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Season 7

2 Sep. 1953
Quite a Guy
A college track coach is on the verge of achieving his dream: a championship victory. At the big meet, his star athlete is deemed ineligible because of a technicality. When the coach is called away, his assistant bends the rules to let the athlete play and the team is victorious. Upon his return, he must decide whether to accept the success or practice honesty.
9 Sep. 1953
Double in Ivory
Clara, though a child piano prodigy, is unable to compete in the adult concert world. Depressed over the sad state of her career, she meets a widower who's daughter was also a musical prodigy but, unlike Clara, she made a well adjusted transition into adulthood thanks to her caring father.
16 Sep. 1953
Her Father's Butler
A millionaire hoping to be appointed to a diplomatic post is distracted by his mischievous daughter. Her behavior so frustrates his household staff that they quit en masse, just as he's invited a powerful ambassador over for a dinner party. His daughter takes charge and, with the help of an inventor who just happened by, pose as the maid and butler.
23 Sep. 1953
Corinth House
A former teacher runs the boarding house, surrounded by her long-time friends. Unexpectedly, a former student bent on revenge arrives and almost destroys the life of an innocent person.
30 Sep. 1953
Lobblies Never Lie
Lobblies, little invisible creatures, are seen only by Mr. Mergenthwirker, a sweet little man who's pure of heart. The Lobblies insist on doing kind things for him like bringing him his slippers; those not of "pure heart" see only the slippers floating mid-air. Friends that he tells of the Lobblies insist he see a psychiatrist.
7 Oct. 1953
Cap'n Jonas
Suffering from rheumatic fever, a boy's parents take him to the seashore to recover. It's there that he befriends an old sea dog named Cap'n Jonas. The captain suffers a major heart attack, but prior to dying assures the child that he will always be nearby if he needs his help. Cap'n Jonas makes good on his promise when the boy needs a dangerous operation.
14 Oct. 1953
Keep Our Honor Bright
A college student faces embarrassment and expulsion for having cheated on an exam. Her fiance is a member of the university's undergraduate honor board and could quietly make the matter "disappear." The young woman reconsiders, deciding that covering up for her bad behavior would be wrong and build a bad foundation for their marriage.
21 Oct. 1953
The Picket Fence
Despite sharing a household, three generations of a Vermont family have absolutely no unity. When faced with economic disaster, they are forced to unite, like it or not.
28 Oct. 1953
The Threshold
With the mother expecting another child and the father trying to make the car and house payment and arrange a bank loan, their children feel neglected. They voice their dissatisfaction by accusing their father of being a failure. When the son finds himself in trouble and his dad comes to his rescue, he's forced to reconsider what being a "failure" really means.
4 Nov. 1953
Dream House
A pair of lonely souls fall in love and the man tries to reconcile his dreams with the reality of his life.
11 Nov. 1953
A Long Time Till Dawn
Just out of prison Joe Harris looks to restart his life. His wife Barbie has moved and the one man who can tell him where refuses to do so. Enraged, Joe beats the old man senseless and runs away to his father's home, where he also finds his wife. A police detective comes around about the beating (which will soon to become a murder) and Joe insists he's innocent. Joe tells his wife and father he's a changed man and he's only a suspect because of his prior conviction. Barbie and Fred struggle with their desire to believe Joe's plea versus their fear he'll never change.
18 Nov. 1953
The Gate
A young man discovers, after marrying into a wealthy Southern family, that it's the women who call the shots.
25 Nov. 1953
A husband's second marriage turns ugly when he tells his wife conflicting stories about the son from his first marriage.
2 Dec. 1953
The Rose Garden
A movie actress whose star is starting to dim plots her return to the spotlight. She moves back to her hometown and opens a combination boarding house/acting school, hoping to discover a the next big talent and mentor them to the top.
9 Dec. 1953
A Room and a Half
On their first wedding anniversary, a young couple finds their marriage in trouble. Having their respective families on hand leads for the celebratory dinner only reignites old jealousy.
16 Dec. 1953
To Live in Peace
Chaos erupts in a small Italian mountain village when a relative of Napoleon Bonaparte is called to take a high office in Paris.
23 Dec. 1953
Rip Van Winkle
Tired of listening to his complaining wife, Rip Van Winkle goes for a walk. Feeling tired, he lies down and takes a nap, one which lasts for 20 years.
30 Dec. 1953
A Cup of Kindness
A grandmother brings in male boarders because she's looking for a man to marry her eldest daughter's daughter. The daughter, however, is very happy being a career woman. A battle between the old world ways and modern goals follows.
6 Jan. 1954
The Thankful Heart
The newer techniques of modern medicine come up against the ways and traditions of an older generation. A country doctor who's based his approach on humanity is urged by his son, also a doctor, to retire. The son is a successful big city surgeon who believes in a more clinical, detached method of healing patients. The old country doctor has no intention of retiring. Instead, he sets out to prove the effectiveness of his style.
13 Jan. 1954
The Atherton Boy
The lifeguard at an exclusive resort realizes that, come fall, he will lose his connection to the rich upper class. He has no desire to leave their world so he conspires to marry a wealthy girl he's met at the club. The lifeguard's sister has figured out his motives and goes about subtly sabotaging his efforts.
20 Jan. 1954
One Man in a Million
A Vermont farmer applies for a loan from the U.S. government and gets a cheque for $1,000,000.
27 Jan. 1954
The Antique Touch
A schoolteacher who buys an old house in a New England town under the impression that the house is of great historic importance.
3 Feb. 1954
The Missing Years
A man who deserted his family returns after twelve years to find his wife preparing to remarry.
10 Feb. 1954
The Barn
A man's faith in God is shaken by a string of unfortunate events. He decides that he can achieve his goals without any help.
17 Feb. 1954
The Cuckoo Clock
An elderly German refugee refuses to adjust to his new life in the United States. He brought with him a cuckoo clock that, to him, symbolizes Germany's superiority over the superficial Americans. The old man even objects to his daughter's boyfriend, claiming the young man isn't good enough for her.
24 Feb. 1954
Gallin--All American
One-time college football All-American Steve Gallin was blinded in a car accident with his son at the wheel. His guilt-ridden child tries to regain his father's confidence, while reassuring him that he will always be a great man to his family and friends.
3 Mar. 1954
Two Weeks in the Country
A childless young couple decides they'd like to adopt a pair of kids as their own. With absolutely no clue about how to raise children, they invite a couple of boys from a poor neighborhood to spend a couple of weeks with them in the country. The unruly youths are such a handful that the couple is almost ready to give up on the idea of having a family.
10 Mar. 1954
The Picture Window
Donald Cousin's career plan was to save enough money to leave the rat race of the city and open a sporting goods store in Maine. His wife begins to turn against the idea when he keeps getting raises and promotions at his insurance job. A fortuitous accident ends up making the decision for them.
17 Mar. 1954
You Touched Me!
A spinster and her retired brother, an old seaman, argue over the future of his young daughter. A young man whom the captain took in and raised returns to their small British town on military leave and proposes to the daughter. The spinster aunt smells a gold-digger.
24 Mar. 1954
Pardon My Prisoner
While passing through a small New England town, a young woman is arrested for reckless driving. A law allows prisoners with minor offences to be hired out for light housework. This places her in the home of an attractive bachelor whose fiance puts a stop to this working relationship.
31 Mar. 1954
A Hat for Winter
After getting married, a jazz musician gets a "real" job in a department store. His true love, his music, continues to call to him.
7 Apr. 1954
Mr. Candido
"Mr. Candido" is the name of a young orphan who chooses to live on the streets rather than endure the horrors of a boys' shelter. The young man so charms the tenants of a run-down New York tenement that four families of very different backgrounds (Ramirez, McGinty, Rosenbloom and Gomez) band together to help him find a permanent home with parents.
14 Apr. 1954
The People Next Door
Nosy residents of a small town start asking questions about a low-key, private family that lives in their village. Fear and suspicion rear their ugly heads when it's learned that the mother was cleared of charges in the death of her first husband.
21 Apr. 1954
The Little Gods Sell Tamales
A poor restaurant owner in a sleepy Mexican village has dreams of a college education for his son. To raise money, he resorts to a little archaeological creativity.
28 Apr. 1954
Dr. Rainwater Goes A-Courtin'
Dr. Rainwater is an adventurous young man whose brings his traveling medicine show to tiny Las Gatos, Texas. When he's jailed for a minor offense, he talks his way out by agreeing to court a local lass on behalf of the sheriff. Soon, he's wooing her more for his benefit than he is for the sheriff.
5 May 1954
Alice in Wonderland
Alice stumbles into the world of Wonderland. Will she get home? Not if the Queen of Hearts has her way.
12 May 1954
The Stake
Set in 1871 against the backdrop of Indian battles in the West, an Army lieutenant has an affair with the wife of a corporal. With an attack at hand, his troops abandon him to save the life of the beloved corporal.
19 May 1954
A Touch of Summer
An actor gets his long-sought "big break" playing Henry V at a sea-side theatre outside New York City. While there, his daughter falls in love with one of his fellow actors.
26 May 1954
The Scarlet Letter
In the seventeenth century, in Massachusetts, a young woman is forced to wear a scarlet "A" on her dress for bearing a child out of wedlock.
2 Jun. 1954
Citizen Miller
An old man who resides at a rest home mistakenly answers the summons for jury duty meant for another. Upon reporting, he discovers that he has important evidence in the murder trail he's deciding on.
9 Jun. 1954
Romeo and Juliet
The Montagues and Capulets, two families of Renaissance Italy, have hated each other for years, but the son of one family and the daughter of the other fall desperately in love and secretly marry.
16 Jun. 1954
The Man Who Took to His Bed
Tired of his wife's budget-breaking antiques shopping, a husband suggests that she get a job to see how hard it is to make a buck. She does and is such a success at making money that he takes some time off and just relaxes around the house.
23 Jun. 1954
The Long Road Home
A man returns home after serving time for embezzling company funds he needed for a family emergency. When he discovers that the townspeople are unwilling to hire him, his wife recommends they move to her sister's where a job awaits him at his brother-in-law's firm.
30 Jun. 1954
The Man Most Likely
A young businessman relies on luck rather than accomplishments for his success. Once he goes bankrupt, he realizes that his brother's advice to be self-reliant was correct.
7 Jul. 1954
Wish Tonight
A little girl tries to get her father to grow up. He's been living in a fantasy world, but gets smacked in face by reality.
14 Jul. 1954
An American Lyric
An Italian immigrant has a strong desire to return to his hometown, but faces great opposition from his fellow émigrés.
21 Jul. 1954
Knight in a Business Suit
A dedicated bank employee is being hounded at home to ask for a raise. To prove to his family of five that he's not a coward, he meets with the boss and gets an unexpected reaction to his request.
28 Jul. 1954
Edie and the Princess
Motivated by her desire for a better bedroom, an eight-year-old girl meddles in her older sister's love life. Before the girl's through, her sister is in a three-way love affair with a young doctor.
4 Aug. 1954
The Happy Touch
A female safe-cracker cleans out the contents of a jewellery store and needs to lie low for a while. She goes to stay with her niece Polly and her husband, Rev. Sam Thurber, in their small town home. The reverend has recently been victimized by a land swindler, so the safe-cracker decides to equal the score with the local crook though she'll be risking her capture.
11 Aug. 1954
Charm Bracelet
An uninhibited widow asserts her independence from her children.
18 Aug. 1954
The Worried Man's Blues
A Korean War veteran quietly bums around the country until he becomes implicated in a murder. A small town mob is ready to lynch him and the sheriff has his reasons for not wanting to know the truth: the hobo vet has begun dating his daughter.
25 Aug. 1954
Short Story
While on a cruise, an author becomes acquainted with a lovely young woman. Though nothing happens between them, the writer pens a story about their nonexistent romantic escapade. Upon reading the story, the woman believes that the author is married to an invalid wife and wishes to be rescued from his horrible life. She's more than happy to do that for him.
1 Sep. 1954
In Scotland in 1751, young David Balfour is shanghaied aboard a ship where he meets Jacobite rebel Alan Breck Stewart with whom he escapes to the Scottish Highlands, dodging the redcoats.
8 Sep. 1954
Party for Jonathan
A spinster and a young girl plan a "welcome home" party for the woman's brother, Jonathan. He's returning home after 20 years in Australia, but only a few steps ahead of the police. His sister refuses to believe he's a criminal and forges ahead with the party.