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  • Charlie Chan investigates apparent poisonings at a mystery mansion in the Mojave Desert.

  • Paul Manderley, eccentric historian, and his wife, descendant of the Borgias, live in an isolated castle-like mansion in the Mojave Desert. When a guest suddenly collapses, Charlie Chan is invited to stay. As the standard mystery-mansion props come into play, and all means of outside communication are sabotaged, it becomes evident that one of the inhabitants has access to poisons and is prepared to use them...


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  • The Mojave Desert is screen-scripted, a station wagon approaches a gated castle sitting by itself, among the indigenous desert vegetation; the plaque on the front gate reads private, no visitors, Paul Manderley. An attending bodyguard opens the gate, the wagon pulls up to the entrance, a man in the yard looking behind cacti watches the coach pull up, the butler answers the door, Professor Gleason enters the castle, followed by the driver. Lucy Manderley, sitting by the hearth, introduces herself to Professor Gleason, in turn, she introduces Brenda and Walter Hartford. The Hartford's acknowledge knowing Retling already, for they invited him. The man from the yard stared into the castle window as the Professor entered. A man with a black cloth covering half of his face is reading manuscripts and hears the group conversing. Dr. Retling walks in from the outside and is introduced by Walter to Gleason. The man in the face-covering is Paul Manderley, host, as he insults the Professor when entering the room, being not used to guests. The genealogy Professor Retling is at the home to discuss the family tree ancestors, as he reminds Lucy, who is descended from the Borgias. Retling is offered a second cocktail from Lucy, as she and Brenda exit to freshen up before dinner at eight.

    Paul Manderley and Professor Gleason greet one another as Dr. Retling and Walter Hartford look on in the background. Walter Hartford is Paul Manderley's attorney and there on business, according to Paul. Dr. Retling invites Walter to join him for a game of bridge, wondering if Professor Gleason will join them. Professor Gleason was just told not to forget his cocktail from Paul, when he collapses. Walter and Doctor Retling look him over on the floor, Walter suggests he must have fainted, they get him up to his room, as Paul returns to his desk, inspecting Gleason's cocktail glass, then putting in a drawer when Walter comes in looking for it. Paul tells Walter the servants must have swept it up, besides, why does the doctor want it? Walter mentions Gleason has been poisoned and if he doesn't pull through, the newspapers are bound to remember Lucy's maiden name, the descendant of the Borgia's. Walter reminds Paul how he dreads scandal, as Retling looks through to the den, where the two men are speaking. There were cocktails involved in the Borgia scandal, too, and the newspapers will certainly pick up on that; like brother, like sister.

    Dr. Retling enters the den, I am sorry, Professor Gleason's death indicates he was poisoned; the autopsy will tell us the truth. Paul questions whether there is a possibility of hushing up this man's dying in my house. Retling mentions that I am afraid it has to be reported to the police. It is highly unethical soliciting the Doctor to hush up the poisoning death, reports Hartford. A proposal is made to the Doctor by Walter and Paul, report the body was found at the Mojave Wells Hotel, leaving the Manderley's without the bad publicity. Paul adds, only the three of them know of his death, Walter inserts, no one need ever know.

    Jimmy is soaking his feet, complaining of the miles the army makes them march as Charlie is dressing. They are in San Francisco. A letter is placed under the door. The letter is signed by Mrs. Paul Manderley formerly Princess Lucretia Della Borgia. Jimmy reads the letter, Mr. Chan your presence is most urgently requested at Manderley Castle for assistance and advice; my life is in danger. This note has the family crest, which will identify you to my chauffeur at the Mojave hotel, please come alone, specifically, bring no one else. Charlie mentions to offspring he has heard of the castle in the desert, owned by scholarly millionaire, no electricity, no telephone. Chan intends to borrow one of Jimmy's carrier pigeons in case of emergency. The pigeons belong to the Army Signal Corps. Charlie is brought to the Mojave Wells Hotel, his driver compliments the place as the best in town. Chan says, perhaps the only in town. Chan is introduced to the hotel owner, Wigley, brother-in-law of the bus driver. Wigley refuses Chan entry at his hotel, even to wait on the hotel-deck, in the shade for the castle shuttle. Wigley declares the castle residents are bad luck; it is thirty-five miles to the castle from town, and you could fry an egg on that road. Madame Saturnia, local palmistry agent, is locking her shop door and departing. Wigley greets her with hi Lizzie. She tells Charlie he has enemies. Chan replies, man without enemies is like dog without fleas. The wagon from the castle drives up to the hotel. Wigley scorns the driver bringing bad news like that person they brought in last week. Chan shows the driver the letter, ready to board, when a hotel guest, carrying a suitcase, solicits a response to, is this vehicle from the castle? The driver acknowledges. The crest of the Borgias is on the shuttle-door, handing the driver a card, I was told it would get me transportation to the castle. The passenger mistakes Chan as the new cook or houseboy. Charlie introduces himself as Lieutenant Chan, Honolulu Police. The man introduces himself as Watson King, butting ahead of Charlie into the vehicle, rudely declaring himself as minding his own business. Lizzy quizzes Wigley, who was the second man. Wigley responds, he checked in last night, never saw him before. Lizzie declares King will die a violent death and his murderer shall go unpunished.

    Chan arrives at the castle, Wilson, the butler, informs Charlie he will tell Lucy Manderley he has arrived, as he attends to the pigeon in his cage with fresh water. He puts the bird in a closet, sets his hat down, hears Walter move about, encounters Paul Manderley, who is curious why his wife summoned Charlie Chan. He invites Chan to his study, while a man is seen referencing a book and Paul brings him into the study. Charlie recognizes Carl Detheridge, Professor of Medieval History, from a case they worked two years prior. Carl is doing research using Manderley's rare books for his research. Carl is head of the European History Department at Manderley College. A house of learning built by Paul's honorable father, quotes Chan. Paul questions why Charlie is there and Chan tells his visit is response to his wife's invitation. As Paul spouts of his studies in his castle without electricity or a phone, the three other men watch attentively from a distance, namely Walter Hartford, Dr. Retling and Watson King. Subject of the book Paul is working on is his seventeenth-century study of Caesar Borgia, as he becomes defensive and takes offense when Charlie refers to his wife's relatives as Borgias. Manderley shouts at the seated Chan insisting of his sanity and his wealth from the Borgia estate. Dr. Retling enters the study with a glass for Paul, his sedative. Paul Manderley has the doctor to vouch for his sanity. Paul loudly chastises Retling for his manner of addressing him as a child, refusing to take the medicine. He storms out of the room, declaring he will take this when I feel like it. Dr. Retling introduces himself to Charlie, as the family physician, forgive Paul's outbursts, saying Manderley suffers from anxiety neurosis, dreading scandal. His father's will declare that Paul loses control of the estate if he is involved in any notoriety that might dishonor the Manderley name. Charlie understands. Last week, Professor Gleason the genealogist upset him, he was behaving very peculiar. Chan is concerned about the nature of Manderley's scar. Retling informs Charlie the scar nobody has seen was from an accidental explosion. Except for the doctor who treated him many years ago, nobody has seen it and Manderley has been very peculiar about it. Chan is curious if the accident affected Paul's mind, but Retling refers the question to a psychiatrist answering that. Detheridge interrupts to say Mrs. Manderley would like to see you. The design of the main floor in the castle permits anyone to listen and witness conversations in each room, due to the open architecture throughout; there are wooden and wrought iron balusters in the main area, separating dining, den, study and other spaces. This is how the guests are allowed to hear conversations without entering the same area. Detheridge heard the conversation between Chan and Retling before he entered to interrupt their discussion. Guests and suspects are seen eavesdropping often throughout the film.

    Lucy Manderley welcomes Charlie Chan at the introduction from Detheridge, she says Wilson just told me you were here. She questions Charlie whatever brings you to our desert home, my husband had not told me you were coming. He hands her the letter supposedly written by her. She denies writing the letter, declaring it a forgery, saying this is not the way I sign my name. The Hartford's are watching the meeting off to the side, as is King. This is not my idea of a practical joke, I am sorry for this inconvenience, Mr. Chan. Charlie speaks of some practical jokes having sinister motives. Chan tells her with your kind permission, I will make a quiet departure, but Wilson alerts those present, the wagon has been damaged, the distributor has been removed, we have searched everywhere. Lucy responds to the news with I refuse to believe any one of my guests would disable the car; for what purpose? Criminals use element of surprise according to Chan; there are no other cars available? Chan declares inhabitants of this castle are now marooned thirty-five miles from civilization. Retling and Carl leave to look for the distributor, Lucy reviews their status with the mysterious invitation and now being cut off by the outside world. Chan attempts permission from Lucy to search for distributor, even in baggage of guests? Watson King enters the room, going right to the bust of Lucy, located on a pedestal. Charlie quips sarcastically, you are the maker of images that mind own business? King quips, good deduction Mr. Chan, stating he is a sculptor, there to complete the figure of Mrs. Manderley. Charlie solicits a response from Lucy, sculptor is old friend? He answers, ever since you bought that figure of mine, referring to the sculpture sitting nearby. He continues to be rude by his pomposity, saying he has never met Mr. Manderley. Lucy appears to be struck with his presence, almost like never seeing him until now. She calls him Jim, agreeing you never have met Paul. Charlie says to Lucy, old friend Jim now known as Watson King. No comment from either of them, as Chan excuses himself.

    Jimmy arrives at the hotel looking for a ride to Manderley's castle. The hotel owner is rude and uncooperative, the conniving driver wants twenty-five dollars to drive him to the castle; Jimmy has only got twenty, the driver tells him I'll trust you for the rest. Madame Saturnia interrupts to say she is coming, there is death out there in that desert, the stars tell her so. The driver takes the two within two miles of the castle, saying he doesn't go any closer, pointing the way down the road. Jimmy spots the castle by climbing a tree and he departs with Madame Saturnia. Chan admires the artifacts with Paul Manderley as he tours the castle with him. The bodyguard brings in a man he found on the grounds, named Arthur Fletcher, claiming he is a hunter and he got lost. The bodyguard hands the hunter's card over to Manderley, revealing he is a private detective instead. Fletcher represents Mr. Gleason's family, he was coming out to see Manderley when his car broke down. Walter Hartford is interested in what Fletcher has to say. Fletcher says he is not satisfied about the way he died. Hartford begins to grill him after claiming he had a heart attack in the hotel. Fletcher comes back with that is what your doctor said. The Gleason doctor said there was something peculiar about the condition of the skin. It suggested poisoning. Lucy Manderley watches from the floor above at the conversation. Fletcher mentions Lucy's brother tried for poisoning a girl years ago. He is there to check every angle, to satisfy himself Professor Gleason did not die in this house or I will have to request the police to step in Mrs. Manderley introduces herself to Fletcher. She invites Fletcher to dinner, promising to answer all his questions afterward.

    Jimmy and Madame Saturnia arrive on the castle grounds and walking around. Jimmy falls through into a cellar entrance as Madame proceeds unbeknownst without him. He watches as she enters the rooms, goes to a cabinet, removes a bottle, as Jimmy climbs through a window in the cellar. The combination of Madame dropping a bottle from the cabinet and Jimmy getting spooked whiled climbing over artifacts from the sixteenth-century makes enough noise for Paul Manderley to stand at the top of the cellar stairs and ponder, is anybody down there? He leaves after not getting a response. Resuming activities in the dining hall, Paul returns stating he thought he heard someone in the dungeon, while Brenda plays the organ as the men sit at the long dinner table. Lucy calls Brenda to the table, and refers to the tradition of late guests were to taste the wine first, but Charlie replies lady of house always tastes the wine first. Walter Hartford proposes a toast to Paul Manderley on his book. Watson King wonders when the book will be out. He replies three or fours years. Suddenly, Fletcher collapses at the table, Chan checks his glass detecting a powerful drug, the doctor checks Fletcher and Paul Manderley stands to observe. The doctor says you have to notify the police. Charlie says impossible, no motor car, no telephone. Manderley says in my house, first Gleason, now Fletcher, it can't happen be. Lucy says poison. Jimmy interrupts saying the old witch did it. He hands his father a note coming for him after he left the hotel it reads; a wise man does visit a Borgia if he values life. Paul is wondering what the note says. Chan replies payment due on ice box. Chan inspects Paul's ring, which he determines has not had poison compartment used in long time. Suggest ladies retire, men please remain. Jimmy insists Madame Saturnia did it. Paul says that stargazer. She's not here. Jimmy says she came out on the bus with him. Chan requests to see the poison room. Paul leads them to the dungeon. Watson King announces to the men one of us sitting down to dinner is a murderer. Retling quips that poison is a woman's weapon, and King comes back with not always, doctor.

    Paul states every sixteenth century castle had its own apothecary alchemist. Chan responds but not chamber devoted to hundred poisons. Chan states contents of the bottle he holds put Mr. Fletcher to sleep. Paul says it is not a poison. Chan says Chinese herb doctor used the weed as a drug. Jimmy adds too much of anything can kill. Chan to Paul, you give deserts pests large diet of deadly nightshade? No, he answers. Madame is found lurking about admitting she was destroying evidence to avoid having someone die under this roof. Jimmy tells her two men have died already here at the castle. She concludes her diatribe with just watch out for an arrow Mr. Chan, there is one marked for you. Chan comes back with man cannot avoid destiny; most unusual lady. Paul claims she is harmless, she tells fortunes for my wife. In order to understand Caesar Borgia's mind, I created a dungeon similar to his.

    Chan quizzes Retling if he is familiar with the herb used from this bottle. He says it is the same used in Romeo and Juliet, for insomniac cases. Upstairs Fletcher's body has been moved to the chapel, permission granted of Mrs. Manderley. Manderley returns his ring to his finger from the table where Jimmy left it minutes ago before they went to the dungeon. Manderley says I must speak with Lucy. Dr. Retling tells Paul Manderley his wife is a homicidal maniac who poisoned Gleason and Fletcher. He continues to preach about what a scandal will do to him when it breaks. He suggests have her committed now and quietly. Charlie tells the two men there is no evidence Lucy poisoned either gentleman. The only motive Retling can provide is she is mad. Watson and Walter can hear the conversation in the dining room. The doctor is insistent. Paul says he would take her away to hush this up. Retling says Hartford could take charge of the estate. Send him to me, I'll give him power of attorney, Manderley insists. Retling ascertains from Chan, can we count on your silence? Jimmy responds but it's murder. Charlie adds, sometimes solution to murder problem does require scandal. Retling thanks Charlie as Manderley pours himself some wine. Charlie interrupts Paul, one moment please, taking the wine glass from Manderley, liquid inoculated with missing nightshade. May I see ring please? Ring contains poison, inserted while ring was rest on the table. Hartford comments we know who it was, she can't help herself. Hartford picks up an arrow. Watson King tells Hartford he is wrong, Mrs. Manderley isn't mad, but you are. Hartford inserts the same arrow in a crossbow, shooting it toward King, hitting the form he is molding. Hartford says sorry, I didn't think the old thing would work, looking directly at King. Like poison, that won't get you very far either Hartford. And you know, concludes Hartford.

    Charlie attempts to educate Jimmy, after locking bedroom door. Killer we seek very sane. Charlie opens the closet door to use the carrier pigeon, but the bird is dead in its cage, as Jimmy sees, too. Nightshade killed the pigeon; killers are very sane and thorough, concludes Chan. Charlie opens the window, setting the bird on the sill, when an arrow strikes the window frame, missing the detective. Message from stars most accurate tonight. Invited to witness one elaborate crime, parent interrupt another. Theory here, pointing at his head, Chan directs, theory safer than theory there, pointing at Jimmy's head. Jimmy accuses Watson King of being a fake, when Charlie hands him a magazine contradicting the fact; a picture of King standing next to a sculptor. Go watch body of Mr. Fletcher, must be under close observation, Charlie directs Jimmy.

    Charlie takes a lit candle out of the room, and into another, closing the door behind him. He is looking over the contents of a desk, Mrs. Manderley is asleep in the bed. She opens her eyes as Chan continues to parse the contents of the desk. A figure lurks behind a curtain with a weapon as Lucy feigns sleeping. Charlie takes a photograph from the desk, goes over to the bed, stating Mrs. Manderley does not sleep, breathing reveal lady imitate possum; she opens her eyes, rolling her head. The picture shows her younger brother Prince Borgia and her. She tells Charlie he was my step-brother he wasn't a Borgia, he had no right to the family name. He is dead, Lucy tells Charlie. He was killed in the Spanish war, she says. A gloved hand reaches for Charlie, it is Madame Saturnia, contradicting Lucy. He was not killed, he is among the living. Madame is with Lucy because she is frightened. Stepbrother's face carries a bad scar. Lucy tells of a serious accident he had when he was seven. Mr. Chan, why are they trying to make Paul think I am mad? Charlie replies, twenty million dollars.

    Jimmy interrupts, drawing Charlie out of the bedroom. Fletcher's body is gone, Jimmy states, somebody has taken it. Go look for it, Chan orders Jimmy, as he leaves, and Brenda Hartford and Doctor Retling come out of another room, to follow Charlie. He leads them to Lucy's bedside with Madame standing nearby, where Brenda says it is Chan's idea. Charlie says the letter sent to him forged as Lucy's was written by Mr. Hartford, Chan directs to Brenda. Mr. Hartford's notes on Gleason death written on same machine as letter bearing Mrs. Manderley's signature. Mr. Hartford desires control of vast estate now competently managed by Mr. Manderley. Fake murder plot and fake threat of newspaper scandal created to terrorize millionaire husband into giving Walter Hartford power of attorney. Charlie says he was invited to castle to prove you insane, speaking to Lucy, but proof only point the conspirators. Brenda to Chan, are you accusing my husband of killing Mr. Fletcher? Chan says Mr. Fletcher is not dead, Professor Gleason is very much alive. Gleason and Fletcher were hired by doctor and lawyer to imitate death, each received drink from you Mrs. Manderley and it was inserted into each glass. The same drug from tagara weed which suspends life of pulse for short period. It was done to make husband think you gave the poison from being mad. Odor of drug on Mr. Fletcher's glass betrays use of same to my nose, claims Chan. Charlie accuses Dr. Retling of obtaining drug from dungeon laboratory, stating when Professor Gleason is proven alive, can doctor explain false death certificate? Brenda speaks out, well, no one was harmed, what can you do about it? Chan lectures her that fraud is crime and murder is punishable by execution. Brenda tries to support the crime already committed by saying so my husband tried something and failed, but no one was murdered. Chan comes back with not yet. There is a person in this castle that desires the death of Mr. Manderley; widow would become very wealthy woman. Madame Saturnia preaches those words hold great truth Mr. Chan. Brenda talks directly to Lucy, my husband couldn't profit from that, but you and your step-brother Cesare could. Lucy says Cesare is dead. Brenda disagrees, stating he wrote to Walter a month ago beseeching money. Madame chirps the stars never lie. Chan bluntly poses, can you explain resurrection of step-brother? Lucy answers they told me he was dead, killed in action, and I believed it. Carl Detheridge is seen walking away from the door after eavesdropping. Chan to Brenda, where is your husband? She answers, perhaps he left with Mr. Fletcher. Chan returns the barb with across desert on foot? When poison was found in Mr. Manderley's ring Walter vanished. Retling says we knew that there was a real killer in our midst. Charlie orders a return to their rooms, and lock your doors, no one is safe now.

    Charlie descends the stairs calling for Jimmy. He is in one of the armored suits on display. Jimmy says he has not noticed anything, but feels safer since the crossbow was fired at them. Charlie tells him to remain in suit while he investigates the servant's quarters.

    Madame Saturnia is holding a lit candle mounted on a large holder all while descending the stairs. She looks around, startled while backing into the suit of armor Jimmy occupies, and proceeds through a doorway to another room, followed by Watson King after he lights a match on Jimmy's suit. Jimmy places his broad axe in the hand of the suited figure next to him, then proceeds to follow where Madame and King went. As Jimmy opens the door, the adjacent suit of armor follows Jimmy to the door, axe in hand. The second armored suit pushes Jimmy making him plummet down the open stairs to the floor, while Madame rushes out of the lab followed by Watson. Madame shrieks at the sound of metal crashing to the ground before shed fled. Flipping open the shield of his knight's suit, it is Arthur Fletcher, standing on the upper level, after pushing Jimmy down. King helps Jimmy to his feet, stating are you still alive? I guess so, Jimmy answers. King quips to Jimmy, just bruised and bewildered. Charlie comes down the stairs, noticing number two son shaken from the fall. Madame was frightened away according to King. Chan inquires, who opened door to poison room? King answers the old lady, she picked the lock to the laboratory like a professional, but I didn't let her go inside. Jimmy says you were following her. He claims it is part of his job. He identifies himself as employed by a Los Angeles detective agency, explaining to Charlie and Jimmy, it is his job to follow Lucy. Chan looks at the identification, notices he is formerly of Scotland Yard. King says he is now with the Brewster agency. Mrs. Manderley hired him, details he insists Chan will have to get from her.

    Charlie states at present his concentration is the whereabouts of the missing lawyer, King mentions, so am I, stating he will look in the cellar, Jimmy is ordered to look in the laboratory. Jimmy and King split, going separate ways. Charlie looks around the dungeon, spots Hartford, questioning why was he hiding, as Jimmy and Walter listen. Somebody tried to kill me, he counters, adding, somebody shot an arrow at me out in the courtyard. Who was there was there to call in this madhouse? Chan questions Walter, who else visited dungeon tonight? Walter answers, just the old lady and Watson. Chan chastises Walter, stating your wife and Retling already admit to a conspiracy against Mr. Manderley; now real killer seeks your life. King contributes, if no one knows you are down here, you are safe, isn't he? Chan answers, only stars know answer. Walter will stay down here until the killer is found, telling the men. King says the one who put the poison in Manderley's ring is the killer, obviously. The three are about to ascend the stairs, when Jimmy sees Walter collapse, Chan inspects the victim, allegedly shot with an arrow from the crossbow. It is odd the force of impact would break the arrow striking Hartford. King says it could have been shot from the great hall or from the door the old lady exited. Chan responds most difficult angle, but possible. Charlie tells the two, he must question everyone immediately.

    Paul Manderley is walking around holding the crossbow, Chan wishes to inspect it, Paul said it was on the table. King says Hartford was demonstrating its uses, when I working on that bust, and shot it at him accidently. It might have been an accident, but he knew I would have guess what he was up to then. King questions if Charlie has a gun. Charlie replies no by shaking his head. King offers his gun, but a check of his pocket reveals it is gone. King claims his pocket has been picked. Chan adds, sometimes sharp wit is better than dirty weapon.

    Charlie requests assistance, please summon Mr. Detheridge and Mrs. Manderley. Paul accompanies King looking for the others as Charlie proceeds with an armored Jimmy. Charlie pulls an arrow from the working bust, hands same arrow to Jimmy, requesting he put his collegiate archery to practical use; stay in chapel, watch over Fletcher's body, and guard parent from rear. They split, the other armored suit is occupied, as it moves while Charlie passes by inspecting the arrows in wall display. While Jimmy tries to load bow, a figure grabs him from behind, yanking him into another room. Charlie approaches stairs, the armored stranger comes out firing the bow at him, he thinking it is Jimmy shooting the bow. Chan digs out the fired arrow from the banister post.

    Manderley says Mrs. Manderley will be right down. He confides in Charlie, how great is our danger? Chan replies, as great as my determination to remove the danger. Recognize the photograph? He says that's my wife and her stepbrother. He was killed in the Spanish Civil War. Stepbrother is now in this castle, Chan contradicts. A conversation ensues regarding the scar the stepbrother has in the photograph. Chan requests Paul show his scar covered by the face-cloth. He refuses. Charlie pulls the fabric from Paul's face, revealing a clear face, Chan telling him, no scar, you lie to many people. It is hard to explain the seclusion my work demands, so the disguise was his excuse to be a recluse. Charlie says elaborate excuse seldom truth. Lucy comes down seeing the cloth is missing from his face, saying Paul, he has found out the truth.

    King is interrogated, where is Carl Detheridge? I couldn't find him upstairs, he replies. Did I hear someone paging me? Detheridge appears, saying he was out for a stroll. Chan explains to Carl a man was killed, lawyer Hartford. Carl responds a third murder. Chan answers no, Hartford was an obstacle on path to same goal, your estate Mr. Manderley. The Manderley's look at one another, surprised at what they hear from Charlie. Killer came to castle in hopes of gaining control of vast estate through innocent step-sister, but on arrival, he found his plan blocked by lawyer's plot, therefore, he was determined to kill lawyer first with arrow. King insists, who fired the arrow that killed Hartford? Arrow of death could not have been fired from crossbow because shaft of arrow was broken. Chan states Mr. Hartford was not shot, he was stabbed. Private detective agrees, handing the arrow to King.

    Paul queries, whom do you accuse? Chan answers, position of arrow in body indicate murderer to be left-handed. Lucy says she is the only lefthanded person here. Chan says contradiction please, as King draws his gun, pointing it at Charlie and Detheridge lunges to protect Chan. Charlie states thank you very much Mr. King for the instinctive admission of guilt, three other persons in castle are also left-handed.

    King holds gun on the four people, and demanding what do you propose to do now Mr. Chan? Chan responds by saying your assistance at this time Mr. Fletcher may win forgiveness of the law. The armored suited person, Fletcher, grabs King and his weapon. Charlie hands Detheridge handcuffs to place on King, while an armored Fletcher holds King's arms. Chan excuses himself to solve one more mystery. Charlie goes to the bust, prying out the missing distributor, telling Detheridge the hidden engine part will allow the release of the guests now marooned at castle. Please return same to automobile, Detheridge responds right away, Charlie, the car will be ready in about twenty minutes. Finally, Madame escorts Jimmy into the room. He explains he is trapped in the suit of armor due to being bent in several places from his falls. Madame, and later Charlie, cannot seem to help Jimmy remove the suit.

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