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How VFX Turned Javier Bardem Into the Creepiest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Ghost Villain Ever

How VFX Turned Javier Bardem Into the Creepiest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Ghost Villain Ever
With Javier Bardem playing the vengeful ghost pirate Salazar in “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the “Kon-Tiki” directing team of Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg knew they had to come up with a unique look. So they seized on the idea of Salazar and his crew falling apart and trapped in an underwater-like, slow-motion atmosphere. Salazar has a cracked, peeling, Kabuki-like face and a tattered uniform. Best of all, his straggly hair moves around like it’s also submerged.

Creating Salazar’s Disintegrating Look

“We needed something graphic,”said Sandberg. “We felt this hair was a strong connection with the sea and drowning. And it also feels ghostly, and his disintegration adds to the loss that Jack Sparrow [Johnny Depp] gave him.”

“Everything needed to be defined from the bottom up about how the hair moved,” said Rønning: lighting. Ultimately, it is Javier’s performance that makes you believe in him, seeing
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Invisible Ghost

Bela Lugosi fan alert! This Monogram horror opus is yet another narrative-challenged fumble of unmotivated, incomprehensible characters… but Bela’s great in it, in a central role. He’s a sympathetic, non- maniac this time, if you don’t count his tendency to go into trances and smother random houseguests. Savant’s review has the lowdown on the interesting cast; Tom Weaver’s commentary has the authoritative lowdown on whole show.

Invisible Ghost


Kl Studio Classics

1941 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 64 min. / Street Date March 21, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 24.95

Starring: Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young, Clarence Muse, John McGuire, Betty Compson, Ernie Adams, Terry Walker, George Pembroke .

Cinematography: Harvey Gould, Marcel Le Picard

Film Editor: Robert Golden

Original Music: hahahahah, good one.

Written by Helen Martin & Al Martin

Produced by Sam Katzman

Directed by Joseph H. Lewis

Horror movie fans come in two varieties, obsessive and dangerously obsessive. Back
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March 21st Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Robocop Sequels, Teen Witch, Wolf Creek Season 1

March 21st is a big day for cult film fans, not to mention all you RoboCop enthusiasts out there, as Tuesday has a variety of horror and sci-fi offerings that you’ll undoubtedly want to add to your home entertainment collections. Scream Factory is releasing a pair of amazing Collector's Edition Blu-rays for RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3, and Kino Lorber is keeping busy with a trio of HD releases, too: Chamber of Horrors, Invisible Ghost, and A Game of Death.

Other notable titles making their way home on March 21st include Wolf Creek: Season One, Eloise, John WatersMultiple Maniacs, and Frankenstein Created Bikers.

Chamber of Horrors (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray & DVD)

Newly Mastered in HD! Chamber of Horrors was based on the classic novel, The Door with Seven Locks by Edgar Wallace (King Kong, The Terror) - it was the second Wallace adaptation brought to the States by Monogram Pictures.
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Invisible Ghost (1941) Blu-ray / DVD Release Details & Cover Art

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"Murder follows murder" in the Bela Lugosi-starring Invisible Ghost, coming out on Blu-ray and DVD in March from Kino Lorber, and you can now get a look at the cover art and list of special features ahead of the 1941 film's new home media release.

From Kino Lorber: "Coming March 21st on DVD and Blu-ray!

Brand New HD Master!

Invisible Ghost (1941) with optional English subtitles

Audio Commentary by Film Historians Tom Weaver, Gary D. Rhodes and Dr. Robert J. Kiss Reverse Blu-ray Art Trailers for White Zombie, The Black Sleep & others"

Synopsis (via "Horror legend Bela Lugosi stars in one of his most lauded and expressive roles, as the unwitting homicidal killer who is being commanded by his damaged wife to commit murder, albeit while under hypnosis. When the twin brother of a man wrongly accused of one of the murders arrives in town, he begins to unravel the whole dark,
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Invisible Ghost

A haunted Bela Lugosi prowls his mansion and lurks in shadowy doorways as houseguests bite the dust in this 64 minute tangle of mind control, mysterious doubles and dual-personalities. Nascent noir specialist Joseph H. Lewis contributes moody atmosphere to the best-directed of Bela’s poverty row Monogram horror entries– eight years before Lewis’s triumph, Gun Crazy.

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Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla

Next week at Tfh we're featuring a modest tribute to Bela! ... Lugosi, of course. The films include Invisible Ghost (helmed by Gun Crazy's Joseph H. Lewis), 1947's Scared To Death, and the subject of today's Saturday Matinee, Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla. The sole reason for the existence of Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla is Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. If anything, that considerably narrows down the blame for this 74 minute pleasure-killer from 1952. It was at the height of Martin and Lewis' extraordinary success in the early fifties (each appearance was a near riot, on stage and off, a bobbysoxer's version of Beatlemania) that a motley collection of crooners and comics rushed in to steal some of the limelight. None were so brazen (or motley) than the team of Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo. Mitchell was an erstwhile lounge singer with a predilection for imitating smooth
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So Dark

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So Dark the Night is playing on 8 December, 2012 at 92YTribeca in the Mubi-presented series The Great Scott.


So Dark the Night is one of the best films of the estimable Joseph H. Lewis, one of those B-picture geniuses who really does reward the viewer's interest. Plodding through assorted films from Prc and Monogram Pictures, it's striking how the flurry of crazed activity required to produce demented genre films on miniscule budgets and truncated schedules did not, usually, result in any of that frantic buzz communicating itself onto the screen. Generally, the actors seem stiff, the camera motionless, the editing pace a little above average maybe, but a sense of pace quashed by the library music...

But Lewis brought real dynamism to his work, and his best B pictures, seething with nervous energy, reflect his passionate personality. This one is more muted and measured, but the sociopathic fervor of Gun Crazy
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"Supernatural" Recap: "Night of Drunken Chivalry"

After the severe emotional turmoil that was last week’s episode, I figure we all needed a couple of drinks to calm us down. Evidently, the Supernatural Ptb thought so, too.

So grab a bottle or two, and get yourself tossed, coz we are jumping right in the middle of a feud. But first, let’s…

Open with a group of teenagers camping in the woods, where one of the boys is telling a ghost story. Of course, we all know how that ends.

C’mon kids, have none of you seen a horror movie before, huh? How about that new Friday the 13th movie, at least? Oh… never mind.

Anyway, the ghost story is about a Jennie Greentree who haunts the local woods and kills the campers at night.

Just then another teenager, Trevor, sloshed out of his senses crashes the party. As it turns out, he is the
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Trailers From Hell Volume Two DVD Review

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“Any movie can be great at 2 1/2 minutes!”

For those of you who may be wondering what Trailers From Hell is but have taken the time to read this review, you are about to be introduced to what will probably be one of your new favourite sites. Trailers From Hell is a site for people who love films, made by people who love films (and make films). Conceived and created by the likes of director Joe Dante, Trailers From Hell draws on the knowledge of a variety of gurus (generally notable genre directors) who provide commentaries for film trailers.

The Trailers From Hell website can be found here and I can highly recommend you check it out, if you haven’t already. Make sure you have a few hours to spare before clicking on the link though.

In addition to the site, a DVD was released last year by Tfh which
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Trailers From Hell! Volume 2 – DVD Review

The Trailers:

Being the trailer nerd that I am, I am happy to announce that Joe Dante and company are back with their latest round of cogent commentaries from gurus :

Brian Trenchard-Smith: Devil Ship Pirates, Stranglers of Bombay

Ernest Dickerson: Creeping Unknown

Guillermo del Toro: Deep Red, Deep Red (Spanish), Hunchback of Notre Dame ’57

Joe Dante: Donovan’s Brain, The Invisible Ghost

Jack Hill: Pit Stop

John Landis: Gorgo

Josh Olson: Jaws, The Lineup

Larry Karaszewski: Last Summer, The Tenant

Lloyd Kaufman: Terror Firmer

Mick Garris: Flesh Gordon, Fire Maiden of Outer Space

Mary Lambert: Godzilla vs Mothra

Michael Peyser: Seven Days in May

Roger Corman: Prematural Burial, Ski Troop Attac

As an added bonus, you also get Roger Corman’s 1960 film Little Shop of Horrors (available for this first time in anamorphic widescreen), which includes
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Trailers from Hell Volume 2 Available for Pre-Order

If you share any of my tastes, Shout! Factory puts out some pretty sweet stuff. From classics and hard-to-find gems to being the official distributor for the greatest television show of all time ("Mystery Science Theater 3000"), Shout! Factory is always putting out something weird and wonderful.

This time it is Vol. 2 in their glorious collection of trailers from across time and genres, Trailers From Hell, containing 20 rare and vintage trailers. For more info check out Trailers From Hell online.

What is very cool about this collection is that you can watch the straight dope and just take in the trailers as originally intended. However, you also can watch them with commentary from such folks as Joe Dante (Piranha, Gremlins), Mick Garris (The Stand), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and more.

Trailers From Hell Volume 2 features:

Roger Corman on trailers for Ski Troop Attack and Premature Burial.
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Shadows of Film Noir: Gun Crazy

Shadows of Film Noir: Gun Crazy
The Subject

Joseph H. Lewis' Gun Crazy: made in 1949 and released in January of 1950 by United Artists. (Sometimes known as "Deadly Is the Female.") It has been selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress' National Film Registry. Warner Home Video's 2004 DVD is out of print, but it is available in the Film Noir Classic Collection Vol. 1 box set.

Behind the Scenes

Gun Crazy was one of the great "B" movies of its day. Over the years, its status has risen from cult classic to legitimate classic. It was made around the same time, but slightly after, Nicholas Ray's equally great They Live by Night (1949), and inspired later movies like Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Badlands (1973) and Kalifornia (1993), in addition to a "remake," Guncrazy (1992).

Director Joseph H. Lewis (1907-2000) was a New Yorker who worked in "B" movies and television his whole career, though he did create
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