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  • Near the end of WW II, a member of the German underground (Martin Richter) escapes from the Gestapo and takes shelter at Hotel Berlin, where he meets Lisa Dorn, a sleek actress involved with General von Dahnwitz, who is also trying to leave Germany. The hotel is a hotbed of Nazis, refugees, spies and ordinary Germans trying to survive inevitable defeat without getting too involved.

  • The goings-on at the Hotel Berlin in Berlin in 1945 are presented, when the defeat of the Nazi regime is imminent and inevitable which affects those goings-on. Among those at the hotel are: actress Lisa Dorn, whose support of the Nazis and connections with Nazi officers may underlie her true motives; the Gestapo approved hotel hostess, Tillie Weiler, who also cuddles up to Nazi officers in return for whatever favors they can provide her, her immediate goal being a new pair of shoes; Nazi General Arnim von Dahnwitz, the last surviving member of the Nazis who plotted against Hitler in this imminent defeat and thus wanting leniency by the Allieds when they assume control; other Nazi officers who are slowly moving their assets out of the country either in order to rebuild the Nazi Party or to live a life of comfort post-war; and German scientist Dr. Johannes Koenig, who, in being emotionally drained from his experiences in the war, have led to him possibly giving up on what was his goal of being able to work in a free Germany without political interference. A person in hiding at the hotel is Martin Richter, a high level member of the German underground, who was able to escape from the POW camp in Dachau. Although he has some known help at the hotel, Richter may have some difficulty making it out of the hotel alive as the Nazis are swarming the hotel in the belief that Richter is indeed hiding there somewhere. Richter has to learn who he can and cannot trust among the others at the hotel he doesn't know if he is to make it out alive.

  • An assortment of diverse characters gather at the Hotel Berlin in World War II Germany. Among them are freedom fighter Martin Richter, who is in hiding; deceitful actress Lisa Dorn; Nazi officer Arnid von Dahnwitz, whose career is in jeopardy; and Tillie Weiler, the hotel "hostess" who will do anything for a new pair of shoes.


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  • Lisa Dorn tries to help Martin Richter to escape from the Hotel Berlin, out from under the eyes of the Nazis. She obtains a German officer's uniform for him, teaches him the right way to click his heels in the Nazi salute and seems to be falling in love with him. She is still, however, a loyal Nazi and betrays him to the general. Even so, the underground is helping Martin Richter to escape. He confronts Lisa Dorn on the hotel's basement stairs with her betrayal and despite her plea for mercy, shoots her in the stomach and she dies.

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