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Casablanca with Live Music by The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra June 23rd

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine”

Considered a landmark in American cinema, the romantic Casablanca will enchant as the Slso performs the score live.

Sunday June 23rd at 2pm. Watch all the drama unfold as the Slso performs Max Steiner’s moving score while the timeless film plays on the big screen. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture and lauded as one of the greatest movies of all time by the American Film Institute, Casablanca will sweep you up in the story of Rick and Ilsa’s love. Conducted by Norman Huynh. Ticket Information can be found Here

I there was ever a film deserved to be considered a classic then Casablanca is it, Even if you haven’t seen it before you’ll recognize much of the dialogue; it is probably the most quoted, and misquoted,
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Giveaway – Win Under Fire on Blu-ray

Eureka Entertainment releases Under Fire, the exhilarating Oscar-nominated political thriller starring Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman and Joanna Cassidy, presented for the first time ever on Blu-ray in the UK, as part of the Eureka Classics range from June 17th 2019, and we have three copies to give away to our readers!

Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman and Joanna Cassidy play three journalists caught up in the 1979 Nicaraguan revolution in Under Fire.

Russel Price (Nolte) is a gutsy photo-journalist who gets caught between his love for reporter Claire Stryder (Cassidy) and his friendship with her husband, Alex Grazier (Hackman). Caught up in the war between the Nicaraguan government and the Sandinista rebels, Price loses sight of his objectivity and becomes deeply involved in the skirmish.

With cinematography by the great John Alcott and one of Jerry Goldsmith’s greatest scores (later sampled in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained), Under Fire is director Roger Spottiswoode’s greatest filmmaking achievement,
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Women Spies Who Kick Ass

Den of Geek Staff Jun 17, 2019

With the release of Anna upon us, we look back at 11 of film and television's most badass women spies and assassins.

This article is sponsored by the upcoming movie Anna.

The Cold War may be long over, but espionage is making a comeback. Every day brings new details of spy rings in capitals, and commanders-in-chief welcoming the aid of foreign intelligence to win elections, but on the big screen the thrall of spooks has never been long dormant. For instance, this month brings the release of Anna, the latest Luc Besson-directed action movie about women spies who can kick some serious ass. Only this Russian supermodel turned superspy does it all herself, like the best of them. As played by real-life model Sasha Luss, the eponymous spy comes to Paris in this movie claiming to be working a fashionable job, yet the business she
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The Movie Agency Signs Curtiz – The man behind Casablanca

The Movie Agency Signs Curtiz The man behind Casablanca The Movie Agency is excited to announce that they have signed the English speaking Hungarian film, Curtiz. It’s the incredible story of Michael Curtiz, the man behind Casablanca. As America prepares to enter WW2, Hungarian film director Michael Curtiz grapples with political intervention and a …

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WarnerMedia Streaming Service Likely to Cost $16-$17 Monthly, Bundle HBO and Cinemax (Report)

  • Variety
WarnerMedia’s entry into the streaming wars may not just be built around HBO — it will reportedly include the premium service bundled in the initial baseline package.

The At&T-owned media company is looking to launch the still-unnamed WarnerMedia subscription VOD service at a price point of $16-$17 per month and is likely to bundle together HBO and Cinemax along with Warner Bros. TV shows and movies, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing anonymous sources.

That would make WarnerMedia’s Svod service slightly higher than the standalone HBO Now ($14.99 monthly), and pricier than Netflix’s standard two-stream HD plan ($12.99), Showtime ($10.99) and Hulu’s VOD packages ($5.99 with ads; $11.99 without) — and more than double Disney Plus, slated for a Nov. 12 launch at an aggressive $6.99 per month price.

Reps for WarnerMedia and HBO didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Why would WarnerMedia want to go out with a “fat” Svod bundle,
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Cannes’ Focus CoPro’ Gives Push for First-Time Features

  • Variety
Cannes–Seven first-feature projects will be pitched to an audience of industry professionals at Focus CoPro’, an event hosted by Cannes’ Short Film Corner that will take place Tuesday May 21 at the Palais des Festivals.

The pitching session, which is run in collaboration with Nisi Masa and the Pop Up Film Residency, was introduced last year as a way to support early-career filmmakers looking to make the leap from short to feature films. This year’s edition will build on the success of the inaugural program with an expanded scope, according to Short Film Corner head Camille Hébert-Bénazet. “This year is our second edition and we are expecting more people, especially buyers, residences, labs, film funds and more producers,” she said.

The Focus CoPro’ pitch has also expanded to include more projects, with organizers winnowing down more than 90 applicants to select the seven most promising projects—as well as another
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HBO Pay-tv Customers Will Have Access to WarnerMedia Svod Service, At&T Chief Says

  • Variety
At&T shed some new light on plans for the forthcoming WarnerMedia subscription-streaming service, with chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson explaining that HBO customers on pay-tv operators — like Comcast — will have access to the new Svod service bundled in.

Stephenson’s point: that WarnerMedia’s streaming service, centered around the “luxury brand” of HBO, will come to market in a way that will minimize its potential to fuel cord-cutting at cable and satellite TV partners.

At&T expects pay-tv operators like Comcast are “going to be an important partner to all of this,” said Stephenson, speaking Tuesday at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference in Boston. For example, he said, Comcast customers who buy an HBO subscription will get access to the WarnerMedia Svod service included.

WarnerMedia expects to launch a beta version of its direct-to-consumer streaming service in the fourth quarter of 2019, with a “full-scale launch” in Q1 2020, Stephenson said.
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First John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Reactions Promise An Exhilarating Spectacle

Each of the trailers for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum have been met with a glowing response on social media, and now that the film’s first critic reactions have surfaced, it’s beginning to look like the movie might well live up to the hype.

Predictably enough, much of the praise is directed at the set pieces, suggesting that Chad Stahelski’s trilogy-closer is going to continue the franchise’s run as one of the most stylish action properties of recent years. What’s more, it sounds like the upcoming flick is going to deliver some serious canine action that will bring the whole series full circle.

#JohnWick3 is Awesome. Some of the action set pieces are so insane you’ll wonder how director Chad Stahelski and his team filmed them. Saying that, the @Halleberry/#KeanuReeves set piece featuring her dogs might be my favorite. Wait till you see this one.
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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Finale Taping: An Emotional Night On Warner Bros Lot (And On Social Media)

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Finale Taping: An Emotional Night On Warner Bros Lot (And On Social Media)
Studio 25 on the Warner Bros lot in Burbank is steeped in Hollywood history — Casablanca, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Bonnie & Clyde, and Blade Runner all filmed within its walls — but on Tuesday the hallowed soundstage added a one-of-a-kind fadeout to that long legacy. The Big Bang Theory cast, crew, and creative team recorded the final scenes of their 279th episode, a one-hour affair that airs May 16 and marks the end of the show’s wildly successful 12-year run.

It was a crisp and buoyant taping that, for the better part of three hours, was business-as-usual for the team that has been a ratings machine for much of its run. There were little signs, though, that emotions and tears might break loose at any point. Jim Parsons, who portrays Sheldon, did a vamping dance in-between takes but then moments later he was scanning the front row of the audience to check on a special guest,
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Film Review: Teenkahon (2014) by Bauddhayan Mukherji

“Teenkahon” is one of the smartest and most sophisticated Bengali films of recent times. This sophistication lies in the story-telling approach which is rare in Bengali films. The three stories of love of different kinds – Nabalok, Post Mortem and Telephone, set in three different periods are brilliantly handled by the director Bauddhayan Mukherji, who paces the movie in such a timely way that it gives the feeling of a single story with three different phases of love in life where the climax reaches and unfolds in an unexpected way in the last story, which is scripted brilliantly by the director himself.

The movie deals with the difficult subject of extramarital affair which starts through the adolescence of “Nabalok” – the protagonist of the first story. The lovely visuals exploit the narration beautiful and kick start the amazing journey of Teenkahon. The second story “Post Mortem” deals with the
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‘Field of Dreams’ Turns 30: Why the Baseball Classic Still Holds a Special Place in America’s Hearts (and Heartland)

  • Variety
‘Field of Dreams’ Turns 30: Why the Baseball Classic Still Holds a Special Place in America’s Hearts (and Heartland)
Humphrey Bogart never said, “Play it again, Sam” in the 1942 Oscar-winning classic “Casablanca.” In fact, no one says it in the movie.

And the mysterious voice in the adored 1989 fantasy film “Field of Dreams” does not tell Kevin Costner: “If you build it, they will come.”

Released 30 years ago on April 21, 1989, “Field of Dreams” stars Kevin Costner and Amy Madigan as Ray and Annie Kinsella, a couple raising corn on a bucolic Iowa farm with a young daughter, played by Gaby Hoffman, who went on to star in “Transparent.”

At dusk one evening, Ray hears a voice saying “If you build it, he will come.”

But according to the film’s writer/director Phil Alden Robinson, there is a whole group of people who insist it’s “they.”

“It’s called the Mandela effect — people who swear they’ve seen something that really didn’t happen,” noted Robinson.

Or in this case,
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TCM at 25: Ben Mankiewicz on How to Make the Perfect Introduction

  • Variety
TCM at 25: Ben Mankiewicz on How to Make the Perfect Introduction
Two minutes. Two minutes is the magic number for Ben Mankiewicz.

The primetime host of TCM has recorded hundreds of introduction segments for movies that air on the film lover’s cable haven. After much experimentation and market research, the TCM team has concluded that two minutes is the ideal length for the amuse bouche delivered by the host before the feature entrée is served.

“After you get to about 2:15, people are saying, ‘Go ahead and start the movie now,’“ Mankiewicz quips. He credits original TCM host Robert Osborne for perfecting the timing and tone of the set-up segment. “It’s an art. Robert really found it,” he says of the late TCM host, who died in 2017 at the age of 84.

Within his 120 seconds, Mankiewicz tries to share enlightening, surprising, or amusing anecdotes connected to the movie that is more than a dry reading of credits.

“We are programming
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Ted Turner: The Maverick Mogul Reflects on His Legacy, Big Deals and Old Feuds

  • Variety
Ted Turner: The Maverick Mogul Reflects on His Legacy, Big Deals and Old Feuds
In his prime as a media mogul, Ted Turner was the embodiment of disruption.

From humble beginnings with a Uhf-tv station in Atlanta, Turner built an empire that blazed trails in communications. His unbridled ambition fueled the rise of cable television as an alternative to the broadcast TV status quo. He saw cable’s need for programming and turned his small local station into a national “Superstation.” He birthed the world’s first 24-hour news network, CNN, in 1980, out of sheer determination. He understood the long-tail theory of content long before it had a name with his bet-the-company gamble on buying movie and TV libraries, from MGM to Hanna-Barbera.

Turner, 80, has stayed away from the media business for most of the past two decades, shifting his focus to environmental protection and advocacy, management of the 2 million acres of land he owns across nine states, and his investments in renewable energy
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How Turner Classic Movies Built a Marquee Brand by Catering to Film Fans

  • Variety
Turner Classic Movies, the last cable channel launched by Ted Turner as an independent media mogul, is hitting its silver on-air anniversary this month. But the TCM brand is well positioned to enter a golden age as the tide turns in the marketplace for cable TV channels.

TCM has spent 25 years building up a community of film fanatics who love the channel itself, not just the movies it screens. The Turner Classic Movies seal of approval draws thousands of attendees annually to the TCM Classic Film Festival, which kicks off its 10th edition in Los Angeles this week, and to TCM-branded screenings in theaters around the country.

Since 2011, TCM has offered film-focused cruises in partnership with Disney and other luxury ship operators. Three years ago, it launched an official fan club — the Backlot — that now has 34 chapters, creating a grassroots network for local promotions such as the “TCM in Your Hometown” contest events.
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‘Transit’ Film Review: WWII Tale of Escaping Fascism Gets Updated With Chilling Ease

  • The Wrap
‘Transit’ Film Review: WWII Tale of Escaping Fascism Gets Updated With Chilling Ease
Take “Casablanca,” remove all the fun parts, and set it in the present day. It’s not such an odd idea. In Christian Petzold’s “Transit,” it feels eerily natural, and that’s both horrifying and fascinating.

“Transit” stars Franz Rogowski (“Happy End”) as Georg, a man asked to deliver mail to a writer in the midst of a contemporary fascist regime, during a violent purge of immigrants called “Spring Cleaning.” But when Georg arrives with the mail, he discovers the writer, Weidel, is already dead. He killed himself after, as his letters suggest, the rejection of his latest novel and the rejection of his estranged wife.

Georg is then asked to help another, wounded man travel to Marseilles, where that man can reunite with his family and leave the country, but the perilous journey leaves him dead too. With no plan, no friends, and no hope, Georg tries to
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Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Announces New Aquaman Exhibit

Aquaman fans can get ready to immerse themselves in the world of the King of the Seven Seas with the all-new exhibit opening to the public on March 5, 2019. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood (Wbsth) guests can step into the realm of Atlantis in the new Aquaman exhibit at DC Universe: The Exhibit, one of the many stops on the Studio Tour. Joining the immensely popular Wonder Woman exhibit, guests of the Studio Tour can relive the iconic scenes straight from the set of DC’s latest action-packed origin story, bringing them closer than ever to the entertainment they love.

Located on the first floor of the Warner Bros. Archive, guests will journey through the visually stunning underwater world of Atlantis brought to life on-screen by director James Wan in vivid detail. The exhibit will also feature recreated sets from the most memorable moments of the film, including the Sunken Galleon,
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Kevin Reilly Reveals First Content Details Of New WarnerMedia Streaming Service – TCA

  • Deadline
WarnerMedia’s forthcoming streaming service will bring together its “treasure trove” of 42,000 hours of content from HBO as well as brands such as DC, Looney Tunes, Turner, The CW and CNN after Kevin Reilly for the first time lifted the lid on the content that will fuel the platform.

Reilly discussed Monday at the TCA winter press tour how the service, announced in October, will bring together brands like Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, The Lego Movie, The Flash, Rbg and The Alienist with movies including The Lord of the Rings, The Hangover and Casablanca.

He also warned that “crown jewels” and “destination assets” such as Friends would likely be on the service – a threat to Netflix, which recently renewed its deal to acquire the comedy.

Reilly, the president of TBS and TNT and chief creative officer for Turner Entertainment, who took over leadership of the direct-to-consumer service in December, confirmed
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‘Big Bang Theory’ Reaches Iconic Status With Historic Stage Dedication On WB Lot – TCA

  • Deadline
As CBS juggernaut Big Bang Theory takes its final lap with its 12th season, the sitcom opened its doors to the set for the first time to members of the media to watch a run-through of episode #1271 during the TCA press tour. As an added bonus Stage 25, where the show is filmed on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, was dedicated to The Big Bang Theory.

A stage dedication is a big deal as The Big Bang Theory is the fifth show in the lot’s 95-year history to be honored. Prior to Big Bang Theory, the lot dedicated stages to Friends, ER, Two and a Half Men and Ellen. The dedication is rightfully earned as the Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady-created show has become the longest-running multi-cam show in TV history with 279 episodes with only 10 episodes remaining. Episode #1271 is slated to run in March.

Naturally, the whole Bbt
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2019 SAG Awards telecast review: Megan Mullally was a funny but infrequent presence during fast-paced ceremony

2019 SAG Awards telecast review: Megan Mullally was a funny but infrequent presence during fast-paced ceremony
Many of us look to the Screen Actors Guild Awards as a way to guide our Oscar predictions, but it’s not always appreciated for what it is — a TV event. This year’s silver anniversary might have offered surprising winners and affecting speeches, but as a telecast, it continued its tradition of being a straightforward, tightly paced celebration of actors.

SEE2019 SAG Awards: Full winners list in the 6 film and 9 TV categories

Although a neophyte as an awards show host, Megan Mullally came across as polished and relaxed in her opening — no easy feat for her first emceeing gig. After a hilarious intro where she talked about her first acting role in “Casablanca,” the four-time SAG Award winner settled into a brief but clever monologue that gently ribbed several targets. “Everybody knows that winning a SAG Award is the greatest award that an actor can receive this weekend,” Mullally joked,
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A Song, Smitty and Sexts: These Are Megan Mullally's Best Moments From the 2019 SAG Awards

A Song, Smitty and Sexts: These Are Megan Mullally's Best Moments From the 2019 SAG Awards
The Screen Actors Guild Awards had its second-ever host with Megan Mullally overseeing the festivities and it's safe to say she didn't disappoint. The Will & Grace star kicked off the ceremony with a playful take on the ceremony's "I am an actor" opening. "The year was 1942, the film was Casablanca and I had just turned 35. If I didn't get that role, I was ready to give it all up and got back to my day job as a design engineer on the Manhattan Project," she joked. "Luckily, I did get the role. And I haven't stopped working since. Hi, I'm Megan Mullally and I'm not just an actor, I'm your host." Mullally turned her attention to Lady Gaga, noting the...
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