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Inside Out Was Partially Inspired By A Forgotten Disney Park Ride

Pixar.s success with its current creative offering, Inside Out, continues to showcase the company.s ever-evolving conceptual depth. Yet, the film.s premise, which focuses on characters representing the emotional inner-workings of a young girl.s mind, is not entirely new territory. Interestingly enough, the inspiration for the idea was derived, in part, from a defunct Disney Epcot attraction. When discussing the inspiration for Inside Out, director Pete Docter cites some sources in the field of animation such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and an obscure World War II-era animation short, Reason and Emotion. Most notably, Docter recalls his tenure starting as a development intern on an Epcot attraction called Cranium Command. The ride-ish attraction, which lasted from 1989 to 2007, encased the audience in a theater designed to resemble the inner chamber of a young boy's mind, looking outward through his eyes as characters representing his parts of
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Review: ‘‘Inside Out’’

Review: ‘‘Inside Out’’
On paper, “Inside Out” sounded like another lunatic gamble: an adventure that takes place entirely within the head of an 11-year-old girl, featuring her Emotions as characters — although if anyone could pull off a logline like that, it would be the team that made us care about rats who cook, toys that bond, and robots who fall in love. Sure enough, in execution, Pixar’s 15th feature proves to be the greatest idea the toon studio has ever had: a stunningly original concept that will not only delight and entertain the company’s massive worldwide audience, but also promises to forever change the way people think about the way people think, delivering creative fireworks grounded by a wonderfully relatable family story.

Could “Inside Out” be Pixar’s best movie? Frankly, that question is almost beside the point. Objectively speaking, several of the studio’s previous films work better in terms
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