Batman (1943) Poster


J. Carrol Naish: Dr. Daka



  • Linda Page : [upon seeing Dr. Daka]  A Jap!

    Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka : You will please to use the term 'Nipponese'.

  • Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka : If you cooperate with us, you will share in the glorious victories soon to be ours.

    Martin Warren : And if I refuse?

    Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka : You have no choice but to accept. You will work with us or be compelled to work for us. Therefore it should be very plain to you that you should be willing to help serve my glorious emporer.

    Martin Warren : Listen, Daka, or whatever your name is, I owe my allegience to no country or order but my own. I am an American first and always, and no amount of torture conceived by your twisted Oriental brain will make me change my mind.

  • Bruce Wayne : [seeing Prince Daka]  Oh, a Jap!

    Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka : [as Batman struggles against two zombies]  It is useless to struggle. My zombies are too strong, even for a superior person like yourself to cope with.

  • Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka : The League of the New Order of Hirohito, Heavenly Ruler and Prince of the Rising Sun, marches on, and nothing will ever stop it. You might just as well try to stop the tides, the winds.

  • Henchman Foster [Chs. 1-4] : [holding a gun on Daka]  Now, are you going to open that door and let me out or would you like a quick visit to your ancestors?

    Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka : But of course, Foster.

    Henchman Foster [Chs. 1-4] : [with contempt]  That's the kind of answer that fits the color of your skin.

  • Dr. Tito Daka aka Prince Daka : [after feeding his pet crocodiles]  That's just an appetizer. The main course will be served when Bruce Wayne gets here.

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