The Return of the Vampire (1943) Poster

Bela Lugosi: Armand Tesla, Dr. Hugo Bruckner



  • Armand Tesla : I sleep... during the day. I am not to be disturbed... during the day.

  • Andreas Obry : Heal me, Master. I am hurt!

    Armand Tesla : What is that to me?

  • Armand Tesla : Your mind is no longer your own. I shall command and you shall obey.

  • Armand Tesla : Come Andreas. I must find a new resting place. There you will bring the coffin with my native soil...


    Armand Tesla : ... and then, Andreas, I have other plans!

  • Armand Tesla : [to Lady Ainsley]  You're a very brilliant woman, but a foolish one to pit your strength against mine!

  • Armand Tesla : [Offscreen, as Andreas walks in the woods]  Andreas!

    [Andreas can't locate the source] 

    Armand Tesla : Andreas!

    Andreas Obry : [Suddenly seeing Tesla]  You! You have no power over me! That was ended many years ago! I'm no longer your slave! Dr. Ainsley has cleansed me of all the evil you forced upon me! You can't bring it back! You can't! I won't let you! I won't!

    Armand Tesla : You're a fool, Andreas! A complete, utter fool! Your fate is to be what you are - as mine is to be what I am... your Master!

    [In a commanding tone] 

    Armand Tesla : Come here!

    Andreas Obry : I won't!

    [He moans] 

    Armand Tesla : [Commandingly]  Look at me, Andreas!

    [There is a closeup of Tesla's eyes] 

    Armand Tesla : Look at me!

    Andreas Obry : [after Andreas undergoes a metamorphosis into a werewolf]  Andreas, come here!

    Andreas Obry : [Subserviently]  Master, you have returned.

  • Armand Tesla : You're a fool, Andreas, a complete and utter fool. For your fate is to be what you are as mine is to be what I am - your MASTER !

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