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The Noteworthy: La Furia Umana + Wild Bill, Nyff, New Trailers

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A new issue of one the most essential film publications, La Furia Umana, is now available online. As always, alongside a rich collection of disparate texts, the issue has separate dossiers devoted to specific filmmakers, including ones on René Vautier (edited by Nicole Brenez) and Ida Lupino with Claire Denis. The amount of must-read coverage is daunting: included, too, are homages to Chris Marker and Stephen Dwoskin, a new video by David Phelps, and much more to explore.

In this issue, our pride and joy is to be found in the monograph-length dossier on Hollywood auteur William A. Wellman, a dossier edited by Gina Telaroli and Phelps. Our editor Daniel Kasman has contributed anoverview to Wellman's filmography; Telaroli has an incredible image-based piece on Good-bye, My Lady (alongside "scraps" and "findings" pointing the way for even more coverage of this filmmaker's wide oeuvre), filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier has a new piece,
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R.I.P. Herbert Lom

Czech-born actor Herbert Lom has passed away in London at the age of 95 reports The New York Times.

Over five decades he appeared in more than 100 movies and television shows playing suave leading men, interesting character parts and villains alike.

He'll most be remembered for his role as Chief Inspector Dreyfus, Inspector Clouseau's twitchy and long-suffering superior, in the "Pink Panther" film series. First appearing in "A Shot in the Dark", the character is driven insane on more than one occasion by Clouseau's bungling.

The varied roles in his career included a gangster in the original "The Ladykillers", a pirate in "Spartacus", a psychiatrist in "The Seventh Veil", a harbor master in "Fire Down Below", a neurologist in Cronenberg's "The Dead Zone", a doctor in 1979's "The Lady Vanishes", a German colonel in the 1985 take on "King Solomon’s Mines", a Muslim leader in "El Cid", and a witch
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'Pink Panther's Herbert Lom, Clouseau's agitated boss, dead at 95

'Pink Panther's Herbert Lom, Clouseau's agitated boss, dead at 95
Herbert Lom, the Czech-born actor best known as Inspector Clouseau’s long-suffering boss in the Pink Panther movies, died Thursday, his son said. He was 95. Alec Lom said his father died peacefully in his sleep.

Herbert Lom had a handsomely lugubrious look that was suited to comedy, horror and everything in between. It served him well over a six-decade career in which roles ranged from Napoleon Bonaparte — whom he played twice — to the Phantom of the Opera.

The London-based star appeared in more than 100 films, including Spartacus and El Cid, and acted alongside film greats including Charlton Heston and Kirk Douglas.
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Herbert Lom Has Died

Herbert Lom Has Died
Herbert Lom, best known as put-upon police chief Charles Dreyfus in the Pink Panther franchise, has died. The Czech-born actor was 95. The domiciled Londoner cut his teeth playing villains, with turns in classics like Jules Dassin's Night And The City and as The Ladykillers' homicidal European, Louis Harvey, alongside Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers. He then shifted gears with turns in historical epics Spartacus (1960) and El Cid (1961).Lom, who joined the European diaspora when the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939, was cast twice as a different kind of European dictator. He played Napoleon in 1942's The Young Mr. Pitt and again in the 1956 adaptation of War And Peace. The best-known and most beloved role of his 60-year acting career, though, came later in a franchise that reunited him with Sellers to often hilarious effect. Tormented chief Dreyfus debuted in 1964's A Shot In The Dark, with Lom's depiction of
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