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  • A mangy cat on the verge of starvation finds a tiny canary and a bottle of 'Jumbo-Gro' fertilizer, which gives him an idea that leads to giant cats, dogs, mice and canaries chasing each other round Lilliputian towns and cities...


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  • A starving cat is in a search for food. Finally, he corners a mouse, but is put-off when the mouse explains that the cat can't eat him. According to the mouse, he'll end up saving the cat's life. The mouse then goes on to tell the cat about a canary in a nearby house.

    The cat eagerly rushes in to get the canary, only to find it is a sickly little thing. Upset at these turn of events, the cat's eyes fall on a bottle of plant fertilizer called 'Jumbo-Gro.' The cat then gives some to the canary, and it grows to an enormous size. Of course, enamored with it's new power, the canary proceeds to wrestle the cat into submission. To scare it off, the cat drinks some, and grows larger, chasing the canary out of the house.

    However, his plans are waylaid when a bulldog gets his paws on the bottle, and grows larger than the cat! The cat is chased through town, only to find protection from the mouse- who also drank from the bottle, and has grown even larger than the dog. The mouse then gives the cat the fertilizer bottle, and waddles off.

    It is then that the cat realizes he's still hungry, and on seeing the enormous mouse, drinks some more of the growth serum. A cat-and-mouse game then ensues as the two chase each other across the small countryside.

    The two soon end up fighting over the bottle of growth serum, each one taking a drink and growing larger and larger, until finally, they run out of it. Turning to the audience, they admit the picture has come to an end, and wave goodnight. The final image is a shot showing the two have grown so enormous that they are easily the size of an large continent.

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