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[TV] Tom & Jerry: Deluxe Anniversary Collection

When I was a kid, if you had given me the choice of watching an episode of Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. Looney Tunes would have won hands down. Not because the animation was better, as both cartoons had clear animation gradations depending on when they were drawn. Instead it was about content (I was a really picky little kid), every single Tom & Jerry episode was the same. If any variation existed it was whether or not the dog Spike made an appearance, in which case Tom was abused even further. With the Deluxe Anniversary collection, you see this unwavering formula play out about 25-some times until you reach the most modern episodes when Tom & Jerry are reverted to children and then start including dialogue for the two leads. Repetitive? You bet. Worth watching? Possibly.

At its core, the concept driving Tom & Jerry is very logical,
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