Murder, My Sweet (1944) Poster

Claire Trevor: Helen Grayle, Velma Valento



  • Helen Grayle : I find men *very* attractive.

    Philip Marlowe : I imagine they meet you halfway.

  • Helen Grayle : I hadn't supposed there were enough murders these days to make detecting very attractive to a young man.

    Philip Marlowe : I stir up trouble on the side.

  • Helen Grayle : [after Mr. Grayle takes Marlowe's gun]  You know, this'll be the first time I've ever killed anyone I knew so little and liked so well. What's your first name?

    Philip Marlowe : Philip, for short.

    Helen Grayle : Philip. Philip Marlowe... named for a duke. You're just a nice mug. I've got a name for a duchess: Mrs. Leuwen Lockridge Grayle. Just a couple of mugs - we could have got along.

  • Helen Grayle : It's a long story and not pretty.

    Philip Marlowe : I got lots of time and I'm not squeamish.

  • Helen Grayle : You shouldn't kiss a girl when you're wearing that gun... leaves a bruise.

  • Ann Grayle : [to private detective Philip Marlowe]  Sometimes I hate men. ALL men. Old men, young men... beautiful young men who use rosewater and... almost heels who are private detectives.

    Helen Grayle : [hidden in the shadows, laughs - then she comes out]  Oh, I'm sorry, darling, I couldn't help laughing; but you should know by now that men play rough. They soften you up, throw you off guard, and then belt you one.

    Helen Grayle : [to Marlowe]  That was a dirty trick, but maybe it'll teach you not to overplay a good hand. Now she doesn't like you. She hates men.

    Ann Grayle : That was only the first half of the speech. The rest of it goes like this: I hate their women, too - especially the "big league blondes". Beautiful, expensive babes who know what they've got... all bubble bath, and dewy morning, and moonlight. And inside: blue steel, cold - cold like that... only not that clean.

    Helen Grayle : Your slip shows, dear.

    [Ann runs out of the beach house] 

  • Helen Grayle : Let's dispense with the polite drinking, shall we?

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