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Review: "Seven Miles From Alcatraz" (1942) Starring James Craig; Warner Archive Release

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By John M. Whalen

It’s 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. The nation is nervous about the possibility of another bombing raid by the Japanese, and nobody is more nervous about that possibility than Champ Larkin (James Craig) and his pal Jimbo (Frank Jenks), two convicts doing time on Alcatraz. Champ’s a pretty self-centered guy. He isn’t at all concerned about the war. It’s none of his business. “If they want to fight, let ‘em fight.” he says. “Theres a law says they can’t draft convicts. We’ll sit this one out.” (Jimbo’s a little more thoughtful. “I don’t know, Champ,” he says. “Anybody pulls a sneak trick like that is a rat and a rat means trouble here and there.”)

When they see some Zeros coming in over the Pacific to do a flyover of San Francisco, Champ decides it’s time to evacuate.
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