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  • When her older sister Jacqueline disappears, Mary Gibson is forced to leave her private school and decides to travel to New York City to look for her. A bit naive and out of her depth, she is not quite sure how to go about finding her. Eventually she meets Gregory Ward, her sister's husband and a mysterious psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Judd who claims to know of Jacqueline's whereabouts. What she doesn't realize is that her sister became involved with devil worshipers who now want to eliminate her for having revealed their existence.

  • Mary Gibson, a student at a private girls' school, was raised by her older sister, Jacqueline Gibson, her only living relative. Mary leaves school and heads to New York when she discovers, when her tuition has not been paid by Jacqueline for six months, that Jacqueline has gone missing. Infrequently hearing from Jacqueline anyway, Mary discovers how little she knew Jacqueline in following leads in locating her: she sold her thriving cosmetics/beauty business La Sagesse to an associate named Esther Redi eight months ago, had been seriously dating a lawyer named Gregory Ward, who has also been looking for her, and had talked about killing herself, a manifestation being a noose she has hanging in an unused room she apparently rents. Besides Gregory, others that Mary meets help her in any way they can, they including: a private detective named Irving August, the Italian owners of Dante's, Giacomo and Bella Romari, Dante's where Jacqueline was known to frequent, and a poet named Jason Hoag, another of Dante's regulars. One of the discovered paths leads to a psychiatrist named Dr. Louis Judd, who admits that he has been treating Jacqueline. However, they are certain that Dr. Judd is not telling them the entire story about Jacqueline, Dr. Judd who Jason believes has ties to Miss Redi. Ultimately, this group is drawn into a world of the occult, specifically a group of devil worshippers, Jacqueline who may be among their ranks.

  • The teenager Mary Gibson is summoned by the dean of her private school to come to her office. Mary learns that her tuition is late since her sister Jacqueline Gibson, who is an industrialist of cosmetics in New York, is missing. Mary decides to travel to New York to seek her sister out. In her search for Jacqueline, she meets the lawyer Gregory Ward, who married her sister, and the psychiatrist Dr. Louis Judd, who seems to know Jacqueline's whereabouts. She discovers that Jacqueline's factory now belongs to her manager and a mysterious private eye offer to look for Jacqueline. Soon Mary learns that her sister joined a secret society that worships the devil that wants to kill her since she has disclosed their existence. What will Mary do?

  • Mary Gibson, a naive orphan, goes to Manhatten to find her missing sister Jacqueline. Her investigation leads her to Jacqueline's secret husband, and also to a strange cult of Diabolists who are also hunting Jacqueline.

  • A woman in search of her missing sister uncovers a Satanic cult in New York's Greenwich Village, and finds that they may have something to do with her sibling's random disappearance.


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  • In a private school in upstate New York, Mary Gibson (Kim Hunter) is alerted by the school principal that her sister Jacqueline Gibson (Jean Brooks) has not sent a tuition check in 6 months, and the school has had no success in contacting her in Manhattan where she is the owner of a successful perfume company. Mary decides to go find her errant sister and immediately meets lawyer Gregory Ward (Hugh Beaumont) who has been paying for an apartment for Jacqueline's use. When Mary sees that the apartment is barren except for a noose and a chair she falls ill and Ward confides in her that he and Jacqueline are secretly married. Additionally Dr. Louis Judd (Tom Conway) is Jacqueline's physician and psychiatrist and is a member of a coven of witches and warlocks who have determined that Jacqueline should kill herself. When Jacqueline appears to console her sister it is learned that she has given away all her holdings in her perfume company to one of the members of the witches coven and believes in her heart that life no longer hold any pleasure for her. Mary and Ward discover that their time together has developed into love and they decide to stay together as Jacqueline decides her own fate.

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