The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) Poster

Lionel Atwill: Doctor Theodore Bohmer



  • Ygor : You have agreed? You're going to help him Doctor? You are giving him life?

    Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein : Yes but not for the purposes that you think Ygor. I'm giving him strength so that an operation may be successful.

    Ygor : An operation?

    Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein : Yes. I'm giving him another brain. You must explain to him when he becomes conscious. *You* must make him understand.

    Ygor : Whose brain?

    Doctor Bohmer : Kettering?

    Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein : Yes, Kettering. A man of character and learning. The monster will cease to be an evil influence and become everything that is good.

    Ygor : No. No, no. You cannot take my friend away from me. He's all that I have. Nothing else. You're going to make him your friend and I'll be alone

    Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein : It will be as I say or he must be destroyed

    Ygor : [laughs]  He cannot be destroyed

    Doctor Bohmer : There is one way. By dissection.

    Ygor : No not that. Doctor, Ygor's body is no good. His neck is broken, crippled, and distorted. Lame and sick from the bullets your brother fired into me. You can put my brain in his body.

    Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein : Your brain?

    Ygor : You can make us one. We'll be together always. My brain and his body. Together

    Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein : You're a cunning fellow Ygor. Do you think I would put your sly and sinister brain into the body of a giant? That would be a monster indeed. You will do as I tell you or I will not be responsible for the consequences

  • [last lines] 

    The Monster : [with Ygor's voice]  Bohmer. Bohmer. I can't see! Bohmer! Where are you?

    Doctor Bohmer : Here. Here, I am.

    The Monster : I... can't see you.

    Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein : Your dream of power is over, Bohmer. You didn't realize his blood is the same type as Kettering's, but not the same as Ygor's. It will not feed the sensory nerves.

    The Monster : Bohmer! You played me a trick! What good is a brain without eyes to see? What good is a brain without eyes?

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