The Spoilers (1942) Poster


John Wayne: Roy Glennister



  • Glennister : I imagine that dress is supposed to have a chilling effect. Well if it is, it isn't working, 'cuz you'd look good to me, baby, in a burlap bag.

  • Glennister : [in blackface]  How are ya, Mr. Bones?

    Al Dextry : Well, Mr. Tambo, I'm just about even.

    Glennister : Even?

    Al Dextry : Even better than I was befo'.

  • Glennister : All right, men, let's mount up. You all know what you're supposed to do. And, remember, if you have to shoot, aim low! We don't want to kill anybody.

  • Idabelle : Colored boy! Where'd y'all come from?

    Glennister : [in blackface]  How's y'all sweet thing. I figured it was about time for us to get acquainted!

    Idabelle : Is that so? Well, if y'alls think I'm the common kind that messes around with anything that comes along. I says if you thinks I'm that kind of a person, I'll pour y'all a cup of coffee.

    [Glennister takes off his hat] 

    Idabelle : Here, now, wait a minute! Y'all ain't no colored boy! You's washable. Why, it's Mr. Glennister! Watch you doin' runnin' 'round here raisin' up a lady's hopes like that for? Wait'll Miss Cherry sees you!

    Glennister : Hold on a minute, Idabelle. Let's get rid of this Alabama tan first and you better wash this shirt.

    Idabelle : But, Mr. Glennister, you's more handsome now than yous ever been before.

    Glennister : And Miss Cherry might feel the same way and then I'd have to spend the rest of my life in a smokehouse. Now, go on and get me some soap and water.

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