Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) Poster

James Cagney: George M. Cohan



  • George M. Cohan : My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you.

  • [George M. Cohan comes into apartment and smells something cooking] 

    George M. Cohan : Mmmmm... ham or bacon?

    Mary : Bacon.

    George M. Cohan : Good. Ham makes me self-conscious.

  • George M. Cohan : It seems it always happens. Whenever we get too high-hat and too sophisticated for flag-waving, some thug nation decides we're a push-over all ready to be blackjacked. And it isn't long before we're looking up, mighty anxiously, to be sure the flag's still waving over us.

  • George M. Cohan : Thanks, Sam. It'll be great as long as those critics don't start to eat off my leg.

    Sam Harris : Oh, don't worry about the critics! You got a smash hit! It's in the air, kid! It's in the air! You can't stop anything that's in the air!

  • [a group of soldiers in marching off to fight in World War II, singing Cohan's World War I song, "Over There"] 

    Sergeant on parade : What's the matter, old timer? Don't you remember this song?

    George M. Cohan : Seems to me I do.

    Sergeant on parade : Well, I don't hear anything.

    [Cohan starts singing along, with tears coming into his eyes] 

  • Mary : George, I didn't know you could yodel.

    George M. Cohan : Learned it on the farm. Nothing but pig callin' with frost on it.

  • Mary : [George has been wearing a wig to look like an old man] 

    [Mary screams] 

    George M. Cohan : [He throws the wig on the floor and stomps on it]  Got it!

  • George M. Cohan : Being versatile, I played my mother's father.

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