (1948) (Short)

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Clues to Adventure (1949) (Short)
Mr. Whitney Had a Notion (1949) (Short)
City of Children (1949) (Short)

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