The Lost Weekend (1945) Poster

Doris Dowling: Gloria



  • Gloria : Lovely gentleman. He buy's me dimple scotch.

    Don Birnam : He should buy you Indian rubies and villa in Calcutta overlookin' the Ganges

    Gloria : Don't be ridic'.

    Don Birnam : Gloria, please. Why imperil our friendship with these loathsome abbreviations?

  • Gloria : You're awfully pretty, Mr. Birnam.

    Don Birnam : I bet you tell that to all the boys.

    Gloria : Why, natch'. Only, with you, it's on the level.

  • Man from Albany : Could I have a word with you?

    Gloria : No, thanks. Thanks a lot, but, no thanks.

    Man from Albany : Oh, you're welcome, I'm sure.

    Gloria : Don't mentsch'.

  • Don Birnam : There's now being presented at a theater on 44th Street the uncut version of Hamlet. Now, I see us as setting out for that. Do you know Hamlet?

    Gloria : I know 44th Street.

    Don Birnam : I'd like to get your interpretation of Hamlet's character.

    Gloria : I'd like to give it you.

  • Don Birnam : One should always see Shakespeare on an empty stomach.

    Gloria : Not even a pretzel?

  • Don Birnam : Now, Gloria, wasn't it rather rude to send that nice man all alone to Grant's tomb?

    Gloria : When I've got a chance to go out with you? Don't be ridic'.

  • Don Birnam : Is our engagement definite?

    Gloria : You meant it, didn't you?

    Don Birnam : Oh, surely, surely.

    Gloria : Well, I've got to get a facial and a finger wave, the works! Right now!

  • Gloria : Save your saliva! I've had enough of you.

  • Gloria : Don't be ridic'! Get out of here! Make with those stairs. Go on!

  • Gloria : You do like me a little, don't ya, honey?

    Don Birnam : Why, natsch' Gloria, natsch'.

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