The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) Poster

Dwight Frye: Villager


  • [first lines] 

    Villager : There's a curse upon this village, the curse of Frankenstein.

    Crowd : Aye.

    Older Villager : Aye, it is true. The whole countryside shuns the village. Our fields are barren, the inn is empty.

    Village Mother of Hungry Children : My little ones cry in their sleep. They are hungry. There is no bread.

    Older Villager : It's the curse, the curse of Frankenstein.

    Mayor : This is nonsense, folks. You talk as though these were the Dark Ages. You know as well as I do that the monster died in the sulfur pit under Frankenstein's tower. And that Ygor, his familiar, was riddled with bullets from the gun of Baron Frankenstein himself.

    Older Villager : But Ygor does not die that easily. They hanged him and broke his neck, but he lives.

    Villager : Haven't I seen him, sitting beside the hardened sulphur pit, playing his weird horn as if to lure the monster back from death to do his evil bidden?

    Mayor : You talk like frightened children.

    Villager : Well, if something isn't done, there'll be a new mayor after the fall election.

    Crowd : Aye.

    Mayor : Well, what do you want me to do?

    Villager : Destroy the castle! Wipe the last traces of these accursed Frankensteins from our land.

    Councillor : The people are right, Your Honor.

    Councillor : I agree, Your Honor.

    Mayor : I don't believe that these dead wretches can affect the prosperity of this village. But do as you will with the castle. It's yours.

    Villager : We'll blow it up!

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