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DVD Review: The Revenant

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★★★☆☆ Based on the novel by Michael Punke which is itself based on true events, Alejandro G. Iñárritu's Oscar-winning The Revenant - out now on DVD and Blu-ray - is the tale of a frontiersman named Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his relentless quest for vengeance after his comrades left him for dead in the wilderness of the Louisiana Purchase following his brutal mauling by a bear. As flawed as the source novel, though in different ways, this is a piece of visual and aural ingenuity that impresses more than it moves, feeling as icy and empty as the snow-laden landscape.
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Bill And Ted Square Off In The Latest Epic Rap Battle Video

Time is no boundary for the Epic Rap Battles Of History crew, and that rule applies doubly so when Bill and Ted use their magical phone booth of history to throw down some rhymes with Lewis and Clark. Get ready for some sick burns across the fourth dimension as you watch the battle below. The official YouTube channel dropped this video just last week, and after giving it a good watch, it looks like more of a challenge to pick a winner than we thought. On one hand, Lewis and Clark were excellent explorers in their own right, and they did map out the Louisiana Purchase after it was annexed to the American government. Guide or not, the fact that Lewis and Clark changed history is never in question. Meanwhile, Bill and Ted are definitely more accessible to the audiences of today, as their grasp of history is right in
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HBO Grabs A Lewis And Clark Miniseries Starring Casey Affleck

As other networks scramble to get a foothold in the increasingly popular miniseries and limited series arenas, HBO continues to keep on producing some high-minded and star-studded productions. Now, they’re hoping to do it again, as the network has just greenlit Lewis and Clark, a new historical miniseries that counts Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Edward Norton among its producers, and Casey Affleck and Matthias Schoenaerts as its stars.

HBO’s six hour miniseries will be based on Undaunted Courage, Stephen Ambrose’s book that focuses on America’s first contact with the land and people west of the Mississippi River. Affleck will be playing Lewis and Schoenaerts will be Clark, the explorers who led a team to explore the recent Louisiana Purchase in the very early 19th Century. John Curran, who helmed The Painted Veil, is set to direct the series from a script by himself, Edward Norton,
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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: 5 Fleshy, Lace-Draped Moments

  • The Wrap
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: 5 Fleshy, Lace-Draped Moments
The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS on Tuesday night, delivering a pageant of flesh, lace, hair-flipping and lip-pouting that will forever go down in history as perhaps America’s greatest moment, next to the moon landing and the Louisiana Purchase. TheWrap took a moment away from gratifying itself while rudely grunting in order to jot down a few standout moments. Read below for our rundown. See photos: 10 Eye-Popping Stills From Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 A Tribute to “Looks Models” Yes, all models are, essentially about their looks. But there is apparently a subgenre of “looks models” who rise up from.
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Bww Exclusive: Nice Work If You Can Get It Digital Character Card - Michael McGrath

Broadway Born Yesterday, Memphis, Spamalot Tony and Drama Desk nominations, Is He Dead,Wonderful Town, Little Me, Swinging On A Star Theater World Award winner, Drama Desk nominaton, The Goodbye Girl, My Favorite Year. Encores Follies, The Boys from Syracuse, DuBarry Was A Lady. Off-Broadway The Cocoanuts, The Butter and Egg Man, Game Show, Louisiana Purchase, Forbidden Broadway. Television side man to Martin Short on The Martin Short Show. Film The Interpreter, Changing Lanes, Ira and Abby. Wife Toni Dibuono. Daughter Kathleen Claire.
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Boondocks Fantasy edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg – review

I enjoy reading short fiction; it’s remarkable how much world building and ambiance can fit into a small piece. I usually look forward to Daw anthologies, because they’re themed but the themes are loose enough to offer a wide interpretation, which leads to some very interesting stories. The news that Martin H. Greenberg had passed away last Saturday made me feel sad, because his name is one of the ones that I regularly search for when I’m book shopping, trolling through the shelves and websites to find my next anthology.

Boondocks Fantasy is billed as “urban fantasy” that takes place in rural or isolated areas. That’s honestly what it says in the introduction. I think a couple of brain cells popped when I read that, because I know what urban means, and I know how utterly nonsensical that explanation really is. It’s so clear that politicians could have written it.
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New Clips: ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, ’30 Minutes or Less’

New Clips: ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, ’30 Minutes or Less’
[1] A slew of new clips were released over the weekend, offering better looks at possible future summer blockbusters Green Lantern, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and 30 Minutes or Less. Whether you want to see the gorgeous world of Oa, an evil alien robot copy machine, or Aziz Ansari molding the future leaders of tomorrow, we've got something for you. (If you want none of those things, though, you're out of luck.) See the clips after the jump. First, a clip of Green Lantern that sees Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush) explaining the planet Oa and the Green Lantern Corps to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) -- and in the process, conveniently explaining the concepts to moviegoers as well. [via Yahoo! Movies [2]] Green Lantern is obviously a very effects-heavy movie, so it's heartening to see that those effects look, for the most part, damn good. My one quibble with this clip has to do with the way
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Aziz Ansari Tries To Explain The Louisiana Purchase In New 30 Minute Or Less Clip

When I was a little kid, I never thought about my teachers having personal lives. They were just random adults there to teach me math, and whenever one of them was in a bad mood, I always assumed it was directly related to one of my fellow classmate.s poor behavior. Now I have friends who are teachers, and I know they.re just as likely to have screwed-up personal lives as the rest of us. That.s definitely the case here with Aziz Ansari in the new clip from 30 Minutes Or Less. Annoyed at his students texting during his class, Ansari tries to teach them about the Louisiana Purchase but is interrupted by his buddy Jesse Eisenberg who has a crazy story about what he did last night. It involves masked man, bombs and underhanded schemes. Find out the details in the clip below. There are a lot of
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[DVD Review] Jefferson

There has been more written and said about Thomas Jefferson than any other American founding father except for George Washington himself. Jefferson was probably the most interesting member of the 1776 Continental Congress, because of his private nature and his inconsistent actions. He was a man of such extreme duality that scholars have been debating his merits and faults for over 200 years. The History Channel special Jefferson gives us a cliff-notes look at the life of our third President.

Thomas Jefferson’s life was replete with so many inconsistencies that they border on hypocrisy. He was an abolitionist who owned slaves. He supported states’ rights but he ran for President and won. He praised living an agrarian lifestyle but he admittedly loved his time living in Paris. He was a private man but he went into politics. He was a member of the upper class but always referred to himself as a common man.
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What Thomas Jefferson doesn't want you to know...

What Thomas Jefferson doesn't want you to know...
I recently moved to a so-called swing state, which has made my TV viewing much more exciting this political season. You see, while you might be repelled by the shameless mudslinging that takes place in those vile 30-second bits on your TV, I have a sordid appreciation for this sort of combat. (I won’t even fast-forward through commercials when I watch my stories on DVR anymore, out of fear of missing the perfect package of willful misinformation.) One recent three-minute commercial break was entirely made up of nasty political ads, with one candidate’s smears immediately following his opponents’, almost as a rebuttal.
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The 30 Greatest Drug Scenes of All Time

  • IFC
The 30 Greatest Drug Scenes of All Time
There are plenty of movies that depict drug use, but often it's just a prop, a shortcut -- a character does drugs on screen because he or she is bad, or out of control, or doomed, or simply not to be trusted. The effects are exaggerated, the consequences over the top or unrealistic. And so we felt driven to make this list, to sort through countless films to find drug scenes, some famous, some not, that have a ring of authenticity to them. The 30 scenes we picked are funny, sad, outrageous and sometimes awful, and they're certainly not all depictions of drug use as fun, but we feel pretty certain of their legit greatness. In other words? No "Reefer Madness" here.

[#26-30]   [#21-25]   [#16-20]   [#11-15]   [#6-10]   [#1-5]

30. Creedence Car Crash

"The Big Lebowski" (1998)

Directed by Joel Coen

White Russians may be the Dude's poison, but it is a simple joint that nearly proves to be his
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Thoughts On “A Free Man Of Color” w/ Jeffrey Wright, Mos Def, Joseph Marcell & Others

So… I saw Jeffrey Wright, Mos Def, Nicole Beharie, Joseph Marcell, Paul Dano, and a host of other acclaimed talents in George C. Wolfe’s direction of John Guare’s sprawling stage drama A Free Man of Color. And even though this is primarily a film blog, given the names involved in this, it made sense to share my thoughts on the play here. I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t

I’m certainly not a theater buff, and thus don’t have a large pool of knowledge to pull from, so as opposed to my usual film review style, I instead went with a 10-point breakdown of my reactions to the play, which you can read below:

1 – Mos Def’s is by far the weakest performance. He certainly has the cred. But this particular piece wasn’t suited for him. He stuck out and not because he was a standout.
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Edward Norton Developing Lewis & Clark Miniseries for HBO

Edward Norton and director John Curran have teamed up once again to develop a new miniseries for HBO that will tell the story of the famous historical Lewis and Clark American expedition.

Norton and Curran previously worked together on a film called The Painted Veil, Curran then went on to direct a film called Stone. Nether one of the films was very successful.

This will make for a great miniseries on HBO! I always thought of how awesome and hard it would have been for this group of explorers to head out into unknown territory not knowing what to expect. What a great adventure that must have been!

Norton recently revealed the news to the Av Club,

…we’re trying to make this big—HBO is doing all these historical miniseries, which I think they’ve done an amazing job with a couple of them. We’re trying to produce
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Give My Regards To Broadway…

Some Quickie Theater News… for those in NYC, or planning on being in NYC for any of these Broadway shows, all of which we’ve talked about on this blog.

- First, if you needed more of a reason to see Broadway’s hottest musical, here’s another one… Ms. Patti Labelle has joined the cast of the award-winning (won three 2010 Tony Awards) Fela! on Broadway.

The musical, directed and choreographed by Bill T. Jones is the story of legendary Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who died in 1997.

Ms Patti, a legend herself, joins the cast as Kuti’s mother, Funmilayo Anikulapo-Kuti. She will begin performances tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14, and will continue through Saturday, July 2, 2011, which is when the show is scheduled to end its run.

For showtimes and tickets, visit www.felaonbroadway.com.

- Second, tickets are now on sale for the upcoming production of A Free Man of Color,
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America Can't Find Its Hat | Its Gun Is Another Matter

  • Pajiba
It may surprise some of you to know that I enjoy taking the piss out of Americans on occasion. It's not that I'm hostile towards our neighbors to the south, I just find it especially amusing that the majority Americans can probably tell you every handgun Smith and Wesson has made since 1852 but couldn't locate Canada on a globe if you painted the country Red and White. I'm not saying Americans are stupid, far from it, but they do have a propensity for considering themselves the only place on the planet while the internets serve only as a means of communication with people that live "somewhere else."

I often imagine what it would be like sitting in on an American geography or history class. What are the textbooks like? Did America invent oxygen or did they just discover it? Did they fight the World Wars alone or did they have the smallest bit of help?
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Spike Lee Interview If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don’T Rise

For the HBO documentary, If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise, filmmaker Spike Lee returned to New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina to see how the ambitious plans to reinvent the city were playing out. In the follow-up to 2006’s When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, he documents the successes and failures in the on-going efforts to restore housing, healthcare, education, economic growth, and law and order to the battered but resilient community.

While making the film, the Bp oil disaster occurred, leading Spike Lee to return to include it’s affects on the people of New Orleans. At the Television Critics Association Press Tour to talk about the upcoming August 23rd and 24th premiere, Spike Lee showed just how passionate he was about this matter and how telling this story has affected his life. Check out what he had to say after
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Jeffrey Wright, Mos Def, Nicole Beharie, Joseph Marcell & Others Heading To Broadway To Star In Epic “A Free Man Of Color!”

The perceived “blackening” of Broadway continues

Thespian Jeffrey Wright will be bringing his Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning acting skills to Broadway once again, this fall, to star in the world premiere of John Guare’s epic stage drama A Free Man of Color, which is set in New Orleans, in the year 1801, and centers on Jacques Cornet (played by Wright), “a new world Don Juan and the wealthiest inhabitant of this sexually charged and racially progressive city. Jacques thinks all is well in his paradise until history intervenes, setting off a chain of events which no one, much less this free man of color, realizes is about to splinter the world.”

Of course, said chain of events would more than likely be the Louisiana Purchase.

Actors of note joining Wright will be Mos Def (who also co-starred with Jeffrey in Suzan-Lori Parks’ Tony Award-winning play Topdog/Underdog), Nicole Beharie
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Double Feature Review: The Big Lebowski – Kb’s Thoughts

Part two of a Double Feature film review with Kb from FrockTalk.com.

This movie is brilliantly designed in that the characters are concisely and efficiently illustrated. These characters are clearly defined from the beginning, and their costumes tell us exactly who they are from the moment we meet them.

In this sense, they are archetypes, strongly drawn and easily recognized. For a movie as wacky and all over the place as The Big Lebowski, the visual simplicity of these characters helps the audience to stay engaged.

Example: Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski. Here is what he wears when we first meet him:

He’s in public, wearing a bathrobe, buying half and half, paying with a check, so he can make some more White Russians. His costume says it all: unemployed, slacker, loser. He looks as though he has long ago thrown in the towel. Throughout the film, The Dude
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Modern Family Review: "Hawaii"

  • TVfanatic
The entire family arrived in Hawaii on the episode aptly titled "Hawaii" and provided viewers with a few lessons:

Room with Manny if you're a "sophisticated" man interested in fire safety and picking up girls with virgin Mai Tais. Perfect the art of swimming, running and rowing if you're a relative of Gloria and wish to enter this country. Don't exercise too much with a bad back. Always warn your father-in-law, when lying face down across his front on a hammock, that it's just your wallet in your front pocket. Never dress your Vietnamese baby in jungle print when visiting local wild life. It's never too late to be romantic, even on a vacation with your children and in-laws.

Indeed, while all other bullet points referenced hilarious incidents from our favorite televised vacation in years, the final one was yet another example of what separates this sitcom from others on TV.
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'Modern Family' recap: Frankie says relax

'Modern Family' recap: Frankie says relax
After last week’s airport debacle it was nice to see that our favorite goofy family actually made it to Hawaii. (Claire managed to sober up on the plane! Haley on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky…). Sometimes vacations with the whole family are more stressful than they are relaxing, but then again that may depend on how you define relaxing. For instance, Mitchell likes to immerse himself in the culture by touring lavender farms, while Jay is happy ordering everything with a side of fries. For me, relaxing means kicking back with an A+ episode of Modern Family so without further ado,
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