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Very Good Early TV
Greatornot1 January 2010
To describe this show , would best be as a sitcom disguised as a variety show. Very impressed by the fact of how innovative this show was,for its time. Shows like 'Curb your Enthusiasm' and 'Its Garry Shandling Show', may very well have been rooted in this show. Milton Berle the host of his show had wonderful guests every week. These guests, including Berle did musical numbers as well as skits. The premise of the show basically had a plot itself , similar in style to the shows that I have mentioned.. Being that Larry David and Garry Shandling respectfully played themselves.Beautiful female dancers , traditionally , start the show , with a number and Berle , camouflaged ,makes his grand entrance. Usually the fare of the day was Berle disputing,heckling and negotiating with his big star guests, leading to some wonderful comic moments, interlaced through out the show. Ruth Gilbert as his sidekick, madly in love with Mr. Berle , was an automatic foil every week. The Buick theme was very nostalgic and such a catchy tune that stays with you hours after you watch an episode. Good TV, but as the reviewer before me stated, the jokes were very silly and on the corny side. I know the show was mid century, but still the set was way too simple . I do think more could have been to done to better the stage set. All in all a wonderful watch and part of early roots of American TV.
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It Was A Great Night With Uncle Milty ****
edwagreen24 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A memorably marvelous television show with Texaco featuring the comic genius of Milton Berle.

Who can ever forget Berle coming out as the late Carmen Miranda with that fruit basket on his head.

Berle thought of it as nothing in those years to cross-dress. I imagine that today there would be all sorts of innuendos if he were to do that.

Those hilarious comedy sketches were beyond belief. Berle did have a tendency to laugh at his own hysteria, but with what he was creating he was more than justified to do so in an era when such comedic talents went appreciated by a post war-weary world.
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