Brute Force (1947) Poster


Charles Bickford: Gallagher



  • Gallagher : It'll only make things tougher for everybody else.

    Joe Collins : I don't care about everybody else.

    Gallagher : That's cemetery talk.

    Joe Collins : Why not, we're buried, ain't we? Only thing is, we ain't dead.

  • Gallagher : Those gates only open three times. When you come in, when you've served your time, or when you're dead!

  • Captain Munsey : [Captain Munsey and another guard are walking through the prison mess hall during the breakfast period, stopping at various tables]  Oh, good morning, Gallagher.

    Gallagher : Good morning, Captain.

    Captain Munsey : I understand you're responsible for settling that little feud over in cell block "J." We appreciate your assistance, of course, but...

    Gallagher : The boys and I were only trying to help.

    Captain Munsey : [Sarcastically]  "You and your boys." There's a very old bylaw in this institution about gangs, or cliques. We don't like them. We don't want them.

    Gallagher : Why don't you break them up, Captain?

    Captain Munsey : Gallagher, when are you gonna' remember that you're not back home, running a gang of hoodlums? Let ME be the policeman, eh? You just serve your time. And that way we'll both get paid off.

    Gallagher : That's right, Captain. Like the Book says, we always get what's coming to us. All of us.

    [Gallagher and Munsey exchange poisonous glances, then Munsey and the other guard move on] 

  • Joe Collins : [Trying to convince Gallagher that escape from the prison is possible, in spite of the fact that they both realize that in the past, somewhat misguided inmates have attempted to do so]  Look, Gallagher, I know this drum's full of crackpots. One convict's gonna' buy his way out, another knows the governor's cousin. A third guy's even gonna' float out in a homemade balloon. But I'm not buyin' any pipe dreams. It can be done. It's been done before, and it'll be done again. It can be done here... by us.

    Gallagher : Collins, if I ever put in with anybody, it'll be with you.

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